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Do It Yourself!

Do It Yourself! : manga cover

Lucas, an interior designer, is sent to live with his aunt to help design her new work space. Unfortunately he has to work with his cousin's best friend Ashley, who is a construction worker. The two hate each other but work needs to get done!

Hello! My name is Renna, I am 25 years old and I love to talk to other comic fans and creators.

Cartoonist :

Helper :

Original Language : English

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Romance

Type : manga
(read from left to right)

41 Comments on the pages of Do It Yourself!

MlleOcatopus MlleOcatopus 3Jun ch4 p16 Your comic is very great ! :D Can I translate it in frensh ? :)
manish17 manish17 26Dec ch1 p5 boring... just A waste of time!
Mi'cha Mi'cha 19Jul ch1 p12 Wait a minute...Ashley isn't a girl name ?
annega annega 18Apr ch5 p2 Nooo!!! I was in the action fo the comic... :( It's a very good story, i love it
UsaiTakumi007 UsaiTakumi007 10Dec ch4 p19 its a gr8 story!!!!!gud thinkin....;)
UsaiTakumi007 UsaiTakumi007 29Oct ch4 p19 its a very gud story!
emmy-chan emmy-chan 13Oct ch4 p19 omg i love this!! ~
Olivina Olivina 3Aug ch4 p10 ITS a Great Comic Continue working Your Work is well done:D :!: :D
Izuki Izuki 28Jun ch1 p2 oh wow, that's an introduction !!!
TroyB TroyB 28May ch1 p3 Question > do you feel more like being in the "manga" or "comic" category ? I feel like I have a bit of manga s (...)
Rennakins Rennakins 28May ch1 p3 Question > do you feel more like being in the "manga" or "comic" category ? I feel like I have a bit of manga style, (...)
TroyB TroyB 28May ch1 p3 Question > do you feel more like being in the "manga" or "comic" category ?
TroyB TroyB 28May ch1 p1 Welcome to Rennakins and her comic ;).

41 comments in other languages.

chitsuko chitsuko 26Nov ch2 p11 une suite est prévue car je suis pour!!!!
Ani Mizuki Ani Mizuki 8Mar ch1 p1 no entendi alguien me puede explicar lo que paso aqui?????
nasra nasra 13Nov ch2 p11 hahaaha ouai une grande ou une petite ;) lol
ocnarf16 ocnarf16 8Nov ch2 p8 D: ????
angel144 angel144 23Oct ch2 p8 porque por mas que lo tradusco no aparecen las paginas
ocnarf16 ocnarf16 14Jun ch2 p8 sube mas xD:)
Erazade Erazade 25May ch2 p4 Il manque les textes ^^
Ame_Chan Ame_Chan 22Mar ch1 p15 Pour quand la suite ? *---* <3
ocnarf16 ocnarf16 22Jan ch1 p15 por favor no aguanto quiero saver mas
ocnarf16 ocnarf16 30Dec ch1 p15 yapo mas paginas
Eme Eme 30Dec ch1 p12 j'aime bien sa chemise
nouche.07 nouche.07 12Aug ch1 p15 Ah quand la suite ? *.*
ocnarf16 ocnarf16 10Aug ch1 p15 4 paginas en casi todo el año wazap quiero mas paginas
Mi'cha Mi'cha 19Jul ch1 p8 Bah moi je l'ai regardé en anglais alors niveau doublage ça allait...On m'a dit que les doublages VF étaient complètement à chier (...)
NatsuKan NatsuKan 19Jul ch1 p8 ahha shinning XD je crois avoir jamais autant ris devant un film qui ne devait pas être drôle à la base XD

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