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Comics and mangas with original language: English

Leth Hate

Humor by Leth.hate

Rank: 5, Points: 225

Updated: 16Feb Pages: 112

Webcomic about a man that refuses to die and the
zombie and succubus that keep him company.
Comedy with occasional NSFW...


Doodling Around

Humor by SkillDraw

Rank: 7, Points: 214

Updated: 31Dec Pages: 281

Everybody has a group of friends to hang out with. Also, everybody has a dream who wants to become true some day. Having both...


No Pink Ponies

Humor by Eisu

Rank: 13, Points: 192

Updated: 23May Pages: 147

Can a girl go to extreme measures to get close to the guy she likes? Jess is just such a girl, opening up a comic shop and...


Chocolate with Pepper

Humor by chikita

Rank: 62, Points: 121

Updated: 23Nov Pages: 246

Chocolate with Pepper

Part 1: The story takes place in the 1920s in a lovely small town called Ventura, in Brazil....



Humor by caldwell

Rank: 68, Points: 119

Updated: 6Apr Pages: 51

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by caldwell!


Fiona Poppy

Humor by marioboon

Rank: 91, Points: 110

Updated: 12Oct Pages: 92

Fiona Poppy is our intrepid young heroine who inhabits a slightly more fantastic world filled with talking muscle bears, surly...


Adventures of a Girl and...


Rank: 109, Points: 105

Updated: 31Jan Pages: 11

A bored little girl who doesn't believe in miracles gets a surprise visit from a few pandas traveling in a box on top of giant...



Humor by hejibits

Rank: 136, Points: 97

Updated: 8Jul Pages: 60

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by hejibits!


Super Haters

Humor by nickmarino

Rank: 190, Points: 90

Updated: 5May Pages: 10

A superhero satire webcomic starring Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye, two lewd and rude slackers who suck at pretty much...




Rank: 227, Points: 79

Updated: 20Feb Pages: 12

A humorous strip following the mishaps and mischiefs of accident-prone rascal Yeroshka and his family. Created by Andrei...



Humor by Eviana

Rank: 231, Points: 78

Updated: 23Nov Pages: 3

The adventures of EVIL
by Iana Zavialova and Anton Larichev.
For more Elengir - visit


The Gazette's vacation

Humor by ezysummers

Rank: 255, Points: 76

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 10

This is a doujinshi based on the famous japanese rock band the Gazette.


Adapting to Night


Rank: 259, Points: 73

Updated: 20Jan Pages: 83

Ever wondered what being a vampire is like? Well, Melody definitely didn't have any plans to discover it. Saved by another...



Humor by secondchildren

Rank: 318, Points: 66

Updated: 25Jan Pages: 5

The "real" story of Geralt of Rivia and his boozer mates... well, almost! NB: No polar tigers was hurted in the maging of this...


A Beautiful Shambles

Humor by Daniel Chmielewski

Rank: 323, Points: 66

Updated: 30Sep Pages: 14

A group portrait of the people we see around us and sometimes of those we see in the mirror.

ABS is my foray into webcomics,...


SMS, Lies and Video

Humor by eandspresent

Rank: 351, Points: 65

Updated: 12Nov Pages: 1

“SMS’ LIES and VIDEO” – A look behind the masks of high profile charity campaigns and events.


The God and the Player

Humor by lauramma

Rank: 357, Points: 55

Updated: 11Sep Pages: 47

FINISHED!! 42 pages long and 2 bonus sketch!
A game of baseball full of cheats and madness!



Humor by ROKEFOX

Rank: 365, Points: 53

Updated: 30Nov Pages: 9

Furry Art by Luis Alberto Cantu Flores


Comics and manga translated into: English


Humor by Asura00, Salagir

Rank: 2, Points: 289

Finished comics Pages: 558

Our world is too normal. Heroic fantasy is much better, isn't it?
Follow the adventures of an apprentice magician, her talking...


Monster girls on tour

Humor by Guildadventure

Rank: 22, Points: 172

Updated: 16Jan Pages: 526

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by Guildadventure!


