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The Wastelands

The Wastelands : manga cover

A world abandoned by Gods and the people who try to find out why.

Cartoonist :

Original Language : English

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Fantasy - SF

Type : manga - Saga
(read from left to right)

55 Comments on the pages of The Wastelands

S.E.Th S.E.Th 2Dec ch1 p134 Interesting story, love it!
pollik3314 pollik3314 19May ch1 p16 where the hell did that arrow come from?
Bellatrice Bellatrice 3Nov ch1 p69 Ohoh the thick of The Sawn Princess. He is no longer clumsy.
Bellatrice Bellatrice 3Nov ch1 p68 Oh I said nothing, his mask is more beautiful. :S
Bellatrice Bellatrice 3Nov ch1 p67 Yeah, we want to see his face!
Bellatrice Bellatrice 3Nov ch1 p59 Or maybe, you are going insane...
Bellatrice Bellatrice 3Nov ch1 p56 It would be funny if the deer can talk.
Bellatrice Bellatrice 3Nov ch1 p51 "I think that I'm a deer and you are talking to yourself which is creepy. Stop now! Oh and I'm feeling bad because I give a bow to (...)
Bellatrice Bellatrice 3Nov ch1 p50 Perfect string? It's been left little time ago... It's suspect!
Bellatrice Bellatrice 21Sep ch1 p21 No-no, punished for stealing the moon. Your comics are good-looking. :)
Bellatrice Bellatrice 21Sep ch1 p16 He is comical again. :D
Bellatrice Bellatrice 21Sep ch1 p7 Are they owls?
Lux Aeterna Lux Aeterna 22Apr ch1 p73 I am found of your story, I add that you show a universe that is known but you revisited with your own style.
S.E.Th S.E.Th 4Aug ch1 p73 The story is so moving!
S.E.Th S.E.Th 25Jul ch1 p71 Interesting story! :)

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McLeod New Topic! 4Jan The Wastelands, webcomic looks cool I hope I'll read it soon !

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