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Invincible (We Don't Die)

Invincible (We Don't Die) : manga cover

Outlaw and wanted criminal Vincent Silvera awakens to find himself in Limbo. His life has just been cut short, but by whom? He certainly has a long list of enemies...
When faced with his moment of judgement, he opts to delay it by making a deal with a reaper called Lucifer. However, every contract has fine print, and Vincent soon discovers that his troubles are only just beginning…

Cartoonist :

Original Language : English

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Fantasy - SF

Type : manga
(read from left to right)

198 Comments on the pages of Invincible (We Don't Die)

bupple bupple 28Aug ch1 p8 The elevator is a really cool idea.
Black butler Black butler 9Oct ch1 p19 Same here ^^
Pink_Marionette Pink_Marionette 20May ch1 p7 Thanks! Appreciate it :)
Tayuyya Tayuyya 20May ch1 p7 i love the desighn of his outfit/coat its cool *_*
forbes forbes 14Apr ch1 p58 That's the way ... Keep us waiting. You always do the best :)
forbes forbes 14Apr ch1 p47 You have a great talent for making us turn the page. Keep it up.
forbes forbes 14Apr ch1 p37 What about an 'escape' clause?
forbes forbes 14Apr ch1 p36 There should be a box to check "I agree."
Rukkeo Rukkeo 11Apr ch1 p58 You are welcome (。◕‿◕。)
Rukkeo Rukkeo 11Apr ch1 p3 xD haha yeah I'm a fan of Gazette ^^ and a fan of visual-kei aswell^^
forbes forbes 8Apr ch1 p30 Of course! Remember time difference, I need to sleep also. In print I would dog ear the page. ;)
Pink_Marionette Pink_Marionette 8Apr ch1 p30 XD Thanks for reading so far. ^^ I hope you enjoy the rest if you pick it up again later :)
Pink_Marionette Pink_Marionette 8Apr ch1 p27 Thank you ^^v
Pink_Marionette Pink_Marionette 8Apr ch1 p25 P17 XDD
Pink_Marionette Pink_Marionette 8Apr ch1 p14 Thank you, appreciate it! :)

198 comments in other languages.

Chajiro Chajiro 10Jan ch1 p58 Espero que continúes el comic.
Chajiro Chajiro 10Jan ch1 p4 Sorry but his traslation is low. This page is aceptable but not others. I traslated someones better. ¡Cool comic!
james mellange james mellange 12Apr ch1 p9 domage que les lettre dépasse autant des bulles
Hawkeye Hawkeye 29Jul ch1 p13 L'introduction est assez compliquée...on a du mal à cerner l'histoire avec les 13 premières pages. Sinon, je trouve que les dessin (...)
mangafan mangafan 19Mar ch1 p41 Ils sont sympa les animaux d'ici.
mangafan mangafan 19Mar ch1 p1 De rien.
Pink_Marionette Pink_Marionette 19Mar ch1 p1 merci! :)
mangafan mangafan 4Mar ch1 p1 Sympathique la tête de lapin au dos de sa veste.
djjulien djjulien 12Jan ch1 p54 désolé, petite erreur.
wessy wessy 11Jan ch1 p55 ça serais pas mieux de mettre "invincible" au lieu d'"irrésistible" ?
wessy wessy 11Jan ch1 p54 Il y à une faute dans la première bulle, c'est "BONNE dégustation" ^^
Pink_Marionette Pink_Marionette 1Jan ch1 p47 Thank you, Akemi! ^^v
Akemi-san Akemi-san 1Jan ch1 p47 nice nice nice!!!!! :) :)
Pink_Marionette Pink_Marionette 24Dec ch1 p4 Thanks so much for the translation, Neftis! ^^
Takumised Takumised 10Dec ch1 p39 C'est super niveau dessin, niveau histoire j'attend :)

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