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Rota Fortunae

Rota Fortunae : manga cover

Rota Fortunae means the Wheel of fortune. In the past, people believed, that the goddess Fortuna spins the wheel with her eyes covered. This is the main concept of the opera Carmina Burana, and also in some ancient greek texts.

Cartoonist :

Original Language : English

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Thriller

Type : manga
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11 Comments on the pages of Rota Fortunae

yata_luver yata_luver 1Apr ch1 p10 :D :!: :!:
Keruo Nasumishi Keruo Nasumishi 24Oct ch1 p12 We know the boy looks like a cute chick.. but oh, well =_="
Keruo Nasumishi Keruo Nasumishi 15Oct ch1 p10 Finally, double page special ^^
Monsieur Rien Monsieur Rien 11Oct ch1 p7 That looks interesting! :) Hope to see what's coming next soon!
Keruo Nasumishi Keruo Nasumishi 9Oct ch1 p8 Artist note: Carmina Burana is the best opera ever, you should totally watch it <3
Keruo Nasumishi Keruo Nasumishi 7Oct ch1 p6 Thank you, guys :"3 We will continue to give our best and make more awesome pages! ;)
Keruo Nasumishi Keruo Nasumishi 7Oct ch1 p1 We recommend the english version, since it's the original text. Translations are far from perfect and still incomplete. Thank you (...)
carmencita carmencita 7Oct ch1 p6 It's beautiful
Toh Toh 5Oct ch1 p6 Uuuu~ me liky !!!
TroyB TroyB 4Oct ch1 p1 Congrats on the release ;) Yep I think the same as Toh ;) ! Congrats it's very promising ! Don't hesitate to present your co (...)
Toh Toh 4Oct ch1 p1 Congrats on the release ;)

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Keruo Nasumishi New Topic! 12Oct Us and Rota Fortunae Carey (illustrator): Well truth is I'm a bit of shoujo manga fan, but the things I like the most are ones with unique stories. So (...)

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