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Comics and mangas with original language: English

No Pink Ponies

Humor by Eisu

Rank: 15, Points: 203

Updated: 23May Pages: 147

Can a girl go to extreme measures to get close to the guy she likes? Jess is just such a girl, opening up a comic shop and...


Hot Dog

Fantasy - SF by yk84

Rank: 94, Points: 114

Updated: 4Apr Pages: 40

A humorous cyberpunk romp revolving around a futuristic motocross/dog race set in a dystopian world. The offbeat art and story...


Fuck You!

Thriller by Akeema

Rank: 51, Points: 138

Finished comics Pages: 9

A short, blunt anti-love story.


Dhalmun: Age of Smoke

Action by Biram Ba

Rank: 103, Points: 111

Updated: 28Aug Pages: 85

Since the so called "superheroes" appeared, a lot has changed. There are no vigilantes. Just the military. The police. The...



Action by Mustayaki

Rank: 188, Points: 91

Updated: 28Jan Pages: 30

Many years ago a giant disaster struck Earth, leaving mountains of rubble and debris. On one of those mountains lives the...


Demon Fist

Action by RoryFeatherwind

Rank: 195, Points: 88

Updated: 13Feb Pages: 70

In world where demons and angels live among humans and a tyrannical world government controls the people through their faith...


The God and the Player

Humor by lauramma

Rank: 296, Points: 66

Updated: 11Sep Pages: 47

FINISHED!! 42 pages long and 2 bonus sketch!
A game of baseball full of cheats and madness!


Dhalmun: Mythology

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 274, Points: 69

Updated: 26Jun Pages: 4

The most popular belief system in the world of Dhalmun.



Action by Saikono

Rank: 89, Points: 117

Updated: 14Mar Pages: 23

Excellent manga full of adventures set in medieval times!


Invincible (We Don't...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 141, Points: 100

Updated: 11Jan Pages: 58

Outlaw and wanted criminal Vincent Silvera awakens to find himself in Limbo. His life has just been cut short, but by whom? He...


A Redtail's Dream

Fantasy - SF by minnasundberg

Rank: 17, Points: 201

Updated: 4Sep Pages: 186

The tale of a young man and his dog on a journey in an artificially created dream existence. As the only ones aware of their...


In Logos Creo

Fantasy - SF by Elias Dessineux, Disgression

Rank: 19, Points: 192

Finished comics Pages: 16

Order and Chaos are two sides of the same coin. One builds, the other reduces to naught.
Our World isn't made out of only one...



Action by eremine

Rank: 45, Points: 141

Updated: 9Jul Pages: 46

A high fantasy adventure that pokes gentle fun at RPG games and Dungeons & Dragons in particular.




Rank: 74, Points: 124

Updated: 10Oct Pages: 11

This is a story of two legendary heroes who changed the destiny of the humankind in a dragon world.


Hunter´s Moon

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 85, Points: 118

Updated: 11Mar Pages: 109

The shadows of the world hold beings that defy human reason. For millennia they have stayed away, living on the edge of our...


Tales of the Winterborn

Fantasy - SF by Tad

Rank: 207, Points: 83

Updated: 9Dec Pages: 361

In a world where manipulation has become common currency, is anyone truly in control of their own fate? Welcome to the...



Thriller by Mart

Rank: 39, Points: 146

Finished comics Pages: 160

A story about 3 people struggling to save their souls in a world created by Death her self!

Every 5 years Death gives a...


Gangsta and Paradise

Action by nilanandita

Rank: 16, Points: 202

Updated: 16Sep Pages: 108

Welcome to the age of vice, Kali Yuga.
The age when human civilization has been brainwashed into the depraved lifestyle of the...


Chocolate with Pepper

Humor by chikita

Rank: 55, Points: 137

Updated: 23Nov Pages: 246

Chocolate with Pepper

Part 1: The story takes place in the 1920s in a lovely small town called Ventura, in Brazil....



Action by neostar8710

Rank: 238, Points: 76

Updated: 15Jun Pages: 76

An evil wizard turned Charles' whole town into a kitchen (that's right). Cursed with the body of a SPOON, he has embarked on a...




Rank: 63, Points: 133

Updated: 2Feb Pages: 92

A normal working day turns into an endless nightmare for Gabriele and Arnaldo, hunted down by a zombie horde and a mysterious...


SMS, Lies and Video

Humor by eandspresent

Rank: 300, Points: 65

Updated: 12Nov Pages: 1

“SMS’ LIES and VIDEO” – A look behind the masks of high profile charity campaigns and events.


The Hobbit

Fantasy - SF by Ensis

Rank: 156, Points: 98

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 130

This is not a comic.
It's a profusely illustrated novel... may be a Graphic Novel.
The Hobbit, from J.R.R. Tolkien drawn with...



Fantasy - SF by Loicklegacy

Rank: 233, Points: 78

Updated: 01h58 Pages: 81

A webcomic about a lost hero and a strange tigress. Follow the tracks of our hero lost in a new world, adventure,...


Trick Master

Action by edegaragostinho

Rank: 282, Points: 68

Updated: 13Dec Pages: 25

A circus artist, a kicker, and an intrigant history of demons and two organizations: The evil Black Sphere and the demon...


Border Knights

Fantasy - SF by River West

Rank: 194, Points: 88

Updated: 15Mar Pages: 10

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by River West!



Fantasy - SF by Genesis Collective

Rank: 167, Points: 95

Updated: 1Mar Pages: 7

Genesis is a thoughtful scifi story of an engineer waiting for the end of a long, long shift...

Official home of...


Fiona Poppy

Humor by marioboon

Rank: 78, Points: 121

Updated: 12Oct Pages: 92

Fiona Poppy is our intrepid young heroine who inhabits a slightly more fantastic world filled with talking muscle bears, surly...




Rank: 99, Points: 112

Updated: 1Jan Pages: 10

The omnibus series with short comics about MMA, published in E-book.
Preview pages are provided for each chapter.

About the...



by cashin

Rank: 256, Points: 71

Updated: 14Aug Pages: 23

1000 years, the Order of Word kept Holy Spark of God, and it kept Holy Rus.
1000 years the forces of darkness tried to destroy...


The Gazette's vacation


Rank: 247, Points: 73

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 10

This is a doujinshi based on the famous japanese rock band the Gazette.


The Thief's Key

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 117, Points: 107

Updated: 29Oct Pages: 51

The advetures of a thief, smuggler and assassin taking place in the enchanting world of Elengir! Updates on Saturdays
by Iana...


Saint's Way

Thriller by yasminliang

Rank: 97, Points: 113

Updated: 18Mar Pages: 53

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by yasminliang!



Fantasy - SF by Genie

Rank: 220, Points: 81

Updated: 3Mar Pages: 32

Short story. A piece of scrap made for a life of submission is lead on a journey which makes him question his recycled...


A Beautiful Shambles

Humor by Daniel Chmielewski

Rank: 289, Points: 67

Updated: 30Sep Pages: 14

A group portrait of the people we see around us and sometimes of those we see in the mirror.

ABS is my foray into webcomics,...


Gothika: Equilibrium

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 152, Points: 98

Updated: 10h05 Pages: 75

Part one of a fantasy saga about the eternal battle between heaven and hell for the fate of Еarth.



Fantasy - SF by Dasha KO

Rank: 113, Points: 108

Updated: 19May Pages: 23

The time - the future. All events revolve around the giant armorclad military train Regulus. The people aboard are the only...


Almost a Real Story

Romance by Doctr Mur

Rank: 212, Points: 83

Updated: 27Feb Pages: 5

A nice quirky skit with a bit of a twist ending.


Underneath The Dead City

Fantasy - SF by Pink_Marionette

Rank: 213, Points: 82

Updated: 4May Pages: 44

Below the world of 9-5's and rising taxes is a place for misfits and outcasts. By day, they follow the rules and conform to...



