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Graped : manga cover

A relatively light-hearted one-shot story which also includes several scenes of explicit nature.

Cartoonist :

Translator :

Helper : and

Original Language : English

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Yaoi - Boys love

Type : manga
(read from left to right)


Before reading this manga be aware that it could shock you. It contains :

  • Erotism

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Ebooks Graped available from 2
Глава 1 : Volume 1
Volume 1
Глава 1

Format : PDF
Pages : 51
Weight : 17.0MB
Price : 2€

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757 Comments on the pages of Graped

NeNe2021 NeNe2021 26Mar ch1 p37 Aww! There holding hands!!!
Demil Demil 3Feb ch1 p14 :D
Sashabae101 Sashabae101 17Oct ch2 p13 i would also like to know where i can read this for free
Maddiedabeee Maddiedabeee 18May ch2 p13 Nooooooooo:(
big daddy big daddy 7May ch1 p50 i love the sex scene i nutted 2 times i want more :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
big daddy big daddy 7May ch1 p12 im gay
yamara_m yamara_m 7Dec ch1 p12 y-yeah, mee too~~ xD
yamara_m yamara_m 7Dec ch1 p11 OH YEAH!! take this hand!! XD
desimesenpai desimesenpai 6Dec ch1 p36 that was quick!
mangalovergrl12 mangalovergrl12 10Apr ch1 p43 fuck yes it is amazing even though im a girl i want a threesome with those sexy boys
nikobp nikobp 9Dec ch1 p36 oh wow that happened fast lmao:D ;)
lava lava 17Oct ch2 p13 :( :( i've Problem with p14
chrissylove chrissylove 19Sep ch1 p2 IM 16
Yozora Kotomori Yozora Kotomori 17Apr ch1 p40 This is confusing me. I have, like, no idea who is doing what.
Arra Arra 26Mar ch2 p13 :( noooooooo~ whhyyyyy~ T.T

757 comments in other languages.

doclaude doclaude 4May ch1 p50 Cest très onirique et très chouette mais tu devrais faire gaffe à l'orthographe c'est dommage parce que cela jure avec la qua (...)
JonathanBrandis JonathanBrandis 18Feb ch1 p50 Bel article, j'écris des articles similaires sur Medium, vérifiez-le: Только члены группы могут размещать ссылки! Только члены г (...)
............ ............ 19Sep ch1 p1 .
LOVELE LOVELE 17May ch1 p36 estoy exitada uwu:D :D :D
JacobN JacobN 12May ch1 p50 Amazing blog Только члены группы могут размещать ссылки! coiling machine manufacturer
sankipetro sankipetro 3Apr ch1 p50 have a nice day
Myst Myst 26Feb ch1 p28 j'adore le graphisme
fuck you fuck you 17Sep ch2 p19 pk il y a ca en fait ?:( :(
Aurore Nokomis Aurore Nokomis 18Aug ch2 p14 Pareil...
fuck you fuck you 3Aug ch1 p27 ;) un petit aphrodisiaque comme boisson ;)
Sekiei Sekiei 7Jul ch1 p34 Bonne question.
Sekiei Sekiei 7Jul ch1 p31 Y avais quoi dans ses verres???
Sekiei Sekiei 7Jul ch1 p30 Ils ne font que suivre leur désirs physique, comment réagirais-tu si je te disais ça??
Sekiei Sekiei 7Jul ch1 p24 Euh... A votre place je ne le ferais pas... Parce que si il y a en haut ce que je pense...
Sekiei Sekiei 7Jul ch1 p22 C'est ce qui s'appelle se prendre un plateau... XD

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