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A Gobo's Life

A Gobo's Life : manga cover

Fantasy adventure comic about two goblins.
updates whenever about once a week.

artwork will get better with every page, i promise!

thanks for translating, everyone!

Cartoonist :

Original Language : English

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Fantasy - SF

Type : manga
(read from left to right)

4 Comments on the pages of A Gobo's Life

PowerPrintProxy PowerPrintProxy 24Jul ch1 p1 oldschool style
OutCast OutCast 22Sep ch1 p1 this looks very similar to Asterix's nearly the same the gaulish village in which they live..... I really l (...)

4 comments in other languages.

nicheck nicheck 4Sep ch1 p5 merci! et merci pour traduire à tous! (pardon my french, i don't really speak it.)
manny manny 3Sep ch1 p5 ca démarre bien cette bd,vivement la suite.

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