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Dark Heroes_2010

Dark Heroes_2010 : comic cover

In an unknown land, in a forgotten forest of the globe, in the midst of the middle age, a bloody child cursed for his hair emerges from the darkness.

Cartoonist :

Translator : and

Original Language : Español

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Fantasy - SF

Type : Comics - Saga
(read from left to right)

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707 Comments on the pages of Dark Heroes_2010

OutCast OutCast 23Sep ch2 p10 I can imagine that in slow motion...
johandark johandark 24Nov ch1 p1 Merci :P
Bekah Bekah 23Nov ch1 p1 Love the cover! :)
johandark johandark 31Dec ch2 p11 jejeje I´m really glad you like both. Sadly None of them had enough success to be albe to live from my art of comics and have some (...)
midnighsn69 midnighsn69 30Dec ch2 p11 Great, I love both Markham and this one, you're so mean to ask us to choose !
johandark johandark 9Jul ch2 p11 really good. hope you continue it. thanks :)
rocker305 rocker305 9Jul ch2 p11 really good. hope you continue it.
johandark johandark 15May ch2 p11 his dark hair so who cares It was really important for the story... but I don´t have time to continue this comic since now I (...)
kirma kirma 15May ch2 p11 his dark hair so who cares
kirma kirma 15May ch1 p29 i dont know why i laughed at his foot
kirma kirma 15May ch1 p26 oooh that much hurt
johandark johandark 14Feb ch1 p15 Great Vertigo illusion. Thanks! ;)
Ki11er Ki11er 13Feb ch1 p15 Great Vertigo illusion.
johandark johandark 24Sep ch2 p7 Your sceneries are just wonderfull. Thanks! The problem about this one... is that the story goes really slow... So i had to de (...)
johandark johandark 24Sep ch2 p4 google ==> thrall and you'll see. Ahh oblivion ... never finished it >.<. Yeah you are right... they are really si (...)

707 comments in other languages.

johandark johandark 10Apr ch1 p1 Las datas están escritas en la misma página de Patreon... no tiene pérdida. ;)
Happy World Happy World 21Feb ch2 p11 Ben qu'est-ce qu'ils ont ses cheveux? ^^' Sinon j'ai juste un problème... tu les pages ont leurs textes en dehors des bulles. (...)
DenielG DenielG 1Feb ch1 p1 tio cuando sale la nueva actualizacin de pacto con una bruja en gamejolt
amarylis amarylis 18Jul ch1 p29 ... magnifique !
mymarelle mymarelle 3Mar ch1 p4 Yep l'écriture n'est pas dans les bulles. C'est un peu dur du coup de savoir si l'histoire est bien ou pas car on ne peut pas la s (...)
lovely87 lovely87 27Jan ch1 p1 Superbe planche !
johandark johandark 14Apr ch1 p24 merci ;)
johandark johandark 14Apr ch1 p12 Touché! xD
johandark johandark 14Apr ch1 p13 jeje en teoría no...
Alvenon Alvenon 12Apr ch2 p4 Los ogros son aquellos tipos malhumorados que atemorizan a la gente y son verdes, un ejemplo, de ogro actual Shrek, y los orcos vi (...)
Alvenon Alvenon 12Apr ch1 p24 Esta pero que muy guapa la página dibujada, mola mola
Alvenon Alvenon 12Apr ch1 p16 Que velocidades coje ese muchacho
Alvenon Alvenon 12Apr ch1 p14 Va a la velocidad de la luuu
Alvenon Alvenon 12Apr ch1 p13 Las mantícoras son inteligentes también?
Alvenon Alvenon 12Apr ch1 p12 estaba cogiendo la moneda con la mano izquierda y de repente es la mano derecha?

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