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Dhampyr : manga cover

Two Hybrid brothers Alkade and Isaac, the sons of the first Vampire ever are out for revenge against the Clan of Vampires that murdered their father the King of the Shadow World.

My name is Jordan Troche and I am an original comic creator and writer. My dream is to make a living writing and creating comics. Please give my series a read and don't be afraid to leave feedback.

Cartoonist :

Translator :

Original Language : English

Updated on : On hold

Type : manga
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Dhampyr : Volume 1
Volume 1

Format : PDF
Pages : 24
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19 Comments on the pages of Dhampyr

catropica catropica 8Mar ch1 p22 "I've always loved you. Goodbye!" hahahahaha! PRICELESS!!!
Michael Hoshigaki Mikuome Mwenze Michael Hoshigaki Mikuome Mwenze 18Feb ch1 p22 Awesome, shit just got real. Chapter 2!!:D
Michael Hoshigaki Mikuome Mwenze Michael Hoshigaki Mikuome Mwenze 18Feb ch1 p1 :D
midnighsn69 midnighsn69 31Dec ch1 p22 Great. I'm looking forward to see what's next...
Josue Domingez Josue Domingez 21Oct ch1 p2 felicito a el/a creador de este comic yo hago manga mirenlo y denme su opinion

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