Rank: 196, Points: 88

Updated: 17Nov Pages: 49

Calendar tells the story of Suzan, a hard worker and dedicated lady that watches her life take another course when she meets a...



Fantasy - SF by Jay Crest

Rank: 116, Points: 107

Updated: 19Jan Pages: 30

Meet Scarlet, a rising artist who has no clue about her past.

In a world where humans and vampires co-exist in defending...



Humor by hejibits

Rank: 127, Points: 104

Updated: 8Jul Pages: 60

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by hejibits!



Humor by kenarious

Rank: 8, Points: 232

Updated: 19Jan Pages: 165

Summary of the story- Bunch of daydreamers in their own way, has their own little stories to tell. Yuna, the little mystery of...


Ancient SHINee

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 248, Points: 73

Updated: 16May Pages: 5

In Ancient Egypt , there 2 kingdoms, the Pharaoh of the South & the Pharaoh of the North, then a giant mystery make the...



Humor by Eviana

Rank: 185, Points: 92

Updated: 23Nov Pages: 3

The adventures of EVIL
by Iana Zavialova and Anton Larichev.
For more Elengir - visit


Dragon Scream

Fantasy - SF by Toh

Rank: 58, Points: 136

Updated: 13Feb Pages: 44

Time is an immense force. It is unspeakably powerful. A fundamental part of our existence that cannot be stopped...
The three...


The Black Doctor

Thriller by Watapoku

Rank: 70, Points: 127

Updated: 16Jan Pages: 35

The Black Doctor is a man known on the internet for his ability to cure all kinds of illnesses without using medications or...


The Wastelands

Fantasy - SF by Petitecreme

Rank: 52, Points: 138

Updated: yest. Pages: 143

A world abandoned by Gods and the people who try to find out why.

Read up to date at


Sin Eternal

by Montai

Rank: 312, Points: 55

Updated: 23Dec Pages: 22

A mini battle manga I'm doing of a game I'm making. A ex-clansmen battle over who should take over their disbanded group.


Nameless Snow

Action by MarinaPRIV

Rank: 46, Points: 140

Updated: 8Aug Pages: 40

Beautifully designed and choreographed confrontation, without a single word uttered


The Heart of Earth

Fantasy - SF by YonYonYon

Rank: 12, Points: 212

Updated: 20Oct Pages: 131

World is on the edge of war. Two factions will fight, until one of them perish from the earth.Only one hero can stop the...



Fantasy - SF by johandark

Rank: 311, Points: 55

Updated: 13Mar Pages: 32

the old version of Dark Heroes. When I was 13.


Do It Yourself!


Rank: 122, Points: 105

Updated: 12Sep Pages: 123

Lucas, an interior designer, is sent to live with his aunt to help design her new work space. Unfortunately he has to work...


The Steam Dragon Express

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 10, Points: 226

Updated: 27Dec Pages: 69

What would you do, if you got the chance to live in an exciting magical fantasy world? Would you go back to your safe and...


A Gobo's Life

Fantasy - SF by nicheck

Rank: 202, Points: 84

Updated: 31Dec Pages: 34

Fantasy adventure comic about two goblins.
updates whenever about once a week.

artwork will get better with every page, i...


Hunter and Prey

Children's books

Rank: 293, Points: 66

Updated: 30Jan Pages: 3

A very short story depicting aerial dog fights on the Eastern front



Action by Ikki San Gaspar

Rank: 64, Points: 132

Updated: 11Dec Pages: 25

Rumors about the revival of the great demon King Belial spread throughout the continents and it is up to our heroes to unify...


Bird - complete

Thriller by CrashBoomBang

Rank: 174, Points: 93

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 49

"Bird" is a story about a sceptical little girl who seem to care about nothing.
Being at a boring summer camp, she hates the...


Super Haters

Humor by nickmarino

Rank: 192, Points: 89

Updated: 5May Pages: 10

A superhero satire webcomic starring Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye, two lewd and rude slackers who suck at pretty much...



Action by VonBoche

Rank: 38, Points: 146

Updated: 31Jul Pages: 107

Sometimes, one has to do what one doesn't want. It's like when you have pineapple in your pizza and it sucks but you don't...


Dhalmun: Lesser Evil


Rank: 154, Points: 98

Updated: 7Jan Pages: 4

We all have dreams. Leon and his friends dream of becoming supervillains.

the first issue is also available for Patreon...


Grimm Legacy

Fantasy - SF by Sid1ous

Rank: 153, Points: 98

Updated: 3Feb Pages: 10

This story takes place in the Fairy Tale world. Our Protagonist is the younger Grimm Brother. After watching his older brother...


Magical Police Girl

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 36, Points: 147

Updated: 27Dec Pages: 24

Francesca Kensington is a student at the New York Police Academy, but one day she is suddenly dragged out of her classroom by...



Humor by secondchildren

Rank: 249, Points: 73

Updated: 25Jan Pages: 5

The "real" story of Geralt of Rivia and his boozer mates... well, almost! NB: No polar tigers was hurted in the maging of this...



Fantasy - SF by ImagineTheEnding

Rank: 110, Points: 109

Updated: 4Nov Pages: 126

VACANT is a science fiction web comic following Commander Hayze, an agent of "The Eye" a powerful alien government/ corporate...



Action by Taresh

Rank: 9, Points: 230

Updated: 12Jan Pages: 1207

the Ryak-Lo are thought to be a mysterious long dead god-like race. But now, a young girl known as Ryna somehow has this power...


Desert Rats

Rank: 57, Points: 136

Updated: 3Feb Pages: 45

The barren wasteland, where hunters gain power with fear and reputation.
In a world where the wolf eats the cub, two friends...


Isuzu. The vampires clan

Thriller by pabloremiro

Rank: 286, Points: 67

Updated: 19Jan Pages: 13

Isuzu. The clan of vampires, comes to break many molds the world of vampires, and brings a new perspective about the...


U.N.A. Frontiers

Fantasy - SF by Coydog

Rank: 29, Points: 156

Updated: 26Nov Pages: 486

In this story, civilization was considerably devastated but not quite plunged into a new dark age. However, society is stuck...



Fantasy - SF

Rank: 155, Points: 98

Updated: 12Feb Pages: 39

A futuristic world brought to ruin by Artificial Intelligence machines. The leader of the machines is a being called...


The Return of Caine...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 76, Points: 123

Updated: 21Jan Pages: 153

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by !


Abducting The Aliens

Fantasy - SF by Riff 13

Rank: 145, Points: 99

Updated: 17Dec Pages: 53

What would it take for you to believe? That's a question Mac Sampson is used to hearing. But when an alien, the sole survivor...



Fantasy - SF by Sideburn004

Rank: 146, Points: 99

Updated: 27Jan Pages: 10

A most common alternate reality, a most common teenager, and a most common attempt on his life ...



Fantasy - SF by contreras

Rank: 265, Points: 70

Updated: 4Apr Pages: 39

Fang Spearer from planet Puulp, a legendary space warrior, meets Lyrics, a girl who is being chased by the powerful Breather


Adventures of a Girl and...


Rank: 92, Points: 115

Updated: 31Jan Pages: 11

A bored little girl who doesn't believe in miracles gets a surprise visit from a few pandas traveling in a box on top of giant...


For Blest and Holy Fools

Thriller by meissdes, noi-albinoi

Rank: 190, Points: 89

Updated: 26Jan Pages: 13

A quirky little vignette, which gives a wonderfully surreal twist to the familiar boy-meets-girl cliche




Rank: 211, Points: 83

Updated: 20Feb Pages: 12

A humorous strip following the mishaps and mischiefs of accident-prone rascal Yeroshka and his family. Created by Andrei...


