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X-Class : manga cover

Rumors about the revival of the great demon King Belial spread throughout the continents and it is up to our heroes to unify the continents divided by war and conflict to stand as one against an upcoming evil.

Cartoonist :

Translator : and

Original Language : English

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Action

Type : manga
(read from left to right)

200 Comments on the pages of X-Class

Dragonic Em. Dragonic Em. 4Feb ch1 p20 Huh, battle claws eh? That's something I haven't seen in long time.
Jethrix Jethrix 23Mar ch1 p21 Lovely details. :D
Ikki San Gaspar Ikki San Gaspar 1Nov ch1 p25 Hello guys!!! WOW! I just saw the statistics of my manga and I can't believe the digits.... thank you everyone -and also to the t (...)
Sid1ous Sid1ous 8Jul ch1 p25 Wow man this is some really good stuff you got here! Im very impressed! Please if you would check out my comics Nephlim and Dhampy (...)
Stallone Nguni Stallone Nguni 22Jun ch1 p25 aye this is goood...where's chapter two?
liliz9 liliz9 20Jun ch1 p1 raahh! c'est en anglais !!! pourquoi ? :(
r0seblanche r0seblanche 3Jun ch1 p1 Moi aussi , je l’espère !! (Me too ,I hope !! )
Carlos tornado Carlos tornado 21Dec ch1 p25 do you have this comic in spanish?
Smiley Smiley 4Dec ch1 p24 Incredible display of skill from both the artist and the guy that fights this demon! Keep em coming buddy :D
Smiley Smiley 4Dec ch1 p14 god :( this page got me :( when i saw rowell under that monster :( good job,you are very good! :D
Smiley Smiley 4Dec ch1 p2 oh my god this comic is so good
Ikki San Gaspar Ikki San Gaspar 3Dec ch1 p22 Il iked it...but I must say that it reminds me Fairy Tail a bit (Hiro Mashima) yes I get that a lot! :D specially with the main (...)
Ikki San Gaspar Ikki San Gaspar 30Nov ch1 p21 Great job with the last panel! Thanks! my hard work in drawing the cracks paid off haha! xDD
Wilfried Wilfried 29Nov ch1 p22 Il iked it...but I must say that it reminds me Fairy Tail a bit (Hiro Mashima)
Mart Mart 24Nov ch1 p21 Great job with the last panel!

200 comments in other languages.

Ganondorfzl Ganondorfzl 16Dec ch1 p7 Je ne peux que plussoyer, ça ne me fait pas accrocher non plus !
Awell Awell 2Mar ch1 p17 j'aime beaucoup ton style de dessin. :)
Yukin Yukin 17Feb ch1 p13 En vrai, ça me fait vraiment penser a Fairy Tail, avec Erza, le FlashBack comme Grey avec Deliora ect..C'est troublant XD Mais j'a (...)
Yukin Yukin 17Feb ch1 p4 XD C'est vrai, on dirait tellement Erza, c'est trop classe XD
flo463 flo463 15Feb ch1 p25 je veux la suite vite!!!
Axias Axias 29Dec ch1 p2 Sa me fè penser à diablo
Ryujin-Sama Ryujin-Sama 26Dec ch1 p25 Un très bon début pour ce manga ! Le seul hic la fille qui ressemble de trop près à Erza, (coiffure et armure). En revanche les de (...)
Loic Sombo Loic Sombo 19Feb ch1 p4 tien coucou erza !
LivingLegacy LivingLegacy 15Feb ch1 p19 Lui i la une bonne tête de chasseur de démon digne de Diablo III :]
Creeperator Creeperator 27Oct ch1 p22 Ahh, una verdadera pena
Creeperator Creeperator 17Sep ch1 p22 Me a gustado, pero veo que no continuareis con esta historia, una pena no iva mal
Creeperator Creeperator 17Sep ch1 p4 Ostia, esa no es Erza?
zero1234 zero1234 13Sep ch1 p8 que malote
zero1234 zero1234 13Sep ch1 p5 que interesante comienzo
zero1234 zero1234 13Sep ch1 p1 que terrorifico jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja :D

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babee New Topic! 14Nov All comics - X-Class - Translator form English to any language! I understand it´s complicated, I know it´s so much work an of course your work first! :) a real good work! continue I`ll see the (...)

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