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Undertale AU | His hope

Undertale AU | His hope : manga cover

Undertale AU | His hope
Сomic based on Undertale AU universe. The main hero of the story is PaperJam. He was born in anti-emptiness and is a merge of a destroyer of worlds and the кeeper of worlds. Error and Ink. This child has a long way to go through alternative worlds to find its destination.

Cartoonist :

Original Language : English

Updated on : On hold

Type : manga - Saga
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9 Comments on the pages of Undertale AU | His hope

Nacyn Nacyn 21Oct ch3 p2 ....Sure ?
Nacyn Nacyn 21Oct ch3 p1 what's he saying ?
Nacyn Nacyn 21Oct ch2 p10 In your face !
Nacyn Nacyn 21Oct ch2 p7 Nooooo ! TT
Nacyn Nacyn 21Oct ch1 p12 lol
Nacyn Nacyn 21Oct ch1 p10 No ! Bad Error !
Nacyn Nacyn 21Oct ch1 p9 Nope xD Try again xP
Nacyn Nacyn 21Oct ch1 p6 Cute x3
Nacyn Nacyn 21Oct ch1 p4 Oh ! I love that xD





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