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Hunter´s Moon

Hunter´s Moon : manga cover

The shadows of the world hold beings that defy human reason. For millennia they have stayed away, living on the edge of our vision and our legends, but something has changed. Something is moving, they are more than everd we, hunters, are fewer.

What can i say? im glad if you like what I do, and even if not, im going to keep doing it.

Cartoonist :

Original Language : English

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Fantasy - SF

Type : manga
(read from right to left)

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Ebooks Hunter´s Moon available from 1
Hunter`s Moon- First Hunt : Volume 1
Volume 1
Hunter`s Moon- First Hunt

Format : PDF
Pages : 50
Weight : 52.0MB
Price : 1€

Hunter`s Moon- Second Hunt : Volume 2
Volume 2
Hunter`s Moon- Second Hunt

Format : PDF
Pages : 23
Weight : 10.2MB
Price : 1€

 Hunter`s Moon- Third Hunt : Volume 3
Volume 3
Hunter`s Moon- Third Hunt

Format : PDF
Pages : 25
Weight : 10.0MB
Price : 1€

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319 Comments on the pages of Hunter´s Moon

Darius Darius 15Feb ch4 p10 That thing is doing "guui, guui!"
Darius Darius 26Jun ch3 p25 And so, with this page, the third chapter ends. I will upload the forth one... as soon as i start drawing it, and never before t (...)
Darius Darius 19Jun ch3 p23 I will... in a pair of hours. ;)
NullDayton NullDayton 2Jun ch3 p23 This is a wonderful comic, I really hope you continue it. I am looking forward to seeing more!
Darius Darius 7Apr ch3 p22 Do you get now what is it? ;)
Darius Darius 28Mar ch3 p21 Obice... the barrier between the spirit world and the flesh world...
Darius Darius 19Mar ch3 p20 drawing with screentone instead of line was difficult, but i like the results... i have to do it more times. ;)
Darius Darius 12Mar ch3 p19 Dum dummmm!!! The bells of the final pages are tolling...
forbes forbes 1Mar ch3 p4 yes,I tried again changed resolution to 1600 much better
Darius Darius 1Mar ch3 p4 Didn´t you read it in full-screen?
forbes forbes 1Mar ch3 p18 till tomorrow oops. More Please
forbes forbes 1Mar ch3 p9 this explains alot
forbes forbes 1Mar ch3 p8 boundaries of varied dimensions
forbes forbes 28Feb ch3 p4 That made it harder to read good GOD !
forbes forbes 28Feb ch2 p23 That's how I learned to read!

319 comments in other languages.

Haeri3rd Haeri3rd 23May ch1 p2 C'est bien jolie ça ^^
diegoopa diegoopa 19Nov ch2 p23 jajajjajajajaj esta buenoooo:D
Senexspiritus Senexspiritus 11Oct ch2 p23 AJAJAAJAJAJAJA:D
Senexspiritus Senexspiritus 11Oct ch2 p16 Seguro funciona, parece un buen plan...
Senexspiritus Senexspiritus 11Oct ch2 p12 ¿Una cueva tal vez?:(
Senexspiritus Senexspiritus 11Oct ch1 p32 O.o Wow no los sabia...
Senexspiritus Senexspiritus 9Oct ch1 p2 Yokohama es la segunda ciudad más poblada de Japón. Tiene mas de cuatro millones de habitantes, y viven más de 8000 personas po (...)
Darius Darius 15Feb ch4 p10 La cosa esa hace "Guui", guui!"
Sevi117 Sevi117 25Jan ch4 p8 la gente intuye el peligro... pero solo en parte XD
Sevi117 Sevi117 25Jan ch4 p7 para cuando la traduces?
Sevi117 Sevi117 12Dec ch4 p5 se la ve una persona pacifica amante de la vida tranquila y que elude los problemas
Sevi117 Sevi117 4Nov ch4 p2 Ese dedo esta enfadado
Darius Darius 31Oct ch3 p19 Vaya... gracias, supongo.:P
kilios kilios 31Oct ch3 p19 No he seguido mucho el MAnga,(falta de tiempo)pero he de decir que hay un cambio brutal entre el cap 1 y este otro, lo pongo en es (...)

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