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Eatatau! : manga cover

A new school year has begin at the Academy of warriors in Ke'l-sar, capital of the Ttau world of T`chala. New friendships are forged and old ones are reinforced while the old masters are recognized. Kor`la repeates course and meets Skraat; a mysterious Kroott from the planet Kraust, and Sha-shiva, a shy Ttau from the famous clan Sha.

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Who... me? Why? Who is asking? Are you one of THEM? YOU ARE! NO! YES!!! ThATS MY SPECIAL PENCIL!

Ugh... did i do it again? -_^?

Cartoonist :

Translator :

Original Language : English

Genre : Fantasy - SF

Type : manga - Saga
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2627 Comments on the pages of Eatatau!

Darius Darius 5Dec ch5 p7 Run! run!
Darius Darius 28Nov ch5 p6 Poor Ureir, she got kicked!
Chewys Chewys 4Nov ch4 p11 :D :D :D :D
Chewys Chewys 10Oct ch4 p7 Skraat... so fucking awesome!!!
Darius Darius 26Sep ch4 p11 Terrible Wednesday mornings...
Chewys Chewys 9Aug ch3 p80 Hehehehe
Ouroboros Ouroboros 25Jul ch4 p2 well i don't expect freezer are Equipmented with flamethrowers
Darius Darius 25Jul ch4 p2 In what way?
Ouroboros Ouroboros 25Jul ch4 p2 that was cold
Ailiosh Ailiosh 11Jul ch3 p75 À xenomorphe????
Darius Darius 27Jun ch3 p78 That`s sad, cruel and thoughtful at the same time.
Darius Darius 30May ch3 p73 The Lucypher gets serious...
Chewys Chewys 28May ch3 p68 Okay... i really need an explanation... i´m truly not following. Who´s this kid? :(
Chewys Chewys 17May ch3 p67 Wha---:!:
Chewys Chewys 12May ch3 p66 CHAN!!!!

2627 comments in other languages.

DUARTE_EX DUARTE_EX 17Oct ch4 p9 una pena otro episodio en blanco, o en ingles :( :( :(
Gustvoc Gustvoc 5Oct ch4 p7 que paso?
DUARTE_EX DUARTE_EX 3Oct ch4 p7 otro con los bocadillos en blanco:(
DUARTE_EX DUARTE_EX 26Sep ch4 p6 otro con los bocadillos en blanco:(
DUARTE_EX DUARTE_EX 19Sep ch4 p5 2 en ingles y este en blanco :(
Darius Darius 29Aug ch4 p1 ¿No los muestra? los subo igual que siempre. No sé como funciona esta cosa...
LegioFerrus LegioFerrus 29Aug ch4 p1 Donde los estas subiendo? El traductor de Amilova no los muestra. Puedo probar a traducirlos aunque hablo inglés como los apaches. (...)
DUARTE_EX DUARTE_EX 23Aug ch4 p1 my ingles very bad :(
Darius Darius 23Aug ch4 p1 Sip. No estoy traduciendo este capítulo, pero subo los comics sin texto por si alguno de vosotros quiere traducirlo en amilova.
DUARTE_EX DUARTE_EX 22Aug ch4 p1 esta en ingles :(
Darius Darius 25Jul ch3 p71 Pero si ya estaba muerto...
Darius Darius 25Jul ch3 p76 A ver si se lo va a creer...
Darius Darius 25Jul ch3 p79 Parece ser...
LegioFerrus LegioFerrus 18Jul ch3 p76 A ver si va a creer que es su madre.
muelde muelde 6Jul ch3 p79 se acabo?

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