The Earth and The Snake

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 298, Points: 66

Updated: 12Nov Pages: 2

“The Earth and The Snake” – A Bulgarian legend about the creation of the world.



Fantasy - SF by Reon Merryweather

Rank: 13, Points: 209

Updated: 27Dec Pages: 52

Katherine DeLarge one day recieves a free sample of experimental energy drinks, from a mysterious mailman. She soon discovers...


BOON Complex

Rank: 284, Points: 67

Updated: 14May Pages: 8

Promo video:

What started as a deal, ended as an obligation.

Moriaki and Cephas...



Romance by Rennakins

Rank: 253, Points: 71

Updated: 17Sep Pages: 21

This is a comic about twelve high school kids who play baseball and do things that high school kids are wont to do... like...


5th Stone

Fantasy - SF by MCREATOR

Rank: 104, Points: 111

Updated: 4May Pages: 10

Castle RAVEN stood challenging at the highest peak of the lands. Some called it "The Center Of It All". This peaceful night is...


Black Ring

Romance by Kalumis

Rank: 216, Points: 82

Updated: 26Oct Pages: 52

A rendez-vous 15years later for two kids


Rota Fortunae

Thriller by Keruo Nasumishi

Rank: 255, Points: 71

Updated: 28Oct Pages: 14

Rota Fortunae means the Wheel of fortune. In the past, people believed, that the goddess Fortuna spins the wheel with her...



Fantasy - SF

Rank: 277, Points: 69

Updated: 23Feb Pages: 26

Characters/ Players awaken in an unknown video game world. Their last memory is of different things, some could be driving a...


Doodling Around

Humor by SkillDraw

Rank: 4, Points: 258

Updated: 24Jan Pages: 207

Everybody has a group of friends to hang out with. Also, everybody has a dream who wants to become true some day. Having both...


Between Worlds

Thriller by tenshianna

Rank: 86, Points: 118

Updated: 8Dec Pages: 90

Lynx, a knight of the kingdom and empire of Minoka. once proud and arrogant finds herself at the mercy of her senile ruler. A...


Bata Neart

Fantasy - SF by rawrtacular

Rank: 149, Points: 98

Updated: yest. Pages: 147

Ashling was a normal Irish teenager, until the day an ancient Celtic weapon found her. She now fights to hold onto her normal...


Leth Hate

Humor by Leth.hate

Rank: 11, Points: 221

Updated: 16Feb Pages: 112

Webcomic about a man that refuses to die and the
zombie and succubus that keep him company.
Comedy with occasional NSFW...



Rank: 159, Points: 97

Updated: 16Oct Pages: 25

Two Hybrid brothers Alkade and Isaac, the sons of the first Vampire ever are out for revenge against the Clan of Vampires that...


Crimson Game

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 18, Points: 192

Finished comics Pages: 47

It is said, that one can achieve success but by being at the right place, at the right time. Is this really true?




Rank: 170, Points: 94

Updated: 16Oct Pages: 25

The world has fallen into a state of chaos and war. A group of Angels fell to earth to become mankind's new Gods and prove to...


Samodiva's Kiss

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 271, Points: 69

Updated: 12Nov Pages: 2

“Samodiva’s Kiss” – A beautiful tale, inspired by the rich Bulgarian folklore. A story of love and magic...


Giving Smiles Away

Romance by Nana Henn

Rank: 139, Points: 100

Updated: 25Sep Pages: 23

Discover this great Romance, manga illustrated by Nana Henn!



Humor by caldwell

Rank: 67, Points: 129

Updated: 6Apr Pages: 51

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by caldwell!


Red Rainbow

Action by DMAps

Rank: 197, Points: 88

Updated: 15Nov Pages: 6

This is a story of a post war city, where the remaining cultures joined forces to
bring life back to the planet, to bring back...



Humor by ROKEFOX

Rank: 315, Points: 54

Updated: 30Nov Pages: 9

Furry Art by Luis Alberto Cantu Flores


Comics and manga translated into: English

La Marque

Action by stelli

Rank: 302, Points: 61

Updated: 13Nov Pages: 16

Nefret is girl who lost her memory. One night she had dreams of a world populated by strange creatures and where the Gods are...


Dead Romance: Ultra Numb

Rank: 183, Points: 92

Updated: 27Feb Pages: 2

Discover this great manga, manga illustrated by !


Dark Heroes_2010

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 132, Points: 101

Updated: 26Jul Pages: 40

In an unknown land, in a forgotten forest of the globe, in the midst of the middle age, a bloody child cursed for his hair...



Action by stephane censi

Rank: 198, Points: 86

Updated: 18Mar Pages: 49

Discover NOLAN the lastest manga of Stephane Censi !


Apple strength

Action by bloodyAKI

Rank: 23, Points: 178

Updated: 6Jul Pages: 160

After his death, Naori wakes up in an unknown world. A world where he will make strange encounters...


Devil & Spaceman


Rank: 189, Points: 90

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 38

They're quite different but still ended up together somehow.



Fantasy - SF by Darius

Rank: 14, Points: 208

Updated: 21Jan Pages: 299

A new school year has begin at the Academy of warriors in Ke'l-sar, capital of the Ttau world of T`chala. New friendships are...


The Millennial War

Action by Guillaume_D

Rank: 209, Points: 83

Updated: 6Mar Pages: 16

For martial arts fans...


Super Dragon Bros Z

Action by Berrizo

Rank: 3, Points: 264

Updated: 24Jan Pages: 310

The worlds of Dragon Ball Z and Super Mario Bros. collide !

Bros Gokû, world champion and savior of the Earth, must partner...


De Troie à Moi

Fantasy - SF by misscube

Rank: 182, Points: 92

Updated: 2Sep Pages: 4

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by misscube!



Action by Ruleslemanga, darkwisard

Rank: 80, Points: 121

Updated: 9Aug Pages: 74

Follow Sunny and his friends incredible adventures, through a bunch of crazy islands... and discover the secrets of...



Fantasy - SF by racha

Rank: 313, Points: 54

Updated: 19Aug Pages: 13

Long ago a war broke "the illusory war" that lasted over 1000 years. After remaining there?.


Crow Reloaded


Rank: 151, Points: 98

Updated: 1Apr Pages: 8

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by kikealapont!



Fantasy - SF by Pehesse

Rank: 142, Points: 100

Updated: 14Jan Pages: 129

In 1944, Germany is brutally torn apart under the nuclear attack of the USA, determined to recover the Cyon sources that lie...


Baby Harry: contes pour...

Children's books

Rank: 179, Points: 92

Updated: 28Jun Pages: 8

Discover this great Children's books, manga illustrated by Mariko!


Retro Futur

Thriller by Akioh

Rank: 201, Points: 85

Updated: 16May Pages: 23

France is under the occupation of USA after his fall in extremism and violence.


Duo des étoiles

Fantasy - SF by shéra

Rank: 158, Points: 98

Updated: 14Oct Pages: 18

Shera is an ordinary girl until the day she meets Soune, a strange creature coming from another world...



Humor by Keiden

Rank: 41, Points: 144

Updated: 26Nov Pages: 112

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by Keiden!



Fantasy - SF by Sorore

Rank: 173, Points: 93

Updated: 23Feb Pages: 11

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Sorore!



Fantasy - SF by masuki

Rank: 90, Points: 116

Updated: 6Jan Pages: 15

From the files of Detective Tsukiboshi from CosmoPolice. The fish-headed aliens, blast cannons and light sabers may be science...


Pussy Quest

Humor by M7X

Rank: 178, Points: 93

Updated: 22May Pages: 49

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by M7X!


Corredores Fantasmas

Thriller by Ichirou, Quadrinize

Rank: 133, Points: 101

Updated: 21Jun Pages: 23

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by Ichirou and imagined by Quadrinize!


