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Delta75 45

Hi, I am a French author, Delta75. I publish several comics and so far I had not offered them in English. It is done for this one. It is about a complete story, of which I publish the last pages in French currently of 300 pages. Big fan of Marvel comics and Image Comics when I started this comic. The costume is intentionally a mix of well-known characters as he put it together from colsplay costumes. He's a superhero yes, but a more real superhero. These gifts are explainable and less impressive than in the comics and it is a rare awkwardness. At any time, one wonders when he will be unmasked or will pass there for good because yes the deaths are final. Will you find all the references to comics?
Happy reading, give the super soldier a chance. You will see it is sometimes so awkward it is touching.

Excuse me for the rough translation. I will publish whole chapters or half chapters regularly. As the French pages came out, I don't think you receive any notifications. But I will leave a message when there are new pages. Goodbye.

Delta75 11/23/2021 02:25:16   
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