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Climate Change Explaind to Frogs

Climate Change Explaind to Frogs : manga cover

Climate Change Explained to Frogs, to Toads, to Batrachians Generally, and All Earthlings Who Might Feel a Little Concerned

Everyone talks about it, but you don't really get the problem exactly, what is this famous climate change?

Or, on the contrary, you understood everything, but you despair to make it clear to your friends, because they don't give a damn?

Put yourself in the skin of a frog, dive into the pot, everything will become clearer ... and hotter!

This short 8 pages comic summarizes, in a scientifically inaccurate and approximate way, exaggerating just a little bit, what you need to understand about this just-a-little-critical-for-our-future issue!

Cartoonist :

Original Language : English

Updated on : Finished

Type : manga - One-Shot
(read from left to right)

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Ebooks Climate Change Explaind to Frogs available from 2
Climate Change Explaind to Frogs : Volume 1
Volume 1
Climate Change Explaind to Frogs

Format : PDF
Pages : 8
Weight : 12.1MB
Price : 2€

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1 Comments on the pages of Climate Change Explaind to Frogs

Nyuki Nyuki 23Aug ch1 p8 Very intelligent story, nicely done. Congratulations.





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