Irene et les Heimdalls

Thriller by Reen et Aka

Rank: 77, Points: 122

Updated: 25Apr Pages: 41

The human world is being protected from vampires and werewolves by guardian called Heimdalls. They are endowed with magical...


Saint Seiya - Eole...

Action by mista, Ouv

Rank: 66, Points: 130

Updated: 14Jan Pages: 73

The destruction of the submarine Sanctuary issued the Millennium enemy of Poseidon. Although this last is enclosed in the urn...




Rank: 243, Points: 74

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 25

"We don't fear to say "I love you". We fear to don't hear it back"

Jonathan is a teenager in love with a girl but he doesn't...



Action by Kidzo

Rank: 148, Points: 99

Updated: 7Nov Pages: 7

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by Kidzo!


Zombie Hunters

Thriller by Jinshir0

Rank: 260, Points: 70

Updated: 2May Pages: 14

Go hunting zombies with Nami, who tries to survive in a world ravaged by a third world war and an invasion of zombies...


Until her last breath

Romance by AkimoriAkahana

Rank: 91, Points: 115

Updated: 27Jan Pages: 7

Nothing lasts forever...

I want to become THE BEST MANGAKA in the world!
Current Residence: Russia //
Favourite style of...


Mon coeur ne bat que...

Humor by Oizofu

Rank: 225, Points: 80

Updated: 16Nov Pages: 9

Shonen-Kawai : The adventures of Naomi et Nobu...



Humor by Mariko

Rank: 114, Points: 108

Updated: 28Nov Pages: 65

Hellshling, as some of you can already tell by the title, is a parody of the manga Hellsing by kouta Hirano!



Saint Seiya - Black War

Action by Atalante

Rank: 35, Points: 148

Updated: 11Jan Pages: 153

The year of 1349. The knights who survived the Holy War against Hades are back to the Sanctuary. But instead of what they...


Fireworks Detective

Thriller by Art-of-Kawaii

Rank: 131, Points: 101

Updated: 10Jul Pages: 22

Crimes, cover-ups, murders, robberies ... It is this kind of cases that resolve Hanabi Matsuri and her partner Kenta. But what...


Borders of the Black...

Fantasy - SF by Jaydehei, Sheitan

Rank: 259, Points: 70

Updated: 9Nov Pages: 37

Can anybody stop these terrorists? Maybe someone can... maybe Nuada and its soo funky style !


Go!Go!Go! Felicity

Romance by ligia.zanella

Rank: 272, Points: 69

Updated: 16Aug Pages: 4

Discover this great Romance, manga illustrated by ligia.zanella!


Dark Eagle


Rank: 208, Points: 83

Updated: 5Oct Pages: 9

A boxer with a promising future finds himself hunted by the police and unscrupulous men...


Bienvenidos a República...

Humor by Fernando_Biz

Rank: 27, Points: 158

Finished comics Pages: 66

Estrella is a normal 14 years old girl. Her peaceful life will change when she meets a strange boy...

"Bienvenidos a...


LUKARD, the little...


Rank: 230, Points: 79

Finished comics Pages: 38

WARNING: Humor Comic Strips.
"The lucky ones are very lucky, but ask a loser"


The Lord of the Wind

Action by hayard

Rank: 134, Points: 101

Updated: 1Apr Pages: 22

This is the story of a young elf who is trying to find his way among humans, while the world is plagued by a terrible virus...


Mythes et Légendes

Romance by Miss-M

Rank: 62, Points: 134

Updated: 20Jan Pages: 41

Haruka is a girl that, in her dreams, embodies legendary creatures. This amuses her until the day she is hit by a car....


Yeti Sports


Rank: 229, Points: 79

Updated: 23Feb Pages: 3

Three pages of yeti snowboarding mayhem !



Fantasy - SF by JassBefrold

Rank: 184, Points: 92

Updated: 11Dec Pages: 35

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by JassBefrold!


Monohrome #3

Rank: 294, Points: 66

Updated: 2Jul Pages: 8

A series of humorous strips by cartoonist Konstantin Dubkov



Fantasy - SF

Rank: 292, Points: 66

Updated: 22Feb Pages: 6

The prologue to a distopian future story


3 Pouces et demi

Fantasy - SF by Sieg, Kinkgirl

Rank: 168, Points: 95

Updated: 13Jul Pages: 19

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Sieg and imagined by Kinkgirl!


Cat's Girls - Tome...

Action by Aure-magik

Rank: 320, Points: 43

Updated: 17Nov Pages: 45

The adventures of the Cat's Girls...



Fantasy - SF

Rank: 157, Points: 98

Updated: 14Feb Pages: 4

4-page short story set as a sort of introduction to a much larger, earleir work by Angoulême-nominee Alexandre...


Itai Tenshi

Action by Y-Mangaka

Rank: 227, Points: 80

Updated: 22Sep Pages: 42

Itai Takahara has enough of his bad luck and pray heaven to help him. Then a young angel still learning how to do all of her...


Léo et Monsieur Corbeau

Thriller by Oraku

Rank: 226, Points: 80

Updated: 7Jan Pages: 15

Monsieur Corbeau (Mr Crow) is a weird being. Days and night in the cemetery, he's writing his long list of newcomers. He's...


Malec Turbomedia

Action by malec

Rank: 232, Points: 79

Updated: 7Nov Pages: 3

Turbomedia by Malec! A brand new way of telling stories trough comic animation!


A frog's life

Humor by Globuline

Rank: 147, Points: 99

Updated: 18Jan Pages: 33

The geeky and minimalist tribulations of a travelling French girl.


Lost Fruits

Action by lostfruty

Rank: 287, Points: 67

Updated: 18Aug Pages: 12

When the gods have decided to eradicate the human race, unexpectedly the Mother Nature opposed to their plans. Then the...



Action by *marianne*

Rank: 106, Points: 110

Updated: 20Mar Pages: 24

"This is one of the greatest adventures of my life. When I was 12 years old, I was living in Britain and I was working at the...



Fantasy - SF by Eskhar

Rank: 24, Points: 174

Updated: 17May Pages: 62

The metropolis' suburbs. Maiden, 16 years old, is going through the contaminated area, in districts affected by the Scourge, a...


Yo Nen

Action by LeaCaballero

Rank: 228, Points: 79

Updated: 27Feb Pages: 3

Nen is a guy like any other. But his friends are NOT this way. Everyone says to him: "Stop being a coward" "You have to fight...


Saint Seiya Ultimate

Action by mike du 62880

Rank: 297, Points: 66

Updated: 11Mar Pages: 91

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by mike du 62880!


Secret Files A.C.Puig


Rank: 234, Points: 77

Updated: 25Oct Pages: 130

Short stories...



Action by TroyB

Rank: 6, Points: 243

Updated: 21Apr Pages: 378

The incredible adventures of Amilova, a teenage girl that discovers her Fire Super Powers ! Action, magic, mysteries, love and...


Snow Angel

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 267, Points: 70

Updated: 29Jul Pages: 11

Marina is baby-sitting her little sister, Milly and when it's time to go to bed, she starts to be a bit...uncooperative....



Thriller by Esteryn

Rank: 252, Points: 72

Updated: 25Aug Pages: 12

A man meets five travellers, also stranded in a changing land. Tensions arise between them all and explode at night fall, when...


Follow me

Thriller by ezysummers

Rank: 199, Points: 85

Updated: 14Feb Pages: 43

A story about a girl who lost her hope and dreams. But suddenly a new world opens up to her in an inexplicable and incredible...


Nail Saga

Fantasy - SF by Dave-X

Rank: 75, Points: 123

Updated: 17Nov Pages: 50

Planet Enigma-year 525, Nail swore to become the greatest Genist in the known world!

Unfortunately, he seems to be the...


