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From 2010 to now, our history.

Amilova is an online community devoted to comics, manga, indie artists and video games!

From this source of creativity, over the years, AMILOVA has evolved into something bigger than “just a website”:
Through a network of talented minds AMILOVA has been the vehicle that helped us create several interconnected projects that entertain over 30 million visitors every month and 150,000 players every day!

Discover us, take the tour. ;)

Amilova GAMES

In 2015, we managed to materialize our dream project: making a video game studio! Several friends met through early years jumped in the ship and collaborated to creative parts, from drawings to stories, colors and music!
In 2016 we release our 1st games and get very lucky… over 2,000,000 players will have supported us by the end of 2017!!! That’s how Amilova GAMES came to life!
In 2018 we produce our own games, outsource less and less to other studios, and have big plans for making more manga styled F2P games!


With Amilova EDITIONS we are publishing digital and physical works. In 2010 was created with big ambitions. We wanted to help talented artists and give them a voice and have their art be discovered, spread all over the world. We wanted these artists to get a decent revenue stream through our platform. In 2011 on top of the digital mangas that we were publishing each day, we also published 20 physical books! It was big time for us! received a very positive feedback from all artist communities, but it was self-financed and hard business realities showed their faces in 2012 so we decided to pause the project for a while. The platform stayed alive all the time though, totalling in 2018 over 1100 mangas, 800 artists, 110 000 members, and serving 300k readers monthly. Because manga is religion and because we do it all with lots of love.

2017 was a big year for the Amilova family, not only with just one game running, but we managed to even do a second release for the year! Of course, we learnt from our mistakes and now we are evolved in the ‘’business’’ world, but we didn’t change in our hearts.
That’s why 2018 will be the year when Amilova Games does a big come back with more forces and evolved minds! We are rebuilding a team, we are working hard and sleeping less and less, and we are back!!!!!!!! The best is just to come!
Stay tuned.

Team Amilova
Amilova’s original team, back in 2010!

A deep connection to communities of Artists, readers and players… with a strong taste for mangas ;) was launched by artist for other artists, as one may say, by manga & comics fans for comics & manga fans. It did not only grow through the years, but it also has always been involved in these digital universes, regularly meeting our gangs IRL. We do what we do with pure dedication and love, sharing art will always be a priority for us. Our doors are open for you!
Meet us digitally or live, communicate with us, ask us anything, but not politics, hehe! We will always be here!!!!!!!

Team Amilova
Amilova’s gang @Japan-Expo 2011

Amilova’s crew @Japan-Expo 2011

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