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VACANT : comic cover

VACANT is a science fiction web comic following Commander Hayze, an agent of "The Eye" a powerful alien government/ corporate agency. Sent on a seemingly simple rescue mission, Hayze stumbles upon a possible explanation for the near extermination of the human race that had taken place over 100 years prior.

His only lead is a virus and, along with his crew, Hayze tries to find the cure.

Updates once a month.
Home page here:

Cartoonist :

Translator : , , and

Original Language : English

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Fantasy - SF

Type : Comics
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428 Comments on the pages of VACANT

ImagineTheEnding ImagineTheEnding 24Sep ch6 p16 You guys are such harsh critics! Come on. Give me a break here! xD! Hahahaha.
ImagineTheEnding ImagineTheEnding 24Sep ch6 p19 And I don't mean that sarcastically. I really do mean it.
ImagineTheEnding ImagineTheEnding 24Sep ch6 p19 I'm glad you noticed!
ImagineTheEnding ImagineTheEnding 24Sep ch6 p16 The guy sitting on the bench stopped time. That was just really really really hard to panel.
Honkone Honkone 15Sep ch6 p19 I love the reference to Francis De Claire!
Honkone Honkone 13Sep ch3 p6 Julia Roberts! Bring back the 90s :-)
gobes gobes 7Sep ch6 p16 I don't understand this page. Why is there a color difference on the walls ? and why Hayze want to take his gun ?
ImagineTheEnding ImagineTheEnding 5Jul ch6 p13 It's true! He really is.
gobes gobes 4Jul ch6 p13 Scary ? I'm sure Hayze is just a big sugar plush.
ImagineTheEnding ImagineTheEnding 3Jul ch6 p13 Thanks! I know. Isn't it scary?
TroyB TroyB 1Jul ch6 p13 Commander Hayze is pissed off ;). Nice page, as always ;)
ImagineTheEnding ImagineTheEnding 27Jun ch6 p12 Thanks! Glad to be back!
TroyB TroyB 24Jun ch6 p12 It had been a long time without getting new pages, that's exciting thanks for the update ;)
ImagineTheEnding ImagineTheEnding 8Apr ch6 p1 VACANT is back guys! Updates every Tuesday now!
ImagineTheEnding ImagineTheEnding 18Jan ch5 p17 Thanks, Gobes!

428 comments in other languages.

Furedo Furedo 15Aug ch6 p26 Rha, c'est déjà fini T___T !
Furedo Furedo 15Aug ch6 p24 Sympa le mouvement dans le découpage!!!
Furedo Furedo 15Aug ch6 p22 Oh la vilaine!
Furedo Furedo 15Aug ch6 p17 Ow! J'ai pas saisi là !
Furedo Furedo 14Aug ch6 p1 Ca se laisse vraiment bien lire! Nice job ^^!
Furedo Furedo 14Aug ch4 p2 Babel worm ^^!
Furedo Furedo 14Aug ch3 p19 Ha, on reconnait les gants!
Furedo Furedo 14Aug ch3 p11 J'ai du mal à lire le prénom du petit à lunettes, CLOUS?
Furedo Furedo 14Aug ch3 p10 A l'inverse c'est lui que je trouve insupportable :)! Elle, elle fait des efforts!
Furedo Furedo 11Aug ch2 p16 Wow, ça calme...!
Furedo Furedo 11Aug ch2 p1 Ben dis-donc il est aimable Haize!
Furedo Furedo 11Aug ch1 p11 Carrément ^^!
Marie-j 3 Marie-j 3 17Mar ch2 p16 Comprend pas
Marie-j 3 Marie-j 3 17Mar ch1 p16 J'comprend pas pourquoi la petite cours...
gobes gobes 7Sep ch6 p16 J'avoue ne pas comprendre cette planche. C'est quoi, cette différence de couleur sur les murs de la cellule ? et pourquoi Hayze fa (...)

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