Dragon Piece

Humor by Gogéta Jr

Rank: 31, Points: 154

Finished comics Pages: 17

A really cool crossover



Humor by A-Cup-Of-Tim

Rank: 38, Points: 142

Updated: 27Nov Pages: 12

«Memories from my childhood, sometimes sad, sometimes strange, sometimes funny.



Humor by Toshi.D

Rank: 41, Points: 140

Updated: 9Feb Pages: 105

Tibo Abias is an ordinary guy who could one day become the most powerful being in the universe... story inspired by the...


When You Create A Story

Humor by Miss_Call

Rank: 45, Points: 132

Updated: 2Mar Pages: 178

I don't really like descriptions... I will just tell you here what you can find in this silly webcomic:


Bienvenidos a República...

Humor by Fernando_Biz

Rank: 55, Points: 125

Updated: 2Jul Pages: 74

Estrella is a normal 14 years old girl. Her peaceful life will change when she meets a strange boy...

"Bienvenidos a...


Lapin et Tortue

Humor by Ibi

Rank: 60, Points: 122

Updated: 27May Pages: 60

Follow the funny misadventures of Rabbit and Turtle in Cuculand!



Humor by Mariko

Rank: 70, Points: 119

Updated: 28Nov Pages: 65

Hellshling, as some of you can already tell by the title, is a parody of the manga Hellsing by kouta Hirano!




Humor by Keiden

Rank: 82, Points: 116

Updated: 26Nov Pages: 112

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by Keiden!


The intruder


Rank: 84, Points: 116

Finished comics Pages: 25

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by Keiden!


BDs du piratesourcil

Humor by piratesourcil

Rank: 96, Points: 106

Updated: 17May Pages: 37

The crazy stories of the PirateSourcil > "EyebrowPirate" but his name is better not translated right :-D ?


Gameplay émergent

Humor by le nuage

Rank: 105, Points: 105

Finished comics Pages: 17

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by le nuage!


Available on the Shore

Humor by Kuniéko, MaxLanders

Rank: 120, Points: 103

Updated: 13Jan Pages: 8

A fruit seller on the beach, a city lost on the Mediterranean coast, inhabited by sadics and visited by lunatics, a...


Yokai Yokai

Humor by mbuma

Rank: 135, Points: 98

Updated: 15Dec Pages: 67

Japan, 16th century. Keiniku Nama is a Seppuku 'organizer'. He is now hired by Shido Seishin, a great scammer, to prepare his...


Daily Life of Sefora


Rank: 138, Points: 96

Updated: 11h00 Pages: 147

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by A.C.Puig!


Mi vida Como Carla

Humor by Cosmicos

Rank: 141, Points: 95

Updated: 9Jul Pages: 47

The life of Carla... an almost normal girl.


A frog's life

Humor by Globuline

Rank: 154, Points: 93

Updated: 18Jan Pages: 33

The geeky and minimalist tribulations of a travelling French girl.


Pussy Quest

Humor by M7X

Rank: 159, Points: 92

Updated: 22May Pages: 49

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by M7X!



Humor by Photon

Rank: 167, Points: 92

Updated: 9Dec Pages: 13

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by Photon!


A losers team and God

Humor by wayne

Rank: 168, Points: 92

Updated: 16Dec Pages: 10

Ross and his friends are spending their time between video-games and binge drinking. But while opening a beer, Ross sees...


El gato Elias

Humor by formador

Rank: 169, Points: 92

Updated: 21Sep Pages: 8

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by formador!


Devil & Spaceman

Humor by Devil_HS

Rank: 170, Points: 92

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 38

They're quite different but still ended up together somehow.


La vrai vie des...

Humor by Guiom

Rank: 175, Points: 91

Finished comics Pages: 10

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by Guiom!


Crow Reloaded

Humor by kikealapont

Rank: 176, Points: 91

Updated: 1Apr Pages: 8

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by kikealapont!


Level UP ! (OLD)

Humor by Krayon

Rank: 201, Points: 83

Updated: 22Nov Pages: 59

Follow the tales of a hero and his yld (young lady in distress) !
Please enjoy and immerse yourself in the fun and the...