Mery X Max

Fantasy - SF by shiwi

Rank: 115, Points: 108

Updated: 23Dec Pages: 12

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by shiwi!


Let me Fly

Action by Aline Potiron

Rank: 263, Points: 70

Updated: 12May Pages: 16

Lili is one of the most gifted with magical potential people. Even though her life is not a pice of a cake...


Artémis et les Nymphes

Action by Efsé

Rank: 239, Points: 76

Updated: 21Nov Pages: 4

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by Efsé!


A losers team and God

Humor by wayne

Rank: 175, Points: 93

Updated: 16Dec Pages: 10

Ross and his friends are spending their time between video-games and binge drinking. But while opening a beer, Ross sees...



Thriller by imple

Rank: 203, Points: 84

Updated: 7Jun Pages: 51

"I promise you, I won't fight again"

we always pay one day for our mistakes. But how can we live when we lost our most...


Rockets Group

Action by MauRi

Rank: 290, Points: 67

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 3

The wizard Hevek revived to the forces of the nature and he wants to extinguish the humanity for revenge. But an awkward and...


Bak Inferno

Thriller by 1LD3

Rank: 242, Points: 74

Updated: 27Feb Pages: 89

One day, Bak, a 17 years boy, meets a man dressed all in black who proposes him to sign a very special contract...


Chronoctis Express

Fantasy - SF by Aerinn

Rank: 69, Points: 127

Updated: 16Jul Pages: 41

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Aerinn!



Action by youssef

Rank: 326, Points: 14

Finished comics Pages: 4

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by youssef!



Fantasy - SF by satanasov

Rank: 177, Points: 93

Updated: 9Nov Pages: 8

A dark sci-fi adventure full of violence...


NARUTO eternity


Rank: 160, Points: 97

Updated: 9Dec Pages: 15

NARUTO doujinshi focusing on Deidara and Sasori, by the creator of Kamuy-o-rok-po


The Barbarian Chronicles

Rank: 191, Points: 89

Updated: 26Mar Pages: 3

Short Stories... You'll laugh your head off


Ash and the City of...

Action by namaneko

Rank: 100, Points: 112

Updated: 31Jan Pages: 40

This short story, rather reminiscent of Studio Ghibli's take on children's fantasy, is the work of a professional illustrator...



Humor by Toshi.D

Rank: 37, Points: 146

Updated: 4May Pages: 104

Tibo Abias is an ordinary guy who could one day become the most powerful being in the universe... story inspired by the...



Humor by Asura00

Rank: 1, Points: 306

Updated: 22Jan Pages: 440

Our world is too normal. Heroic fantasy is much better, isn't it?
Follow the adventures of an apprentice magician, her talking...



Fantasy - SF by Guildadventure

Rank: 96, Points: 113

Updated: 17Dec Pages: 69

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Guildadventure!


The Frog and the Turtle


Rank: 285, Points: 67

Finished comics Pages: 9

A tale for children of all ages ! A terrified frog meets a turtle and shares his fears with her.

Welcome The Frog and the...


Section 9

Action by Masterstyle

Rank: 301, Points: 64

Updated: 12Oct Pages: 136

A group is chased by thugs, he enters to the 923 territory hoping to escape their pursuers…


Food Attack

Action by A.C.Puig

Rank: 31, Points: 154

Updated: 9Jan Pages: 401

Two bounty hunters and a young princess are going to face the extremely-dangerous twisted evil fruits and vegetables.



Monochrome #2

Humor by Folco

Rank: 224, Points: 80

Updated: 23Mar Pages: 14

A series of humorous strips by cartoonist Konstantin Dubkov


Orium Caspium

Action by IDias

Rank: 280, Points: 68

Updated: 17Nov Pages: 21

Medion is a young Prince of a country called Angelus. One day, a demon's visit will make him go in a great adventure.


Ilusion de Vida

Thriller by C.A

Rank: 268, Points: 70

Updated: 16Feb Pages: 10

If you look behind you, you will see your mistakes, if you look ahead, you will see your possibilities. It is better that you...



Thriller by Devil_HS

Rank: 28, Points: 157

Updated: 4Jun Pages: 57




The Fairy Tale Wizard

Fantasy - SF by tatsukawa

Rank: 124, Points: 104

Updated: 24Apr Pages: 20

The story of a young wizard, set against the background of a long-standing rivalry between two great empires, dominating a...



Fantasy - SF by DanmaxX

Rank: 221, Points: 80

Updated: 27Feb Pages: 10

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Fate (part of the series "Chronicles of the Zone")


The Cat and the Zodiac...


Rank: 56, Points: 137

Updated: 31May Pages: 46

Yet another manga based on the animals of the Chinese zodiac, written and drawn by the author of "yorodu-yoshi", who hopes you...




Rank: 279, Points: 69

Updated: 15Apr Pages: 1

The Saga of the emissaries... based on the manga HunterXHunter.



Fantasy - SF by Norad

Rank: 269, Points: 69

Updated: 4Aug Pages: 5

"When Elie Met Sarah" is a futuristic love story showing the magic and certain excesses of today's society.


Bounty Hunter Gorak

Fantasy - SF by Gorak

Rank: 322, Points: 41

Updated: 20Feb Pages: 20

A space opera that follows the extraordinary adventures of Gorak, a bounty hunter exploring the galaxy in order to capture the...



Romance by NINONetRIIE

Rank: 193, Points: 89

Updated: 19Feb Pages: 5

The crazy story of four high school students... They have completely different tastes and interests but they are all connected...


Bishop's Normal...

Fantasy - SF by Biishop

Rank: 172, Points: 94

Updated: 1Mar Pages: 18

Bishop is a young naive boy who lives from day to day adventures that seems perfectly normal, but a mysterious monster haunts...



Action by ウエイエイト

Rank: 59, Points: 135

Updated: 13Apr Pages: 31

A fantastic Rock'n'roll music manga, created by ウエイ エイト!


W.A.R. The Legend of...

Fantasy - SF by Nihky

Rank: 240, Points: 75

Updated: 2Nov Pages: 25

Nyeleti a young panther, goes to see the wolf pack who raised her. But she will discover a grim purpose and be dragged into a...


Flame Jinniyah

Action by murakami.zdm904

Rank: 107, Points: 109

Updated: 18May Pages: 29

A tale of knights and Jinn, set against the background of 12 century Europe and the medieval Islamic world


La vrai vie des...

Humor by Guiom

Rank: 181, Points: 92

Finished comics Pages: 10

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by Guiom!


Only Two

Thriller by Jérôme

Rank: 88, Points: 117

Finished comics Pages: 235

OnlyTwo is a story mixing humor and love in an epic and pathetic runaway! It is not a story that will make you laugh, it's the...


Lapin et Tortue

Humor by Ibi

Rank: 105, Points: 111

Updated: 27May Pages: 60

Follow the funny misadventures of Rabbit and Turtle in Cuculand!


No Softly

Action by Michaël Mab, Salagir

Rank: 25, Points: 171

Updated: 07h00 Pages: 57

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by Michaël Mab and imagined by Salagir!


No Future

Thriller by Soturisi

Rank: 246, Points: 73

Updated: 22Dec Pages: 14

"The remaining light is not always enlightening. And the one who walks alone is not always lost."

R. Wikilson

well hello I'm...



Romance by Monsieur To

Rank: 53, Points: 138

Updated: 17Apr Pages: 29

The story takes place in a high school where the narrator decides to return willing to renovate the painting of his memories...


Level UP !

Humor by Krayon

Rank: 126, Points: 104

Updated: 22Nov Pages: 59

Follow the tales of a hero and his yld (young lady in distress) !
Please enjoy and immerse yourself in the fun and the...



Thriller by 20100vega

Rank: 231, Points: 79

Updated: 26Nov Pages: 5

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by 20100vega!


Zack et les anges de la...

