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The Steam Dragon Express

The Steam Dragon Express : manga cover

What would you do, if you got the chance to live in an exciting magical fantasy world? Would you go back to your safe and familiar, yet boring life, or would you risk everything for the sake of a grand adventure?

Illustrated by award winning Swedish artist Joakim Waller, we follow the story of James C. Wingfield, as he is sent into a strange new world during an archeological excavation, and struggles with whether to stay in this fantastic magical world, or go back, as he travels from place to place, via the magical flying train, the Steam Dragon Express, with his quirky new companion Victoria Brinnington, a highschool mage on summer vacation.

Art by:
Story by:

Storyboarder :

Original Language : English

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Fantasy - SF

Type : manga - Saga
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16 Comments on the pages of The Steam Dragon Express

alexiaamber alexiaamber 28Sep ch1 p17 So cute and funny! It's such an interesting manga to relax in free time Links are allowed in comments only for Team Members! .
Jordii Jordii 22Aug ch1 p2 Nice comics. All the characters are unique and of great personality. Great work
Bobbyy Bobbyy 16Aug ch1 p2 wow best animated comic. Thanks for sharing
jennyhannb jennyhannb 6Dec ch1 p2 I like the story and the illustrations !
Hakatri Hakatri 8Apr ch1 p30 The fish already went "a-head" with the questions
Arra Arra 2Nov ch2 p28 i think this is really amazing ^^ cant wait to read more:)
TDBanimefan TDBanimefan 25Aug ch2 p20 The first thing I would ask any other person from another world, is exactly that. I wouldn't want to know anything else.
TDBanimefan TDBanimefan 25Aug ch2 p15 The feels bro, the feels. Really hits me more than other people I think...
Mick J Mick J 2Jul ch2 p28 I guess that's all for now. Can't wait to read more! This is an interesting comic you've got going here.
Mick J Mick J 2Jul ch1 p41 This story is so cool. I'm sad that I didn't read it sooner!
Marie-j 3 Marie-j 3 1Mar ch1 p23 Il a un billet de train ?
TroyB TroyB 27Dec ch2 p28 Oh so that's the last page...when is the next page coming ?
TroyB TroyB 27Dec ch2 p28 Interesting new face :)
TroyB TroyB 27Dec ch2 p11 I like the story and the illustrations !
Re-al Boss Re-al Boss 2Jan ch1 p25 a flying train, haven't seen that in a while :D

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