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Lucky : manga cover

She is a little girl with the wonderful gift of finding fourleaf clovers in every meadow. But somehow this always leads to trouble...

This is a little manga I made for Aniventure's Manga Contest for 2011.
It is my first serious try at manga. And still, you can see, it's not completely canonical. I'm really not fond of how they make shading in manga, so I avoided that. The "shaggyness" of the line is intentional, I wanted to give it an earthy, summer look.
The story is inspired by a friend of mine, but she's definitely not a prototype of the character

Cartoonist :

Original Language : Български

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Romance

Type : manga
(read from right to left)

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16 Comments on the pages of Lucky

cutecharu1991 cutecharu1991 6Dec ch1 p1 There is definitely no software program, instrument, or hack available that may get you free Robux. Envision if you develop an ext (...)
yata_luver yata_luver 26Mar ch1 p9 :) :)
gilhitomi gilhitomi 11Dec ch1 p1 que kawaiii:)
FullMetal_Pipsqueak FullMetal_Pipsqueak 10Oct ch1 p9 What happens next!?!?!?!? This is really cute...please continue to draw and write this beautiful manga! ^W^

16 comments in other languages.

Miss_Call Miss_Call 3May ch1 p11 Et on donne une étoile au garçon qui voulait juste aider depuis le début :) Pauvre chou
Nin' Nin' 11Oct ch1 p11 Rhaalala, c'est pourtant simple: ce n'est pas parce que tu trouves un trèfles à 4 feuilles que tu vas avoir de la chance, mais c'e (...)
chachy chachy 26Apr ch1 p11 :(
Jujuju Jujuju 31Mar ch1 p3 j'espere que tous ca porte chance...
Jujuju Jujuju 31Mar ch1 p1 magnifique
SandyAcc SandyAcc 5Feb ch1 p8 cuando la continuas? ta chida:)
CrashBoomBang CrashBoomBang 20Jul ch1 p3 Ici en fait :p Ah, interessant! Link?
Byabya~~♥ Byabya~~♥ 16Jul ch1 p3 Ici en fait :p
CrashBoomBang CrashBoomBang 15Jul ch1 p3 Ah mais j'avais déjà lu cette BD sur les trèfles à 4 feuilles ^^ Ou ca?
Byabya~~♥ Byabya~~♥ 12Jul ch1 p3 Ah mais j'avais déjà lu cette BD sur les trèfles à 4 feuilles ^^
Byabya~~♥ Byabya~~♥ 12Jul ch1 p2 C'est sûrement voulu mais je pense qu'un encrage aurait été meilleur :s
Byabya~~♥ Byabya~~♥ 12Jul ch1 p1 Très beau crayonné, attendons de voir ce qui va suivre ♥

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