Action by sebynosaure

Rank: 187, Points: 91

Updated: 9Feb Pages: 48

Only survivor of his family slaughter, Zack integrates the gang of "Angels of the Road". A biker gang made ​​of orphans. It is...



Action by Flamby, Fruit

Rank: 65, Points: 131

Updated: 27Feb Pages: 13

Nanti is a wolf demon from the world of Esmera. He must overcome his hatred of the humans in order to help Kenna, Kalyan and...



Action by nakiringo

Rank: 20, Points: 180

Updated: 19Dec Pages: 48

Who the hell needs dying!

Those who have committed crimes in this world shall move on to Gehenna in the next. And there, in...




Rank: 223, Points: 80

Updated: 6Aug Pages: 10

A short story about a gull


Yggddrasill M.O.M

Fantasy - SF by Jinon

Rank: 186, Points: 91

Updated: 25Dec Pages: 18

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Jinon!


Moon Chronicles

Romance by ivy-mitsuno

Rank: 222, Points: 80

Updated: 31Dec Pages: 102

As all the fairy tales, this one begin with a princess in a tower...




Rank: 34, Points: 150

Finished comics Pages: 214

A new foxy lady's in town !
She's up for ferocious battles against vicious enemies, mysterious twists and turns leading to...




Rank: 278, Points: 69

Updated: 16Feb Pages: 2

A two-page vignette from Ukranian artist Dmitriy Koydan's cycle "Morbid Dreams"


Simple Love

Romance by Freakazoid

Rank: 250, Points: 72

Updated: 17Jun Pages: 37

Discover this great Romance, manga illustrated by Freakazoid!



Action by Natacha Barthès

Rank: 135, Points: 101

Updated: 26Sep Pages: 210

" Alma is a 17 y.o. young girl waking up in the Afterlife, with no memory of her death. Thanks to her very pure heart, she's...



Action by NanaJ

Rank: 138, Points: 100

Updated: 1Apr Pages: 50

Monique and Arthur grew up together and they have no secrets between them. Or at least that’s what she thinks before he starts...


Bloody Bastards

Fantasy - SF by andy42

Rank: 266, Points: 70

Updated: 25Nov Pages: 44

Montreal, 2313 A.D.... I could say i'm fine but my serenity died with the last of my "normal" fellows and i have three other...


Caput Mortuum

Romance by hoshimaro

Rank: 112, Points: 108

Updated: 12May Pages: 72

The story of two sisters and the bonds that tie them together even beyond this world.


ARKHAM roots

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 7, Points: 234

Updated: 17Dec Pages: 281

A guy who seems to have some special power helps to resolve cases for a secret organization.

mysteries, ghosts, undead,...



Fantasy - SF

Rank: 136, Points: 101

Updated: 8Jun Pages: 55

Juvenilia work of science fiction from the author of the Angoulême-nominated BD "Hacker" - Alexandre Eremine


Oscar Fé

Thriller by H-def

Rank: 164, Points: 96

Updated: 24Sep Pages: 6

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by H-def!


Spirit's Heart

Fantasy - SF by Sheeny

Rank: 275, Points: 69

Updated: 10Oct Pages: 7

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Sheeny!


Cupidon Boy

Romance by Adou Fisch

Rank: 98, Points: 112

Updated: 4Mar Pages: 53

Rey, a shy and effeminate teenager, finally decids to become a real man. The first day of school, he declares his love to...


Level 53

Fantasy - SF by Drawly

Rank: 219, Points: 81

Updated: 15Jan Pages: 36

The manga follows Yukari and Danella.Yukari wakes up without any memories of his own. What he is about to discover is a...



Fantasy - SF by feilang

Rank: 71, Points: 126

Updated: 9Jul Pages: 59

AMU Corporation Virtual Reality Game Development Studio: founded in 2042 AD and employing a staff of 1500 people. The company...



Fantasy - SF by NicoVsYuh

Rank: 129, Points: 102

Updated: 10Dec Pages: 17

What's beyond Death ?


Love Story


Rank: 169, Points: 95

Updated: 13Feb Pages: 2

Ongoing episodic series told in single page one-shots by Stanislav Shepin


Give me some love!

Humor by babee

Rank: 318, Points: 54

Updated: 12Mar Pages: 56

This is a romantic and crazy story about one girl whose name is Lovewith! She works in the magazine "What the men want!". She...



Fantasy - SF by Strawberry

Rank: 283, Points: 67

Updated: 13Jan Pages: 19

A story full of adventure, action and... Dragons!
Discover the exploits of Dragan and his younger brother Echo, two Dragon...


Pathetic Thoughts


Rank: 144, Points: 99

Updated: 14Aug Pages: 11

Girly attitude, strips, useless things, dubious sense of humour, grouching... Pathetic thoughts by Mariko.




Action by sengoku-yuuki

Rank: 61, Points: 134

Updated: 18Mar Pages: 65

Based on motifs from myths and legends of Japan's indigenous people the Ainu, "Kamuy-o-rok-po" (meaning 'thousand year old...



Action by NaNa Sakaru

Rank: 270, Points: 69

Updated: 13Nov Pages: 8

The story of Mayu, a young girl and adventurer, in the Land of Dark Wood Circus...


Battle Saga

Humor by Alvinator

Rank: 317, Points: 54

Updated: 10Nov Pages: 12

BATTLE SAGA is the Book of Legends where all the secrets of this world are written down. The one who owns this book can lead...


Flowers Memories

Fantasy - SF by BimiCerika

Rank: 316, Points: 54

Finished comics Pages: 11

Since his childhood, Alec has always hated flowers. But when his mother decide to leave for holidays, he has to take care of...


Bearer of the Gods

by nikom

Rank: 111, Points: 109

Updated: 7Sep Pages: 7

Discover this great manga, manga illustrated by nikom!


Seeking Dracula

Thriller by Marlène

Rank: 140, Points: 100

Updated: 7Oct Pages: 19

"Seeking Dracula" is the story of the delusional Quest, as oppressing as vain, of a lady seeking for dracula.


Yuuki of the Willow


Rank: 128, Points: 103

Updated: 9Jul Pages: 15

The beginning of the story of a bishonen yokai named Yuuki



Romance by Michaël

Rank: 309, Points: 57

Updated: 2Aug Pages: 9

Viquie young Métis 17 years, undermined by loneliness, and very desperate after his father died in an earthquake, tried...



Fantasy - SF by valdé

Rank: 310, Points: 56

Updated: 20Jan Pages: 21

In a 22nd century ravaged by an atomic World War, resistance struggle against the totalitarian supremacy of the new World...



Thriller by Ogawa Niyako

Rank: 162, Points: 97

Updated: 15Jun Pages: 55

Cyber-crime noir story with a design-savvy leftfield art style, courtesy of artist Ogawa Niyako.



Fantasy - SF by MonicaNG

Rank: 95, Points: 113

Updated: 13Nov Pages: 106

When Syrma, the exiled princess of the liosalfar, discovers that she is the victim of a curse that will end her life, she...



Action by Van Reigh

Rank: 288, Points: 67

Updated: 17Jun Pages: 12

"Braver" is an epic story set in the 18th century. The young "Huo" is training in the depths of the forests and mountains of...


Dominic, the demon

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 165, Points: 96

Updated: 30Sep Pages: 3

Little Dominic is an unusual demon in hell: is cheerful, funny and somewhat distracted. Accompany him on their crazy...


BDs du piratesourcil

Humor by piratesourcil

Rank: 83, Points: 119

Updated: 17May Pages: 37

The crazy stories of the PirateSourcil > "EyebrowPirate" but his name is better not translated right :-D ?


Magical Fami

Fantasy - SF by PizzaCat

Rank: 48, Points: 139

Finished comics Pages: 1181

Magical Fami is the sequel to the TV series Magical Doremi. <br />
Fami is the granddaughter of Doremi living in the future....


