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Dhalmun: Lesser Evil

Dhalmun: Lesser Evil : comic cover

We all have dreams. Leon and his friends dream of becoming supervillains.

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Cartoonist :

Original Language : English

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Action

Type : Comics
(read from left to right)

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Ebooks Dhalmun: Lesser Evil available from 0.5
Dhalmun: Leser Evil, ep.1 - Madvillainy : Volume 1
Volume 1
Dhalmun: Leser Evil, ep.1 - Madvillainy

Format : PDF
Pages : 10
Weight : 5.3MB
Price : 0.5€

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6 Comments on the pages of Dhalmun: Lesser Evil

xianidee xianidee 6Apr ch1 p1 GREAT;)
typingty typingty 29Mar ch1 p3 sweeeeeeeeeet again
TroyB TroyB 21Jan ch1 p4 Bought your ebook, it's nice! A bit short though :)
TroyB TroyB 21Jan ch1 p4 Ok that's a cool start :)
TroyB TroyB 21Jan ch1 p3 Woah weird faces what are they thinking :)?
TroyB TroyB 21Jan ch1 p1 Great start!

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