Secret Files A.C.Puig

Humor by A.C.Puig

Rank: 204, Points: 82

Finished comics Pages: 130

Short stories...


Monochrome #2

Humor by Folco

Rank: 220, Points: 79

Updated: 23Mar Pages: 14

A series of humorous strips by cartoonist Konstantin Dubkov


Mon coeur ne bat que...

Humor by Oizofu

Rank: 234, Points: 78

Updated: 16Nov Pages: 9

Shonen-Kawai : The adventures of Naomi et Nobu...


Yeti Sports


Rank: 240, Points: 78

Updated: 23Feb Pages: 3

Three pages of yeti snowboarding mayhem !


LUKARD, the little...

Humor by johandark

Rank: 242, Points: 78

Finished comics Pages: 38

WARNING: Humor Comic Strips.
"The lucky ones are very lucky, but ask a loser"


Living the Dream Life of...

Humor by Monsieur To, Marlène

Rank: 276, Points: 68

Updated: 13Aug Pages: 34

Lead by his strong belief that knowledge is indeed power and his love for literature, a newly graduated teacher steps boldly...


Ulrich no Smash Bros.

Humor by Jheronim0

Rank: 289, Points: 66

Updated: 11Apr Pages: 15

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by Jheronim0!


Cosmonauts Left on the...


Rank: 291, Points: 66

Updated: 4Apr Pages: 37

Dedicated to those who did not return...


The Frog and the Turtle

Humor by Esteryn

Rank: 337, Points: 65

Finished comics Pages: 9

A tale for children of all ages ! A terrified frog meets a turtle and shares his fears with her.

Welcome The Frog and the...


Give me some love!

Humor by babee

Rank: 356, Points: 55

Updated: 12Mar Pages: 56

This is a romantic and crazy story about one girl whose name is Lovewith! She works in the magazine "What the men want!". She...


Battle Saga

Humor by Alvinator

Rank: 364, Points: 53

Updated: 10Nov Pages: 12

BATTLE SAGA is the Book of Legends where all the secrets of this world are written down. The one who owns this book can lead...


Comics and Manga available in other language

Deployment of troops

Humor by Folco

Rank: 80, Points: 53

Updated: 25Feb Pages: 4

Don Frikote

Humor by haikami

Rank: 305, Points: 52

Updated: 30Nov Pages: 5

Joé et Zizon

Humor by Nycolas

Rank: 481, Points: 82

Updated: 17Feb Pages: 15

Bertrand le petit singe


Rank: 650, Points: 71

Updated: 24Nov Pages: 47

Mouak ! (Ou un truc...


Rank: 764, Points: 67

Updated: 30Oct Pages: 20

Les Ninjas sont cools

Humor by claudius335

Rank: 983, Points: 33

Updated: 5Feb Pages: 44

Pirates AHOY!

Humor by Mitu

Rank: 23, Points: 93

Updated: 2Nov Pages: 11

Revenge of Blond-Haired...

Humor by Zorga

Rank: 25, Points: 177

Updated: 17Jun Pages: 192

Love Pussy Sketch

Humor by M7X

Rank: 28, Points: 174

Updated: 13Jan Pages: 104


Humor by flutter

Rank: 30, Points: 172

Updated: 13Aug Pages: 191

Mort aux vaches

Humor by larkhill

Rank: 47, Points: 161

Updated: 8Apr Pages: 285


Humor by Furedo

Rank: 51, Points: 159

Finished comics Pages: 238

¡ Limón !

Humor by Mosqi

Rank: 60, Points: 153

Finished comics Pages: 442

Le signal des essaims

Humor by naanou63

Rank: 64, Points: 151

Updated: 10Feb Pages: 122

L'éveil des sens

Humor by Belzaran

Rank: 78, Points: 143

Finished comics Pages: 57

Tangerine et Zinzolin


Rank: 79, Points: 143

Updated: 15Jul Pages: 65


Humor by lobolimao

Rank: 97, Points: 53

Updated: 7Feb Pages: 6

Barbu : La vie de...

