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You want to know more about Here you'll find everything you need: information, banners, press releases, design kits, logos... is an innovative project incorporating webcomics, mangas and online community! is the ideal entertainment platform for comics and manga fans. They can read over 1399 comics for free and buy eBooks versions for Ipad and other tablets.

For the artists, the website offers a unique opportunity to make a living through their art by publishing their work on-line in a variety of languages, establishing direct contact with readers, and ultimately making it possible for them to be published and distributed in print.

For the readers, the website offers the joy and pleasure of participating in the artistic process by discovering new pages every day, commenting directly on the artist's work, or maybe even helping with translations!

Since starting in 2010 has grown to a project of more than 131471 members, 15 000 unique visitors per day, over 600 authors and 1399 comic series! And this is just the beginning!

Press Release (in french for now sorry ;) )

The Press Release presenting the Amilova Project and previews of the site is available here:


Site Previews / Screenshots / Comics Covers

If you would like to present our project, feel free to use our screenshots: downloaddownload

If you would like to use our comic covers as added material to articles, all formats are available here: download (Zip file)download


Website Logo

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Publisher Logo

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Japan Expo Logo
Logo Japan Expo
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Aniventure 2011 Ad
Publicité Aniventure 2011
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Сваляне на българската версия в HD качество

All our logos are available here: download download

Photo Galleries / Events

Festiblog 2012 : 28/09/2012 - 30/09/2012 : Meeting between Amilova's community members during the webcomic event Festiblog, in Paris.


Find a recap of what happened during the event (in french)on the board topic here.

Japan Expo 2012 : 05/07/2012 - 08/07/2012 : The Big One in 2012! The huge Japan Expo fair in Paris! Amilova was present with more than 15 printed books and 10 artists signing their comics.


Thanks to Mariko, Aure-Magik et Elfwynor for the pictures. More pictures and details about the event can be found on dedicated topic on the board (in french).

Japan Expo Sud 2012 : 02/03/2012 - 04/03/2012 : Closer to our fans ! Amilova was in the town of Marseille (south of France) for the Japan Expo Sud fair. A good occasion for our members and fans to meet us far away from Paris.


Thanks to Stef84 for the picture. More pictures and details about the event can be found on dedicated topic on the board (in french).

Here are some photos from events attended by the Amilova team:

Japan Expo 2011: 30/06/2011 - 04/07/2011: The Amilova Team was present, together with 14 authors for book-signings.


You can find all pictures of this event here: download download


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