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Guild Adventure

Guild Adventure : manga cover

Guild adventure is an adventure comic based on videogames like monster hunter, in wich we will follow the story of a peculiar group of Monster Hunters trying to hunt the greatest prey.

The author of this comic is Alejandro Ricondo (KuKuruYo), artist, graphic designer and gamer Many of the covers and page colors have been made by shugo

Cartoonist :

Original Language : Español

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Action

Type : manga - Saga
(read from left to right)

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Ebooks Guild Adventure available from 0.59
Guild Adventure chapter 1 : Volume 1
Volume 1
Guild Adventure chapter 1

Format : PDF
Pages : 20
Weight : 17.1MB
Price : 0.59€

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5206 Comments on the pages of Guild Adventure

Guildadventure Guildadventure 25Oct ch19 p2 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT GUILD ADVENTURE. Guild adventure has reached its final page in the Premium section. This is the la (...)
Bellatrice Bellatrice 23Oct ch19 p7 Although it doesn't happen often.
Guildadventure Guildadventure 18Oct ch19 p1 This will be the last chapter of Guild adventure. The story of the Monster hunters tournament will come to a closure, and i’ll hav (...)
Guildadventure Guildadventure 11Oct ch18 p19 Questions are here again, and they're probably the last, since the next chapter is the last one
Guildadventure Guildadventure 4Oct ch18 p18 Chibis are back
Guildadventure Guildadventure 27Sep ch18 p17 K’sara has so much pride that a Command Seal would have a hard time with her.
Guildadventure Guildadventure 20Sep ch18 p16 The sweetest lifesaving
Guildadventure Guildadventure 13Sep ch18 p15 Support me on patreon ofr an advanced page and mature content
Ouroboros Ouroboros 6Sep ch18 p14 probably just higher in levels.
Guildadventure Guildadventure 6Sep ch18 p14 Maybe she's immortal. Who knows. Let's ask Who.
Guildadventure Guildadventure 30Aug ch18 p13 Rakunda is not a match for Belafor
Guildadventure Guildadventure 23Aug ch18 p12 Not my best day
Guildadventure Guildadventure 16Aug ch18 p11 This is based in something that happens in reality known as Dust explosion, when you apply electricity to a high concentration of (...)
Guildadventure Guildadventure 13Aug ch18 p10 More in her feet
Ailiosh Ailiosh 12Aug ch18 p10 In your face XD

5206 comments in other languages.

EliG EliG 7Jan ch4 p21 La chute était parfaite XD
Guildadventure Guildadventure 8Apr ch18 p19 Ciertamente. Lo empece por acompañar al fanzine de Tamago duro, y se convirtió en comic principal :P
Death-carioca Death-carioca 7Apr ch19 p1 Por un momento pensaba que nuestro prota se había convertido en una fémina.
Death-carioca Death-carioca 7Apr ch18 p19 Quién iba a pensar que Monster Girls superaría a Guild Adventure, ¿eh?
Death-carioca Death-carioca 7Apr ch18 p18 Imagino que el conejito habría hecho algo mucho peor que lo que vimos.
Death-carioca Death-carioca 7Apr ch18 p15 "Contenido adulto" Classic kukuruyo
Death-carioca Death-carioca 7Apr ch18 p14 Esa es la pregunta que se hace a todo malo duro de pelar en un anime. Y en certeza la mayoría parecen inmortales, con su regene (...)
Death-carioca Death-carioca 7Apr ch18 p10 ¡Exodia, te elijo a tí!
Guildadventure Guildadventure 22Jan ch19 p2 Tengo varios comics más, el principal ahora es Monster girls on tour, que es en el mismo mundo y se repiten algunos personajes htt (...)
Anfel Anfel 22Jan ch19 p2 Por otro lado he de aclarar que no esperaba otro shonen mas, solo queria dar a entender que la histpria no sabia definirse bien, e (...)
Anfel Anfel 22Jan ch19 p2 Vale muhas gracias por la aclaracion, no sabia de esta info, disculpa mi ignorancia tienes otros trabajos hechos o iniciados?
Khordel Khordel 12Jan ch16 p13 Oh? Ils auraient un rapport avec Asgard, sans qu'elles le sachent? Intéressant...
Khordel Khordel 12Jan ch16 p12 Ouais, ce serait bête de perdre un corps qui peut donner des infos. Et aussi l'armure, tant qu'on y est ;) ;) :D :D
Khordel Khordel 12Jan ch16 p11 ... Bon, ben au moins le fait que sa symbiose est incomplète a travailler en sa faveur, là ;) ;) :D :D ... Pauvre petite (...)
Khordel Khordel 12Jan ch16 p8 ... Je suis pas sûr qu'elle réussisse, ce coup-ci... Mais bon, on ne sait rien tant qu'on n'a pas vu ;) ;) :D :D "Quelque (...)

Message board : topics about Guild Adventure

Guildadventure New Topic! 25Mar Guild adventure Monster design contest The contest ended, here are the participants and winners. I'll skip the descriptions, since they are all in spanish mind stalker (...)
TroyB New Topic! 29Jun Looking for translator to french for Guild adventure Oh I did not know the french publication stopped. Have you posted this on the french forum ? Troy
Guildadventure New Topic! 6Dec Guild Adventure Anniversary + contest It’s been a year since we published the first chapter of Guild Adventure in the Getxo Comic Convention and we started to upload it (...)
Guildadventure New Topic! 31May All comics - Guild Adventure - Guild Adventure Song We are going to have a video interview soon too xD
TroyB New Topic! 2Jan Guild adventure ilustrations Thanks Kukuruyo and Shugo ;). You're making a great manga, I hope you'll manage to publish more and more great pages ;). And I als (...)
Guildadventure New Topic! 28Dec Guild Adventure Hi, we are glad to present this comic we have been working this months. The name's Guild Adventure ( (...)

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