Humor by -Barbu-

Rank: 99, Points: 136

Updated: 21Jan Pages: 31

L'attaque des écureuils...


Rank: 104, Points: 135

Finished comics Pages: 65

Les Voleurs

Humor by Jaffre

Rank: 108, Points: 134

Updated: 21Aug Pages: 113


Humor by Cosmicos

Rank: 110, Points: 103

Updated: 29Jan Pages: 53

Horror tentacular

Humor by Volker

Rank: 129, Points: 99

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 25

Ҫa caille rude

Humor by Ventouline

Rank: 131, Points: 129

Updated: 29Jan Pages: 50

Strip & jeu de mots


Rank: 183, Points: 119

Finished comics Pages: 48

Paradis des otakus

Humor by Elizir

Rank: 197, Points: 116

Updated: 16Mar Pages: 225

Salle des Profs


Rank: 199, Points: 116

Finished comics Pages: 41

La guerre des rongeurs...

Humor by ktulukru

Rank: 212, Points: 113

Finished comics Pages: 79



Rank: 215, Points: 113

Updated: 12Aug Pages: 68


Humor by Rockwood

Rank: 221, Points: 112

Updated: 11Jan Pages: 283


Humor by SekushiBoy

Rank: 237, Points: 110

Updated: 29Oct Pages: 24

Ze crazy cooks

Humor by bernus

Rank: 251, Points: 109

Updated: 4Dec Pages: 84

Only Two, le collectif

Humor by OteKaï

Rank: 260, Points: 107

Updated: 15Jul Pages: 50

Et Pis Taf !

Humor by Lamisseb

Rank: 275, Points: 105

Updated: 9Nov Pages: 27


Humor by Nykko

Rank: 277, Points: 105

Updated: 17Oct Pages: 6


Humor by sarell

Rank: 284, Points: 104

Finished comics Pages: 37

Clara Catastrophe

Humor by lua clara

Rank: 285, Points: 104

Updated: 20Jan Pages: 47



Rank: 290, Points: 63

Updated: 15Jan Pages: 8


Humor by ROKEFOX

Rank: 296, Points: 54

Updated: 21Dec Pages: 32

Bubblegôm Gôm


Rank: 305, Points: 100

Updated: 6Nov Pages: 42

Billy's Book - Le Yaa...


Rank: 308, Points: 100

Updated: 21Sep Pages: 58

L'Animation pour les...


Rank: 324, Points: 98

Updated: 7Nov Pages: 4

Good Luck Takeshi

Humor by Kowasu-san, Mayuno

Rank: 328, Points: 98

Updated: 13Feb Pages: 9

Barbu : Des défis & des...


Rank: 330, Points: 97

Updated: 22Mar Pages: 17

Un été à Plouha

Humor by jules

Rank: 338, Points: 97

Updated: 4Nov Pages: 14


Humor by polarfox

Rank: 344, Points: 96

Finished comics Pages: 62


Humor by Cyb le dessineux

Rank: 349, Points: 96

Updated: 28Mar Pages: 37

Barbu : Le règne du poil


Rank: 352, Points: 96

Updated: 1Feb Pages: 6


Humor by katydid

Rank: 356, Points: 96

Finished comics Pages: 45

les fées

Humor by Fugushiman

Rank: 367, Points: 95

Finished comics Pages: 5

Toad et Reggie

Humor by kazuo-dayo

Rank: 379, Points: 93

Updated: 29Jul Pages: 23

Super Naked Girl


Rank: 413, Points: 90

Finished comics Pages: 231

Zistoires courtes


Rank: 427, Points: 88

Updated: 8May Pages: 73


Humor by Thony Berval, lostfruty

Rank: 428, Points: 88

Updated: 2Feb Pages: 68



Rank: 441, Points: 86

Updated: 9Jun Pages: 68

Jack & The Beanstalk

Humor by higan

Rank: 443, Points: 86

Updated: 29Jan Pages: 61

Pépé & Mémé Corporation

Humor by Arnaud Lehue

Rank: 447, Points: 85

Updated: 13Sep Pages: 43

SW-Les Aventures de...

