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DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku

DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku : manga cover

This is a non official-non DBM cannon copy-paste fancomic based in the Universes 3 and 9 of Dragon Ball Multiverse: what would have happened if Goku never went to Earth?

In Universe 3 Bardock organized a saiyan rebelion, overthrowing the frost demons. And Kakarotto wasn´t send to Earth (though he lived to adulthood in the Saiyan Empire). This events are described in the chapters written by Salagir and drawn by Faye.

In Universe 9, as seen in the first pages of this copy-paste comics. Kakarotto is shot down by Coola.

That´s why in both U3 and U9 (and U1 and U10 also we´ll see someday) there was an Earth without Goku, and so events there were idencial, for a time, in both Universes

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Cartoonist :

Original Language : Español

Updated on : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Genre : Action

Type : manga - Saga
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10477 Comments on the pages of DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku

Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami yest. ch26 p22 Wouldn't Piccolo encounter the same issue kid Goku in the main continuity did? Ya know the Room's environment being too extrem (...)
Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami yest. ch26 p22 Kami couldn't die of old age if he has eternal youth, but that doesn't mean he couldn't die from being unable to handle the enviro (...)
Ouroboros Ouroboros yest. ch26 p23 Gero's blasting of again!!
Chewys Chewys yest. ch26 p23 He attacked him from the rear
anavah2003 anavah2003 yest. ch26 p23 Haarp, You Should Have Gone For The Head
kcheeb kcheeb yest. ch26 p23 Why didnt he punch geros head off
Ultimate-Perfection Ultimate-Perfection 27Nov ch26 p23 Nice one, Haarp! Now that Gero is seemingly out of the picture, maybe they can all find a way to escape, or possibly reason with t (...)
Chewys Chewys 27Nov ch26 p22 Well, that's because Milk, Tao and Blue of course! In the original story he followed Goku all the time but until 767 dared to make (...)
Ultimate-Perfection Ultimate-Perfection 27Nov ch26 p22 I think putting Piccolo in the Room of Spirit and Time might be a bad idea. That would make Piccolo age far much faster than norma (...)
Ultimate-Perfection Ultimate-Perfection 27Nov ch26 p22 Also, I really want to know why Dr. Gero decided to attack the Z-Fighters right now in Age 762 during the attack of the Saiyans, i (...)
Ultimate-Perfection Ultimate-Perfection 27Nov ch26 p22 This saga has been amazing! Whether it was the sudden appearance of Kiwi and ruining Vegeta's day, to Kiwi healing Vegeta and him (...)
luca1 luca1 26Nov ch26 p22 Doesn't the revived person appear exactly when it died? Like that time when Shenlong had to transport Kururin soul first from spac (...)
Slugger Slugger 25Nov ch26 p22 Piccolo's pot was inside the time room?
Yienzu Yienzu 25Nov ch26 p22 Snot nose ass! Serves him right for not listening to Kami in the first place! Loving this back and forth story it's such a r (...)
MightyB MightyB 25Nov ch26 p22 had a feeling haarp would go for gero if he was smart.Gero just killed his dad too.

10477 comments in other languages.

Chewys Chewys 15h14 ch26 p24 Alguno está ocupando...
asmelino asmelino 14h59 ch26 p24 pero esta ocupando el kaiokenx5
Chewys Chewys 14h49 ch26 p24 Sep, lo estaba usando
Setne Setne 13h55 ch26 p24 Rayos! Me parece que no habia usado el kaioken asi que debería poder derrotar a blue pero aun asi no sera una pelea fácil
Vengadortoxico Vengadortoxico yest. ch26 p23 Ahh, gracias por la respuesta. La nave está toda chiquita toda panzona y toda rota jaja
Chewys Chewys yest. ch26 p23 De atrás y desde abajo. La nave es como muy panzona. Igual debe haber esperado que fuera menos resistente
Vengadortoxico Vengadortoxico yest. ch26 p23 por eso. Que desde atrás no le pudo pegar en la cabeza?
Chewys Chewys yest. ch26 p23 Lo atacó desde atrás.
TotalmentoTulio TotalmentoTulio yest. ch26 p22 :D :D :D
TotalmentoTulio TotalmentoTulio yest. ch26 p23 :D :D :D
Timebreaker V Timebreaker V 27Nov ch26 p23 ¡Es hora de contraatacar! 27Nov ch26 p23 Es dolor que debes milk androide , buena patada krillin , despues de los golpes de haarp y los de tao pai pai me imagino que veget (...)
Vengadortoxico Vengadortoxico 27Nov ch26 p23 Pero por que Harp no le pego en la cabeza? Con la fuerza que tiene le pudo haber se la hubiera arrancado.
ChamanCaido ChamanCaido 27Nov ch26 p23 Mandó a Gero a volar.
Pascha Pascha 27Nov ch26 p23 Oh que c'est bon !

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