Petit Bouche

Action by Pepe Diaz

Rank: 258, Points: 70

Updated: 19Jun Pages: 16

In 2020, Natalia Duvachelle livse a completely normal life for a 14 years old girl. But still, her life is marked by the death...


Dragon Piece

Humor by Gogéta Jr

Rank: 42, Points: 144

Finished comics Pages: 17

A really cool crossover


Love Luna

Romance by AngelCelestial

Rank: 237, Points: 76

Updated: 23Mar Pages: 66

Angel is a girl with a rare disease which causes nightmares: what comes in her dreams is her past. So she will finally...


Ligeia the Vampire

Thriller by RICCI

Rank: 291, Points: 67

Updated: 13Mar Pages: 4

A group of Nazis embarked on an expedition to Transylvania looking for a fabulous treasure.


Only Two - Hors Série


Rank: 325, Points: 24

Finished comics Pages: 36

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by Jérôme!


7 Oníris Colors

Fantasy - SF by Mitu

Rank: 180, Points: 92

Finished comics Pages: 13

7 races were separated after the great war, now seven youths of different colors go on an adventure to end the curse of Deo


The Oracle of the Moon

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 143, Points: 99

Finished comics Pages: 15

Every year, warriors from distant countries risk their lives on a long journey to get an elixir that prolongs the life of a...


Night Feast

Thriller by hanada

Rank: 54, Points: 138

Updated: 14May Pages: 45

The year is 2024. When night falls the "birds" appear. They are called Nue, after the chimera of Japanese myth. The name of...


Ghost Rules

Fantasy - SF by Jormest

Rank: 43, Points: 143

Finished comics Pages: 21

Lara accidentally discovers that her boyfriend is cheating her... At the same time she realizes that now is a ghost!


Les Chroniques de...

Fantasy - SF by oristarck

Rank: 299, Points: 66

Updated: 20Jul Pages: 3

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by oristarck!


The Icarus Effect

Thriller by Gallardo

Rank: 276, Points: 69

Updated: 17Jan Pages: 3

The life of fifty people change dramatically when they discover that they have "super powers", although some of those powers...




Rank: 303, Points: 60

Updated: 15Jun Pages: 9

She is a little girl with the wonderful gift of finding fourleaf clovers in every meadow. But somehow this always leads to...


Dawn Aria

Fantasy - SF by simamura

Rank: 118, Points: 106

Updated: 5Mar Pages: 40

A dawning world will be destroyed and then reborn a new by her heavenly song...


The Eye of Poseidon

Action by tangra

Rank: 125, Points: 104

Updated: 15Mar Pages: 42




Action by mastermerol, fufodf

Rank: 176, Points: 93

Updated: 24Feb Pages: 14

Europe, Upper Paleolithic, 25000 years ago... MONGUR was betrayed by those he had always protected. The future of his breed...


The Boy from Salida

Romance by moriyama

Rank: 60, Points: 134

Updated: 16Jul Pages: 79

A story with slight touches of fantasy, set in the fictional kingdom of Salida, which shares many traits in common with the...



Action by さぎなだ けい

Rank: 73, Points: 124

Updated: 7May Pages: 80

Kaldericku is a world rich in magic, where humans and other living things live alongside gods, as well as the demons they...


Angelic Kiss

Thriller by DizonX

Rank: 109, Points: 109

Updated: 24Jul Pages: 82

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by DizonX!


Zelda "Link's Awakening"

Action by Jack Sugar

Rank: 321, Points: 42

Finished comics Pages: 71

A manga based on one of the most popular game of the famous saga "The Legend of Zelda" !
After a storm, Link runs aground on...


Gealach Dark

Action by , I.S.M

Rank: 130, Points: 102

Updated: 28Nov Pages: 8

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by I.S.M!


Guerriers Psychiques

Action by aladin

Rank: 324, Points: 28

Updated: 27Apr Pages: 16

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by aladin!


Yokai Yokai

Humor by mbuma

Rank: 120, Points: 106

Updated: 15Dec Pages: 67

Japan, 16th century. Keiniku Nama is a Seppuku 'organizer'. He is now hired by Shido Seishin, a great scammer, to prepare his...



Romance by Yeniel

Rank: 171, Points: 94

Updated: 28Dec Pages: 124

The story of an ancient fairy, pursued and killed, who reborn in our time.

Hello it's me, Yeniel ! Never very good at...


Cosmonauts Left on the...


Rank: 254, Points: 71

Updated: 4Apr Pages: 37

Dedicated to those who did not return...


Available on the Shore

Humor by Kuniéko, MaxLanders

Rank: 161, Points: 97

Updated: 13Jan Pages: 8

A fruit seller on the beach, a city lost on the Mediterranean coast, inhabited by sadics and visited by lunatics, a...


Eternal Linker 永久の連動者

Action by 戦国結城

Rank: 26, Points: 166

Updated: 1Apr Pages: 66

A man in the body of a monster, and a monster in a man's body ... The tale of a young boy and a man of unusual talents!



Rank: 108, Points: 109

Updated: 14Sep Pages: 25

Discover this great manga, manga illustrated by Monsieur To!



Fantasy - SF

Rank: 261, Points: 70

Updated: 22Oct Pages: 8

The story of the young Elysia, living on her moon without really knowing why or how. But one day, an android comes to the moon...


Cowboys In Orbit


Rank: 150, Points: 98

Updated: 14Sep Pages: 117

In 4512, torn between gang wars and "ROM" deals, the inhabitants of the Earth, the "paramessiahs", are trying to find a future...


A Pottergeek's Diary


Rank: 236, Points: 76

Finished comics Pages: 23

The adventures of a damn Pottergeek who will try to make you one as well!

Would take too much time to say exactly the same...


Dark Sorcerer

Fantasy - SF by Nyuki

Rank: 245, Points: 73

Updated: 30Nov Pages: 7

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Nyuki!



Thriller by Wilfried Bento

Rank: 119, Points: 106

Updated: 18Oct Pages: 13

Akira Okami is a student ill at ease, the life of the hikikomori is changed abruptly one afternoon on the roof of his high...



Humor by A-Cup-Of-Tim

Rank: 40, Points: 145

Updated: 27Nov Pages: 12

«Memories from my childhood, sometimes sad, sometimes strange, sometimes funny.


The intruder


Rank: 81, Points: 119

Updated: 2Jan Pages: 25

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by Keiden!


Saint Seiya - Ocean...


Rank: 47, Points: 140

Finished comics Pages: 299

Saint Seiya - The Ocean Chapter is the continuity of the anime, from the sagas Poseidon and Hades. Updates Monday, Wednesday...



Thriller by Estherrulez

Rank: 206, Points: 84

Updated: 3Jun Pages: 21

It's on the back of a crow that I'm taking you to Never Land my children !


Restless Dreams

Thriller by Nuxcia

Rank: 79, Points: 121

Updated: 3Dec Pages: 89

Franz Eïnfrost is both a psychiatrist and a skilled assassin at the Solius Institute, a unique prison facility unlike any...



Action by Alex Xaysena

Rank: 264, Points: 70

Updated: 16Mar Pages: 49

A story inspired by a famous 12th century French chanson de geste "The Four Sons of Duke Aymon". Embark on an epic quest!


Dead Thunder

Action by liamdonne, drixou

Rank: 307, Points: 58

Updated: 15Apr Pages: 25

I have the honor to present you my manga "Dead Thunder" !! Read fastly this manga whiwh will lose your breath and that will...


Two Men and a Camel

Action by Angy89, Kuraudo

Rank: 163, Points: 96

Updated: 1Sep Pages: 88

"Two Men and a Camel" is a crazy Shōnen-like manga that leads us into the desert with two men, best friends, traveling side by...


