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Boy with a secret

Boy with a secret : manga cover

Boy with a Secret is an engaging and modern comic that follows the life of a young boy and his hidden secrets. Only a few are privileged to know the truth, and to everyone else, he is a stranger. When Haruhi starts his new life at Fujimoto High School, he befriends the beautiful and compassionate Minako. Rejected by his fellow classmates and tormented by school bullies, Haruhi begins a life-changing journey to find out what real friends are made of. While his secrets unravel and his enemies grow by the day, a friend from the past comes to change everything...

Cartoonist :

Original Language : English

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Romance

Type : manga - Saga
(read from left to right)

59 Comments on the pages of Boy with a secret

escorpion15 escorpion15 29Dec ch1 p2 Me gusta el dibujo y los colores pero no puedo leer la historia porque no se mucho ingles
aminelover13 aminelover13 13Dec ch6 p1 i love this one i have read alot but i love this one the most ;) ;)
YaoiLover360 YaoiLover360 16Nov ch8 p19 o_o
YaoiLover360 YaoiLover360 8Nov ch8 p18 Please finish the story, its so good! I LOVE IT!
YaoiLover360 YaoiLover360 8Nov ch2 p15 Is it just me or does the guy in red hair look cute XD
Tanako Tanako 27Oct ch8 p9 this series is still ongoing so it docent have a final chapter just yet.
frenchlass frenchlass 15Feb ch8 p9 when do i get to read the final chapter
L'antre de Maddyson L'antre de Maddyson 24Apr ch8 p6 Well good story, I hope to read what comes next quickely !:)
Tanako Tanako 30Aug ch1 p3 Please what is your e mail address..? message me your e mail address so i can send you the files and we can talk more. and there (...)
Sophie♥ Sophie♥ 23Aug ch1 p3 Yes, that will be better for me.
Tanako Tanako 20Aug ch1 p3 if you are interested in editing in french i will pos blank version :)
Sophie♥ Sophie♥ 7Aug ch1 p3 He's sexy ! x) Why there isn't the french version ?
Georgina De Hood Georgina De Hood 5Apr ch1 p12 omg is sweet scene :3
Tanako Tanako 13Aug ch7 p1 The begining of chapter seven. enjoy guys visit the main website here:
Tanako Tanako 13Aug ch6 p17 Sorry for the late post. let me know what you guys think :D

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TroyB New Topic! 5Dec Boy with a secret: my web comic (Manga) Oh by the way, forgot this topic but now this comic "boy with a secret" is online ;). Here's the link (...)

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