Humor by Valtorgun

Rank: 460, Points: 84

Updated: 16Jun Pages: 15

Mes Phantasmes

Humor by Mariko

Rank: 475, Points: 83

Finished comics Pages: 9

Blog et Méchant

Humor by BlogEtMéchant

Rank: 479, Points: 83

Updated: 24Sep Pages: 111

Billy's Book

Humor by pain(t)

Rank: 516, Points: 80

Updated: 12Jun Pages: 10

Le Retour de Satan

Humor by Gornow

Rank: 547, Points: 78

Updated: 5Jan Pages: 103

Mouak - Le Gourou...

Humor by Groumpfouh

Rank: 559, Points: 77

Updated: 6Jan Pages: 46

Strangers In Time

Humor by Dirtounet

Rank: 562, Points: 76

Finished comics Pages: 95

Oursemou, l'ours pas...

Humor by oursemou

Rank: 593, Points: 74

Updated: 30Sep Pages: 14

Yon Koma

Humor by zueien

Rank: 596, Points: 74

Updated: 13Sep Pages: 45

Sun Crystals

Humor by Mangakun

Rank: 601, Points: 74

Updated: 7Dec Pages: 82


Humor by stoon

Rank: 611, Points: 73

Finished comics Pages: 64


Humor by Meli

Rank: 631, Points: 72

Updated: 19Aug Pages: 5

YUTCH Fighters

Humor by RéMingO

Rank: 645, Points: 72

Updated: 22May Pages: 65

Nolife - 100% Jus de...


Rank: 675, Points: 70

Updated: 28Apr Pages: 22

Ask My Oc's!

Humor by L-Cacahuète

Rank: 700, Points: 69

Updated: 7May Pages: 15


Humor by DrVegapunk

Rank: 716, Points: 69

Updated: 11Nov Pages: 24

Les Chachas

Humor by Renkei Fuwarito

Rank: 720, Points: 69

Updated: 25Dec Pages: 12

Roby Tome 1: Look at me...

Humor by Tezwin

Rank: 748, Points: 68

Finished comics Pages: 11

Timothé l'Antillais

Humor by Jiorgio Nerjat

Rank: 783, Points: 67

Updated: 29Feb Pages: 6

La vache de l'espace

Humor by Gelweo

Rank: 825, Points: 66

Updated: 23Apr Pages: 11

Les Anecdotiques

Humor by Miscatonic

Rank: 850, Points: 66

Updated: 25Apr Pages: 21

42 je retrouve mon père

Humor by Biscuit

Rank: 853, Points: 66

Updated: 27Apr Pages: 16

Jimmy at work

Humor by aurorejp

Rank: 876, Points: 65

Updated: 8Jun Pages: 12

"Une vie normale"

Humor by LordTim, noujii

Rank: 890, Points: 65

Updated: 10Jul Pages: 5

Draw Life

Humor by Larryon, burricher

Rank: 909, Points: 60

Updated: 14Aug Pages: 47

Les Aventures de Poncho

Humor by Poncho

Rank: 914, Points: 59

Updated: 31Mar Pages: 59

man of factorisation...


Rank: 922, Points: 57

Finished comics Pages: 33

Super Prout

Humor by huggymauve

Rank: 927, Points: 56

Updated: 20Jan Pages: 17

Les strips de Matteor

Humor by matteorrr

Rank: 945, Points: 53

Updated: 10Oct Pages: 63

Stella Love

Humor by Masterstyle

Rank: 985, Points: 30

Updated: 3Feb Pages: 13

Les gnomes

Humor by calyste

Rank: 986, Points: 30

Finished comics Pages: 46


Humor by Tcim

Rank: 995, Points: 18

Updated: 25Mar Pages: 4


Humor by Zedes Greg

Rank: 999, Points: 14

Updated: 9Jul Pages: 15

Mon beau super héros

Humor by roro318

Rank: 1001, Points: 2

Updated: 22Jun Pages: 22

What the F

Humor by EwilanWollf

Rank: 1002, Points: 2

Updated: 1Aug Pages: 2


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