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Ipodoboy : manga cover

Many years ago a giant disaster struck Earth, leaving mountains of rubble and debris. On one of those mountains lives the annoyed young man Ipodoboy in a small remote garbage shack. While waiting loyally for his friend to return, he has to deal with one serious problem; keeping his batteries of his music player charged with power, for it can have serious repercussions if he doesn’t...

Cartoonist :

Original Language : English

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Action

Type : manga
(read from left to right)

24 Comments on the pages of Ipodoboy

DRAGONBALLZ DRAGONBALLZ 6Jun ch1 p30 sad you don't continue here man
mbuma mbuma 31Mar ch1 p30 Very good begiining with original style and story! Waiting for more!
Sool Sool 10Mar ch1 p30 btw Mustayaki some artists are displaying their facebook page on the side bar of Amilova, I think it is possible to configure this (...)
Sool Sool 10Mar ch1 p30 I liked you FB page man ;). Very cool manga looking forwoard to read more pages :)
Super Mario Super Mario 9Mar ch1 p30 I really your comics man, there is a huge potential, can't wait to have the next pages. So you've my full support ;)
Super Mario Super Mario 9Mar ch1 p7 Just fantastic, we can feel all the power in this page ! love it :!:
Guts Guts 30Jan ch1 p29 cool marumara, what a cool name
Hitsugaya Hitsugaya 29Jan ch1 p29 Very cool I hope I can read waht's next soon
Hochu Hochu 28Jan ch1 p29 that's an awesome manga !
Mustayaki Mustayaki 22Jan ch1 p20 ^_^ np, I gues?...
Mustayaki Mustayaki 22Jan ch1 p26 Thank you! ^_^
Mustayaki Mustayaki 22Jan ch1 p24 Tthis ma,ga is absolutly awesome! I'm following... Thanks! :)
Ruleslemanga Ruleslemanga 19Jan ch1 p26 Your manga is really nice ! :D
SAMUS=ALLAN SAMUS=ALLAN 17Jan ch1 p24 Tthis ma,ga is absolutly awesome! I'm following...
TroyB TroyB 13Jan ch1 p20 Damn... Yoyo... thanks for reminding me it ever existed :).

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TroyB New Topic! 13Jan IPODOBOY ART You can check out my art and manga on: (...)

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