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Between Worlds

Between Worlds : comic cover

Lynx, a knight of the kingdom and empire of Minoka. once proud and arrogant finds herself at the mercy of her senile ruler. A story of a former life lost and new love found.

Hello! I'm Anna and Between Worlds is my baby... I mean... comic ^_^; I'm happy to join the site and I hope you enjoy my comic!

Cartoonist :

Original Language : English

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Thriller

Type : Comics
(read from left to right)

10 Comments on the pages of Between Worlds

blackwidow blackwidow 25Feb ch1 p1 i love this book
blackwidow blackwidow 25Feb ch1 p1 could you please
blackwidow blackwidow 25Feb ch1 p1 would you?i would like that.
SAMUS=ALLAN SAMUS=ALLAN 28Mar ch1 p1 I could help with the French translation :)
TroyB TroyB 25Mar ch1 p4 Great illustration, a lot of style !
johandark johandark 23Mar ch1 p1 If you upload pages without text I could translate it in spanish. ;) There are a lot of spanish readers that could love your work! (...)
Marina Marina 23Mar ch1 p19 I've just discovered the comic and I'm smitten by the quality
Marina Marina 23Mar ch1 p3 it's a beautiful beautiful drawing

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