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Lapin et Tortue

Lapin et Tortue : comic cover

Follow the funny misadventures of Rabbit and Turtle in Cuculand!

Cartoonist :

Helper :

Original Language : Français

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Humor

Type : Comics
(read from left to right)

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Ebooks Lapin et Tortue available from 2
Lapin et Tortue Ebook 1 : Cuculand Monster Stories : Volume 1
Volume 1
Lapin et Tortue Ebook 1 : Cuculand Monster Stories

Format : PDF
Pages : 26
Weight : 29.3MB
Price : 2€

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1371 Comments on the pages of Lapin et Tortue

EmoTrash EmoTrash 25Nov ch26 p3 This is sooooooooo cute and funny!!!!!:D
ShibaYoshi ShibaYoshi 9Oct ch29 p1 :D but the girl is beautiful, why you not want the girl rabbit???
Ibi Ibi 27Sep ch6 p1 love this book!!! :D please reply if you know if i can buy it in book stores!!! Glad you enjoy it ! Unfortunately, it's not avai (...)
mint mint 27Sep ch7 p1 best comic ever i'v said it before but i just love it!!!!! :D :D :D
mint mint 27Sep ch6 p1 love this book!!! :D please reply if you know if i can buy it in book stores!!!
mint mint 27Sep ch1 p1 this is my favoret comic ever im in love with it.... just love it. is it for sale at book stores?
Crucifax Crucifax 5Jun ch17 p1 LOL XDXD
Ibi Ibi 25May ch11 p1 I don't know about every mummy, but this one sure is ! :D
kirma kirma 25May ch16 p1 how did the rappit get all of those weapons
kirma kirma 25May ch11 p2 some how i get a bad feeling in this
kirma kirma 25May ch11 p1 wow i didnt know that mummys are rude
Ibi Ibi 25May ch5 p2 Glad you enjoyed it.
kirma kirma 25May ch5 p2 thats really funny i never laugh so much great work
TroyB TroyB 22Mar ch14 p2 Very cool english version :). I have the feeling there's a lot of new pages in english... right :) ?
Ibi Ibi 19Feb ch18 p4 Good for you ! :D

1371 comments in other languages.

Etoile Sombre Etoile Sombre 17Feb ch3 p3 Ma carotte tombée du ciel. :D
chitsuko chitsuko 23Dec ch35 p2 C'est fini... :( :(
Mr Satan Mr Satan 17Jun ch35 p2 C'est prévu pour quand, le retour de la Carotte et de la Salade ?
bellerio bellerio 17Jan ch24 p1 :D
bellerio bellerio 16Jan ch19 p1 oui sais vrais p.s ton avatard me fais panser a Graou :)
bellerio bellerio 16Jan ch17 p1 WOW sais bow ;)
bellerio bellerio 16Jan ch13 p1 Youhou le film passe au ciner ? x)
bellerio bellerio 16Jan ch11 p1 dommage sais de la confiture de tout en commont grognon x):D sa a du pas avoir un bon gout
bellerio bellerio 16Jan ch10 p1 x) miam de la confiture de carottes j ai faim mais un lapin au carottes ( oui je recommence sur la boufe x) regarder les coms de l (...)
bellerio bellerio 16Jan ch9 p2 et un lapin a L eau et une soupe de tortu avec des oreilles de lapin miam :3
bellerio bellerio 16Jan ch8 p2 oui sais vrai
bellerio bellerio 16Jan ch7 p2 x) mais sais une super bd sais desider l auteur je m abo est + 1 abo ( coucou gaelle sais moi carole )
bellerio bellerio 16Jan ch5 p2 x) jadors
bellerio bellerio 16Jan ch3 p3 moi aussi x):D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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