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Yeroshka : comic cover

A humorous strip following the mishaps and mischiefs of accident-prone rascal Yeroshka and his family. Created by Andrei Snegirev

Helper :

Original Language : English

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Humor

Type : Comics
(read from left to right)

39 Comments on the pages of Yeroshka

Marina Marina 15Mar ch1 p12 I'm really enjoying! More pages, please :)
Sakurazu Sakurazu 14Feb ch1 p10 lol stupid cats :)
McLeod McLeod 13Feb ch1 p9 very cute kid :)
fikiri fikiri 1Feb ch1 p2 So cute and funny :)

39 comments in other languages.

Death-carioca Death-carioca 18Apr ch1 p11 Muy mono.
Death-carioca Death-carioca 18Apr ch1 p9 xD
Death-carioca Death-carioca 18Apr ch1 p5 Ja,ja, este es bueno.
Death-carioca Death-carioca 18Apr ch1 p4 Nuevamente, pobre gato.
Death-carioca Death-carioca 18Apr ch1 p3 XD
Death-carioca Death-carioca 18Apr ch1 p1 O.o pobre gato...
Papillon Araignée Papillon Araignée 13Jan ch1 p11 je n'avais pas remarque l'ecriture hihihiii
Papillon Araignée Papillon Araignée 13Jan ch1 p5 lol, il a de la barbe
Papillon Araignée Papillon Araignée 13Jan ch1 p2 mdrr, la vanne est super
Papillon Araignée Papillon Araignée 13Jan ch1 p1 hihiiii, va t'il boire?
SandyAcc SandyAcc 4Feb ch1 p12 cuando la continuas?:D
ComicCom ComicCom 13Dec ch1 p10 Jaja
ComicCom ComicCom 13Dec ch1 p5 Todo para eso?
ComicCom ComicCom 13Dec ch1 p3 jaja
ComicCom ComicCom 13Dec ch1 p1 Jaja

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