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SPREE★KILLER : manga cover

Who the hell needs dying!

Those who have committed crimes in this world shall move on to Gehenna in the next. And there, in the nether depths of Hell the band SPREE★KILLER, all dressed in black, indulge in fame and unrivalled popularity, having won the favour of the King of Hell himself, Mephisto!

But the time has come for young guitarist Alex to lead the band back from the abyss, up towards the surface, towards Chaos! They rise in revenge against the abhorrent world which has rejected its own self!

And now the maddening melodies of the sorrowful revenants echo throughout!

Cartoonist :

Translator : , and

Helper :

Original Language : 日本語

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Action

Type : manga
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318 Comments on the pages of SPREE★KILLER

Zubaida Zubaida 3Mar ch1 p7 :) ;)
Zubaida Zubaida 3Mar ch1 p7 Hi ! I want take the Permission for translate this manga to other languages..
Throneofsouls Throneofsouls 22Oct ch1 p4 Well,one of the rules in the entertainment business is know your audience...which while in hell means no singing sappy love songs (...)
Throneofsouls Throneofsouls 22Oct ch1 p1 I give this cover a ten plus. It's flawless.
lalata lalata 29Jul ch2 p24 I love this manga!!!! I'm desperate for more.... MOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!! MOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!! PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE..... (...)
lalata lalata 24Jul ch2 p24 This manga is so hardcore!!! I love. I NEED MORE!!!!!
~( O//.//O~( Manga girl ~( O//.//O~( Manga girl 12May ch1 p1 T~T they need to come out with the next chapter this waiting is killing me T~T :(
evancene evancene 30Sep ch2 p24 ma gosh more ouo
evancene evancene 27Sep ch1 p21 thats a shock
evancene evancene 26Sep ch1 p1 o0o...:)
Lil\'munchkin Fonville Lil\'munchkin Fonville 7Jul ch1 p7 its awesome :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
ocnarf16 ocnarf16 4Jun ch2 p24 I love this manga!es weno que estara asiendo 666 a hora
BlackReaper Illisionist BlackReaper Illisionist 17May ch2 p24 MORE! MORE DAMMIT!!!!
flamelover55 flamelover55 12May ch2 p24 i love this its so awesome i want more!!!! :)
VelveteenRabbit VelveteenRabbit 3May ch1 p1 WHOLE THING WAS EPIC !!! ;)

318 comments in other languages.

cooler23 cooler23 28Jul ch1 p15 estuvo genial la presentacion
cooler23 cooler23 28Jul ch1 p11 la cancion esta bastante buena
cooler23 cooler23 28Jul ch1 p9 vaya, el diseño esta increile, en cuanto a dibujo esta obra tiene un gran nivel
cooler23 cooler23 28Jul ch1 p6 esa sonrosa macabra, me encant. creo que van a sentir el verdadero terror
cooler23 cooler23 28Jul ch1 p5 el arte esta genial, y la historia parece estar muy interesante
Sekiei Sekiei 16May ch2 p21 Ahhhh, pauvre masque....J'espère qu'il en a de rechange...
Sekiei Sekiei 16May ch2 p14 C'est ça quand on ne sait pas conduire ^^
Sekiei Sekiei 16May ch2 p8 Alex = petit démon (≧∇≦)/
AiyaAraki AiyaAraki 17Feb ch1 p15 Si t'aime pas............ Shut..................... Fais un grand silence, merci. Spree killer XD
Lelei Lelei 15Jan ch2 p24 Le mec aux cheveux roux on dirait une fille XD! C'est quand même top. Je meure d'envie de voir la suite
Milo Merty Milo Merty 15May ch2 p8 zarb *_*
Milo Merty Milo Merty 15May ch2 p6 hoooooooooooo :)
Milo Merty Milo Merty 15May ch2 p4 bien vri
Milo Merty Milo Merty 15May ch1 p24 j'adore déjà hâte de lire la suite
Milo Merty Milo Merty 15May ch1 p23 ;) ;) ;)

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TroyB New Topic! 28Oct SPREE★KILLER nakiringo Very cool presentation ★ ★... and excellent manga ★ ★ ★ here's the start btw :) (...)

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