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How to Register on FAQ to help you

Before registering

Why should I register to Amilova ?

Being a member will give you the power to post comment and to receive alert when an update of your favorite comic is online. But several super cool service will be added soon.

I've to pay something to use Amilova ?

Nope, the site is for free.

Creating an account

Where is the registration form?

It's easy ! Just click on the button "Join Amilova" on the top right of this page. Be carefull, in any case you'll have to validate your account by clicking on the link that we'll send on your email address.

How do I register?

The form need only 3 informations : your nickname, your email and your password and that's all

During register, my nickname was rejected.

It means that someone is already using the same nickname as you. Please choose another nickname and try again

Note that for security purpose, your nickname must be at least 4 characters long.

My nickname is ok, but now it's my e-mail to be rejected.

There are 2 possibilities: 1st: You've made a mistake in entering your email address. Please check that you didn't forget a @ or a domain extension like .com or .fr. 2nd: You're already a member and you just forgot! If you've forgotten your password, you can recover it by clicking "Forgotten password?" in the header.

Ok, I've made the registration... and then?

To activate your account, you must validate your e-mail address. For that, you must click on the link inside the validation e-mail sent to you. By validating your e-mail address, you'll be redirected to Amilova and automatically logged.

Login and Password

How do I log in to my Amilova account?

Click on "LOGIN", top right :). A pop-up will appear, asking you to fill you email and your password. Once you've put these informations, you'll be logged in !

I can't remember my password!

Please check the first e-mail sent by us, there is all your login information inside. If you can't find this email, you can generate a new password by clicking "Forgotten password?" on the header.

I've made a mistake while choosing my nickname, I want to change it!

Sorry, this option is not available for the moment. But you can create a new account with your right nickname and a different email.

I've changed my e-mail address, can I use the new one on Amilova?

Sorry, it's not possible. But you can create a new account with a new nickname and your right email.

Ok, I've my new account with my good e-mail and nickname, can I take back my friend list and comments from the last account?

Not possible yet. Sorry ;-(

Use of Amilova

I'm an author and I've a comics to publish on Amilova, what I've to do ?

Thanks to submit your art on Amilova ! Please read this page explaining how to publish and then come on the board to show your art.

I'm receiving alerts for new pages, news comments, the newsletter... how can I manage that ?

It's easy, click here or go on your profile / notification and choose "Notifications options". All alerts are opt-in, click on each option that you don't want to be alerted anymore.

I've found a bug, what I'm supposed to do ?

Thanks to help us to improve the site ! You can explain your problem (with as much details as possible) on the board, click here to see the bug topics. If you're still lost, you can contact us on the email address written on the bottom of this page !

How can I deactivate my account?

Send a message to an admin and he will take care of it ;).

How to use the website ?

There are so many cool features on Amilova : to follow an author, to be notified on updates... The easiest way is to have a look on our tutorials available on this page.

How to sell my Ebooks?

In order to sell your eBooks on Amilova's store, you must be a validated author. Please check this page to know how to be an author. If you're an author, please check all the informations related to how to publish your eBook on this page. If you're a publishing company, please contact directly an admin by clicking here.

If after reading all this you still don’t have your answer, send a mail to

Frequently Asked Question

If you're lost, you'll find the first answers here.

If after reading this page, you still have question, you can contact us by email at these address :


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