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Abducting The Aliens

Abducting The Aliens : comic cover

What would it take for you to believe? That's a question Mac Sampson is used to hearing. But when an alien, the sole survivor of a UFO crash, seeks refuge with the long time skeptic Mac will have to ask himself what it will take for him to believe.

Riff 13 has never been abducted or anally probed by aliens, even though he has been fascinated with UFOs and other paranormal phenomena his whole life. Another one of his lifelong passions is comic books. Eventually he decided to combined these two passions and Abducting The Aliens was born. No little green (or grey) men were harmed in the making of this webcomic.

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Cartoonist :

Translator :

Original Language : English

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Fantasy - SF

Type : Comics
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62 Comments on the pages of Abducting The Aliens

eta235 eta235 7Aug ch1 p19 everyone saw that twist coming. It's cliche but cliche stories make good stories... that's why there cliche ;) lol
ninja4441 ninja4441 3Aug ch1 p3 Great start. I will definitely read the rest!
thommy26 thommy26 28Mar ch1 p6 i really don't like it:(
TroyB TroyB 10Dec ch3 p2 Looking forward to read what's next ;)
TroyB TroyB 10Dec ch3 p1 Isn't that a new cover ? Great art by the way ;)
Riff 13 Riff 13 3Dec ch3 p2 I apologize for the delay. I had to take a little time to get the third chapter prepped and had some technical problems at the sam (...)
TroyB TroyB 4Oct ch2 p19 this comic is mystic :) Glad you're enjoying it! :) I enjoy it too, great work ;).
Riff 13 Riff 13 1Oct ch2 p19 this comic is mystic :) Glad you're enjoying it! :)
Hirohiko Hirohiko 24Sep ch2 p19 this comic is mystic :)
Minako Minako 24Sep ch2 p1 interesting effects :)
Riff 13 Riff 13 4Sep ch2 p12 Who says you even have to pick up the phone? Oooo....
Jesus4U Jesus4U 7Aug ch2 p12 He won't even have to dial a number .. just pick up any landline and call their name. True fact.
Riff 13 Riff 13 14Jul ch1 p16 Thanks. Actually my biggest problem with the wordiness and what I was complaining about was fitting it in the panel with the art. (...)
Pat Pat 11Jul ch1 p16 You are doing great with the "wordiness". It fully goes into a topic of discussion between Mac and Yumi. It gives a the story more (...)
Riff 13 Riff 13 3Jul ch1 p24 Sure thing! I know I love reading further insights from the creators so i always try to have something interesting to say about ne (...)

62 comments in other languages.

Miss_Call Miss_Call 21Dec ch3 p1 yeeeeeah more :)
Marie-j 3 Marie-j 3 9Feb ch1 p21 j'comprend pas ce qui ce passe ?!
chaos chaos 15Dec ch1 p5 esta un poco mal traducido
Geor Geor 2Sep ch1 p5 me empieza a gustar esta comic siguela :!: :!:
madi94 madi94 5Aug ch2 p8 Ils l'ont peut-être à voir.the men in black!!! Manque pu que le flashouilleur et ce sera parfait :D
guitmouth guitmouth 4Aug ch2 p8 the men in black!!! Manque pu que le flashouilleur et ce sera parfait :D
madi94 madi94 4Aug ch2 p8 the men in black!!!

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