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DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku

DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku : manga cover

This is a non official-non DBM cannon copy-paste fancomic based in the Universes 3 and 9 of Dragon Ball Multiverse: what would have happened if Goku never went to Earth?

In Universe 3 Bardock organized a saiyan rebelion, overthrowing the frost demons. And Kakarotto wasn´t send to Earth (though he lived to adulthood in the Saiyan Empire). This events are described in the chapters written by Salagir and drawn by Faye.

In Universe 9, as seen in the first pages of this copy-paste comics. Kakarotto is shot down by Coola.

That´s why in both U3 and U9 (and U1 and U10 also we´ll see someday) there was an Earth without Goku, and so events there were idencial, for a time, in both Universes

Cartoonist :

Original Language : Español

Updated on : Tuesday, Saturday

Genre : Action

Type : manga - Saga
(read from left to right)

6092 Comments on the pages of DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku

alain57 alain57 12h37 ch22 p24 why is kiwi saving napa ? what is the sense of keeping a no leg one arm fighter that will for sure die with all the blood he los (...)
Rafael955 Rafael955 22Nov ch22 p23 Brutal
Yienzu Yienzu 21Nov ch22 p23 Damn Krillin. The power of the Kienzan fully realized. If only it hadn't always missed in canon!
John Boredonquixote John Boredonquixote 21Nov ch22 p23 ... whoa, I can't believe I would ever say this, Krillin is...epic (Do excuse me, I go to throw up now)
Ultimate-Perfection Ultimate-Perfection 21Nov ch22 p23 Absolutely brutal... Krillin is definitely upset about Nappa killing Master Roshi, and rightfully so. He can no longer be brought (...)
Professor Cerginho Professor Cerginho 20Nov ch22 p22 JUSTICE!!
This....IS MY BOOMSTICK This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 19Nov ch22 p24 Really looking forward to the kaioken!
Cell3 Cell3 18Nov ch22 p22 Krillin is cruel here. Poor Nappa. 6500 units... With the kaïoken all at once, they can kill Kiwi easily.
tufyobofyu tufyobofyu 18Nov ch22 p22 It's Amazing post really Its a great pleasure reading your post.Its full of information I am looking for and I love to post a comm (...)
Jason Phoenix Jason Phoenix 17Nov ch22 p22 Hmm, I'm not sure wanting him to suffer is worth the risk. He could possibly still cause damage, and although I don't think Nappa (...)
Atan Atan 17Nov ch22 p22 And the legs too. Krilin is brutal! and we like him!
Forofgold Forofgold 17Nov ch22 p19 Era para una tertulia con HECTOR4 o algo asi.
Chewys Chewys 17Nov ch22 p19 No tengo twitter Forof! Por qué?
alain57 alain57 17Nov ch22 p22 BEST FAN FIC EVER ! Krillin's most dangerous attack is finally doing something amazing ;) Héhé poor napa, without vegeta tellin (...)
MicSre MicSre 14Nov ch22 p21 To be honest, warriors in U18 are very humiliated. Dispropotion of strength was huge. Here fight was equal on the beginning. Perha (...)

6092 comments in other languages.

ChamanCaido ChamanCaido 12h25 ch22 p24 No sé con que fin lo salvó, pero aún tiene su cola, si sobrevive hasta la salida de la luna llena, podrían tener problemas. Aunqu (...)
Seka Seka 11h42 ch22 p24 No, si aún se escapará de esta, el tronco...:)
Pascha Pascha 10h34 ch22 p24 J'ai toujours détesté ce Kiwi. J'avais adoré quand Végéta lui avait réglé son compte sur Namek dans l'histoire originel.
hidrospectre hidrospectre yest. ch22 p23 estuvo buena la idea pero yo esperaba una venganza de tenshinhan dandole una paliza a nappa, y cuando lanzara un ataque de energia (...)
Setne Setne yest. ch16 p22 Y nunca lo corrigió xd
alexelmejor alexelmejor yest. ch22 p23 jajaj seria genial pero no creo que pase... deja algo pa los demas krlin
Seka Seka yest. ch22 p23 podía estar destinado a Kiwi...
cesar-kun cesar-kun yest. ch22 p23 ahhhh yo sabia que ibas a hacer la referencia de goku!!!!! demasiado genial!!
TotalmentoTulio TotalmentoTulio 22Nov ch22 p23 Krillin es viejo porque a diferencia de Tenshinhan, que es un híbrido de un humano y un triclope, envejece más lentamente, y Yamch (...)
TotalmentoTulio TotalmentoTulio 22Nov ch22 p23 Krillin sin piedad, eso fue genial, ¡ahora vemos que los Z Guerreros no están bromeando! Nappa está completamente destruido (...)
alexelmejor alexelmejor 22Nov ch22 p23 es probable que justo napa dispare, desintegre el kiensan y mate a yamsha x inutil jajaj, na mentira pobre yamcha. Ablando ens (...)
alexelmejor alexelmejor 22Nov ch22 p23 Si todo lo que quieras, pero no gano . Ese futuro es totalmente injusto para el personaje, en espesial despues de la brutal actuac (...)
saydo saydo 22Nov ch22 p23 Estoy deseando que sea martes para ver el efecto de ese último kienzan.
Vengadortoxico Vengadortoxico 22Nov ch22 p23 No me parece ridiculo el maestro Krillin, si comparas este Krillin con el del U18, el maestro Krillin soporto una pelea con Hildeg (...)
TheFreakyOtaku195 TheFreakyOtaku195 22Nov ch22 p23 Bravo! Esta muy bien Chewys!

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