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DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku

DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku : manga cover

This is a non official-non DBM cannon copy-paste fancomic based in the Universes 3 and 9 of Dragon Ball Multiverse: what would have happened if Goku never went to Earth?

In Universe 3 Bardock organized a saiyan rebelion, overthrowing the frost demons. And Kakarotto wasn´t send to Earth (though he lived to adulthood in the Saiyan Empire). This events are described in the chapters written by Salagir and drawn by Faye.

In Universe 9, as seen in the first pages of this copy-paste comics. Kakarotto is shot down by Coola.

That´s why in both U3 and U9 (and U1 and U10 also we´ll see someday) there was an Earth without Goku, and so events there were idencial, for a time, in both Universes

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Scenarist :

Original Language : Español

Updated on : Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Genre : Action

Type : manga - Saga
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13092 Comments on the pages of DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku

Chewys Chewys 03h43 ch30 p21 You can support this free comic on Patreon, where you can support this story and find unpublished pages AND other stuff i can't up (...)
Rahvu Rahvu 00h20 ch30 p20 Well if Fangs the Vampire is still as weak as with Baba, this could be handled by Mr.Satan..
Gregoreo Gregoreo yest. ch30 p20 Or alternatively, how did possibly Piccolo convince these not evil demons to serve him?
Gregoreo Gregoreo yest. ch30 p18 What is his number? Are the numbers of others the same as in U9? Are you going to make another special about Androids? ;)
Zeromus Zeromus yest. ch30 p20 What a suprise ! Satan have just met opponent that he maybe can beat. Life is full of suprises.
Jason Phoenix Jason Phoenix yest. ch30 p20 As someone striving to be pure evil, it's natural that Piccolo channels that evil in all aspects of his life. But does that involv (...)
AnimeChicken AnimeChicken 9Aug ch30 p20 Does this mean Baba is in league with King Piccolo?
Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 9Aug ch30 p20 Mr Satan gets reunited with his long lost dead brother in panel 1 and all he has to say is "This place is a graveyard..."? How hea (...)
Gregoreo Gregoreo 9Aug ch30 p15 It's not true, quite the opposite
luca1 luca1 9Aug ch30 p20 Oh my - How delightfull - revenge for Kururin after all those years :D This is briliant Chewys :D Thank you for this gift in the (...)
Chewys Chewys 8Aug ch30 p20 You can support this free comic on Patreon, where you can support this story and find unpublished pages AND other stuff i can't (...)
Chewys Chewys 8Aug ch30 p19 You can support this free comic on Patreon, where you can support this story and find unpublished pages AND other stuff i can't up (...)
JoKar1007 JoKar1007 7Aug ch30 p19 I love that the only reason he can sense someone at the door is because of Satan and therefore think is a singular weakling seekin (...)
Rahvu Rahvu 7Aug ch30 p18 Don't have much, but gotta help what i can!
Konzraid Konzraid 6Aug ch30 p19 Oh boy he has no idea the kind of entertainment that has arrived.

13092 comments in other languages. 09h26 ch30 p21 Wow cuando hablamos hace un año exactamente en el momento en donde yo te sugería que uses a akkuman para la historia y me contesta (...) 09h22 ch30 p21 Oohhhhhh el gran akkuman en la escena , que entrada la ptm todavía no entiendo que hace ahí y por qué bajo del infierno solo para (...)
Chewys Chewys 03h43 ch30 p21 Para apoyar la continuidad de este comic gratuito pueden ir a Patreon, donde tienen varias páginas adelantadas y otras cosas que n (...)
ChamanCaido ChamanCaido yest. ch30 p20 Sería genial ver al demonio Shura q sale en uno de los episodios de relleno cuando Goku entrenaba para el segundo torneo y q tiene (...)
cooler23 cooler23 yest. ch30 p20 El cráneo que se ve en el primer panel¿Es del Rey Chapa?
TotalmentoTulio TotalmentoTulio yest. ch30 p20 ¿Quieres decir que los discípulos de Piccolo Daimaoh en el Universo 3 son los guerreros Monstruo de la abuela Uranai? ¿En serio? E (...)
Snake85 Snake85 yest. ch30 p20 En la primera viñeta me dejo pensando, que segun parece el destino del rey chapa fue perder la cabeza o podria ser la de pamputt : (...)
Timebreaker V Timebreaker V 9Aug ch30 p20 ¿Están los guerreros de Uranai del lado de Piccolo? 9Aug ch30 p20 Pero no sé supone que pertenece a el infierno? Si pertenece no veo por qué tenga que bajar de ahí para ser un guardia de Piccolo p (...)
Vengadortoxico Vengadortoxico 9Aug ch30 p20 mientras no bailen la macarena no hay problema jaja
waslin waslin 9Aug ch30 p20 oja que aparece todo los hotel transilvania. aparece todo los monstruos de hotel transilvania el vampiro, el lobo, la momia, el in (...)
cooler23 cooler23 9Aug ch30 p20 O vaya los sirvientes de Uranai baba ahora como sirvientes de Piccolo, supongo que es lo más parecido a demonios que encontró. Ést (...)
ChamanCaido ChamanCaido 9Aug ch30 p19 Yo creo q a lo q se refiere de haberlos matado, se debe la invasión vista, donde vimos a Raditz y Gerkin ser asesinados por Piccol (...)
MavericK76 MavericK76 9Aug ch30 p20 Bah oui!!! Ils appartiennent à la famille du mal!!!
Vengadortoxico Vengadortoxico 9Aug ch30 p20 Eso no me lo esperaba. Bueno el hombre invisible sería el más fácil de dibujar jejej. El único que me preocupa es devilman, cr (...)

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