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Full Moon

Full Moon : manga cover

Chris Wade is a police officer from Boston. One day, on his way home, he hears the cries of a woman who is being assaulted, so he tries to save her. He is then attacked by a mysterious and ferocious creature.

Bloodwolf is the designer and writer of Full moon. It's a comic on which he has been working for years, continually improving. For the first time he offers it to the readers on amilova. Stef84 assists, ink it up the pages and frames. Nessa is the colorist of the chapter pages except the cover, made ​​by Bk-81. We also thank the translators and kinkgirl, our french corrector .

Cartoonist : and

Translator : , and

Colorist :

Helper : and

Original Language : Français

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Thriller

Type : manga
(read from left to right)

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Chapter 1 : Volume 1
Volume 1
Chapter 1

Format : PDF
Pages : 32
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24315 Comments on the pages of Full Moon

Blood Wolf Blood Wolf 31Jan ch7 p4 Yeah, translator cannot finish to translate, i must find one asap. I'm really sorry for this.
lain lain 31Jan ch7 p4 Ahh some of the word bubbles in english do not have anything its blank has been like that for 3 pages
Blood Wolf Blood Wolf 8Sep ch4 p1 TNX, i will continue for a long time and until the end of the story ^^ i must find translators ^^'
Blood Wolf Blood Wolf 8Sep ch3 p28 full moon is a " seinen " ^^
Blood Wolf Blood Wolf 8Sep ch3 p23 fenris, toujours lol
Blood Wolf Blood Wolf 8Sep ch3 p10 TNX ! i'm really pleased that you like full moon :)
christian thailande christian thailande 8Sep ch4 p1 keep going author! well done! we enjoy it.
christian thailande christian thailande 8Sep ch3 p28 I who believed that comic strips were for the children!!! as can be wrong anyway! Magnificent drawings! We would imagine there!
christian thailande christian thailande 8Sep ch3 p23 elle a du répondant, c'est sûr!
christian thailande christian thailande 8Sep ch3 p10 I wish to read comics to improve my English so, thank you to the 'full moon' author. this plain English suits me perfectly! Also, (...)
Blood Wolf Blood Wolf 19Feb ch2 p6 yeah ^^
White Wolf White Wolf 19Feb ch2 p6 *howls*
Blood Wolf Blood Wolf 25Jan ch4 p36 TNX! ASAP^^
Blood Wolf Blood Wolf 25Jan ch4 p36 ;) ;)
strege strege 25Jan ch4 p36 Haresva mi:)

24315 comments in other languages.

Blood Wolf Blood Wolf 25Mar ch26 p40 c'est pour mieux te voir, mon enfant XD
Break Soul Break Soul 25Mar ch26 p40 Oh mon Dieu, ce gros plan!
Blood Wolf Blood Wolf 22Mar ch26 p40 oui c'est bien ça lol
Blood Wolf Blood Wolf 22Mar ch26 p40 sa puissance est liée à la mortalité en général, donc oui, elle est gonflée à bloc, comme tu dis XD
Ghost Nappa Ghost Nappa 22Mar ch26 p40 C'est le mode de fonctionnement normal d'un vampire, d'absorber l'énergie vitale des humains, usuellement sous forme de sang. (C'e (...)
dentdesabre88 dentdesabre88 22Mar ch26 p40 o_o elle consome les ames des vivan t pour devenir plus forte ou quoi ?
Blood Wolf Blood Wolf 22Mar ch26 p40 on peut dire que tu brûles lol
Gildor Gildor 22Mar ch26 p40 Après un défi pareil, ça va chauffer ! (le concours de la vanne la plus nulle est ouvert)
Blood Wolf Blood Wolf 21Mar ch26 p40 oh que oui lol
conan6 conan6 21Mar ch26 p40 Putain on peut dire qu'elle jette un froid
Blood Wolf Blood Wolf 21Mar ch26 p40 ou plus simplement le monde entier lol
Blood Wolf Blood Wolf 21Mar ch26 p40 oui et de manière instantanée lol
sebynosaure sebynosaure 21Mar ch26 p40 Donc, Mort a le pouvoir de tout geler.
Koragg Koragg 21Mar ch26 p40 En d'autres termes, ça veut dire : Kallira ! YOU WILL REST IN PEACE !!!
Blood Wolf Blood Wolf 20Mar ch26 p39 peace lol

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TroyB New Topic! 5Sep All comics - Full Moon - Full moon in english Thanks for the help, it's great :) !!! I'm very happy to read more and more comics in english there, I hope the english speaking c (...)

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