One-shot - AF

Fantasy - SF by Zaigard

Rank: 68, Points: 127

Updated: 19Dec Pages: 20

Méliarn, a young security guard, is forced to face a colossal sea monster ... but who is he? And why he captures all the...


Run 8

Action by Mimiyavi, studio.takoyaki

Rank: 21, Points: 179

Updated: 18Feb Pages: 283

In a world were hate is a benediction, Sklan and his friend Topazio will begin race against madness.

Mimi is the illustrator...



Action by muu

Rank: 121, Points: 106

Updated: 11Apr Pages: 64

A fantasy manga based around the animals of the Chinese zodiac, also known as the Twelve Heavenly Generals.


Be responsible! 責任とってね!


Rank: 123, Points: 105

Updated: 26Apr Pages: 34

Romance between two manga artists.



Fantasy - SF by nynadp

Rank: 84, Points: 118

Updated: 27Jan Pages: 15

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by nynadp!


Mi vida Como Carla

Humor by Cosmicos

Rank: 166, Points: 95

Updated: 9Jul Pages: 47

The life of Carla... an almost normal girl.


Perfume under the Moon

Humor by Nyasa

Rank: 295, Points: 66

Updated: 3Sep Pages: 3

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by Nyasa!


My Life Your Life

Fantasy - SF by Croa

Rank: 262, Points: 70

Updated: 25Jun Pages: 13

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Croa!


The Fallen Sentries

Fantasy - SF by Velkia

Rank: 82, Points: 119

Updated: 13Dec Pages: 16


While he is staring at the wintry sky turning to flaming colors of the dusk, Axel has to face with a furious god, a...


The Moosecreek Incident

Thriller by kikealapont, Josu87

Rank: 101, Points: 112

Updated: 13Feb Pages: 48

In Moosecreek something horrible is about to be released. The people of Koyukons calls it by the name "the spirit of...


Guild Adventure


Rank: 2, Points: 286

Updated: 24Jan Pages: 374

Guild adventure is an adventure comic based on videogames like monster hunter, in wich we will follow the story of a peculiar...



by Larryon

Rank: 257, Points: 70

Updated: 24Dec Pages: 28

Discover this great manga, manga illustrated by Larryon!


Living the Dream Life of...


Rank: 241, Points: 74

Updated: 13Aug Pages: 34

Lead by his strong belief that knowledge is indeed power and his love for literature, a newly graduated teacher steps boldly...


NARUTO: Art Tournament


Rank: 204, Points: 84

Updated: 17Feb Pages: 24

Yet another NARUTO doujinshi by the creator of Kamuy-o-rok-po, this time focusing the Akatsuki


Full Moon

Thriller by stef84, Blood Wolf

Rank: 49, Points: 139

Updated: 28Sep Pages: 164

Chris Wade is a police officer from Boston. One day, on his way home, he hears the cries of a woman who is being assaulted, so...


Real Dream

by maruna

Rank: 308, Points: 57

Updated: 30Mar Pages: 22

After hearing the story of Alice in Wonderland, Mitsuko comes home and finds himself strangely in a strange land...




Rank: 273, Points: 69

Updated: 10Feb Pages: 5

A short black-and-white strip about a hitman, by Russian artist Stanislav Shepin


Comics and Manga available in other language

City of Wolves


Rank: 73, Points: 70

Updated: 25Jan Pages: 9

Les Ninjas sont cools

Humor by claudius335

Rank: 624, Points: 32

Updated: 5Feb Pages: 44


Romance by Tomo

Rank: 62, Points: 79

Updated: 28Mar Pages: 21

Don Frikote

Humor by haikami

Rank: 294, Points: 54

Updated: 30Nov Pages: 5


Fantasy - SF by Winslow

Rank: 333, Points: 84

Updated: 23May Pages: 23

The blue golden

Action by kera972

Rank: 545, Points: 66

Updated: 18Nov Pages: 18


Fantasy - SF by AngelCelestial

Rank: 41, Points: 84

Updated: 16Jun Pages: 16

Le Fil Rouge

Thriller by Linoa

Rank: 350, Points: 82

Updated: 28Jul Pages: 65


Action by Namkaze

Rank: 434, Points: 74

Updated: 19Jul Pages: 29


Action by hoshimaro

Rank: 38, Points: 111

Updated: 11May Pages: 37

Deployment of troops

Humor by Folco

Rank: 86, Points: 56

Updated: 25Feb Pages: 4


Rank: 55, Points: 82

Updated: 21Mar Pages: 6

El gato Elias


Rank: 54, Points: 135

Updated: 4Feb Pages: 164

Vice Versa


Rank: 25, Points: 153

Updated: 3Mar Pages: 12

Electro School Girl

Fantasy - SF by Russ Artiste

Rank: 28, Points: 164

Updated: 26Nov Pages: 74

Mouak ! (Ou un truc...


Rank: 498, Points: 68

Updated: 30Oct Pages: 20


Action by fmenor

Rank: 168, Points: 90

Updated: 17Feb Pages: 59

Y'en a marre de Jean...

Humor by roro318

Rank: 633, Points: 20

Updated: 15Feb Pages: 67

Sólo una historia


Rank: 276, Points: 61

Updated: 1Jan Pages: 9


Rank: 283, Points: 57

Updated: 1Feb Pages: 11

Kazuki, le Dernier...

Fantasy - SF by esbay

Rank: 70, Points: 138

Updated: 16Dec Pages: 53

Vampire + Dreamer...

Romance by al3s5a

Rank: 297, Points: 48

Updated: 13Jan Pages: 63


Rank: 58, Points: 81

Updated: 28Mar Pages: 5


Action by smaïky

Rank: 119, Points: 120

Updated: yest. Pages: 99


Thriller by maruna

Rank: 444, Points: 73

Updated: 25May Pages: 105

Joé et Zizon

Humor by Nycolas

Rank: 326, Points: 85

Updated: 17Feb Pages: 15


Thriller by B@book

Rank: 497, Points: 68

Updated: 13Jul Pages: 19


Action by AminMaten

Rank: 486, Points: 69

Updated: 18Feb Pages: 20



Rank: 111, Points: 123

Updated: 3May Pages: 180

Bertrand le petit singe

Humor by Arnaud Lehue

Rank: 471, Points: 70

Updated: 24Nov Pages: 47

Miscatonic Crazy School


Rank: 249, Points: 97

Updated: 10Jul Pages: 32


Fantasy - SF by Jason Brubaker

Rank: 21, Points: 169

Finished comics Pages: 148

Blaze Master

Thriller by Redmagic

Rank: 445, Points: 73

Updated: 8Oct Pages: 49


Romance by Gagovi

Rank: 259, Points: 68

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 48

Scott Holmes

Action by JaguarKamo

Rank: 438, Points: 73

Updated: 17Sep Pages: 36

Dawn tome 1 "Black and...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 181, Points: 107

Finished comics Pages: 32

LFDM : La fin de notre...

Fantasy - SF by leemon

Rank: 605, Points: 47

Updated: 17Jan Pages: 40

Borea, le Monde Blanc

Fantasy - SF by Sand Kerion

Rank: 82, Points: 133

Updated: 7Jun Pages: 12

Alert Spoiler la bd

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 620, Points: 40

Updated: 16Oct Pages: 12

Legends of Yggdrasil

Fantasy - SF by Alwine

Rank: 37, Points: 158

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 53



Rank: 263, Points: 96

Finished comics Pages: 45

Paradis des otakus

Humor by Elizir

Rank: 142, Points: 114

Updated: 24Jan Pages: 209


Thriller by Fidelitas-Rosae

Rank: 163, Points: 110

Updated: 22Jan Pages: 85

Jack & The Beanstalk

Humor by higan

Rank: 307, Points: 87

Updated: 29Jan Pages: 61

J'aime un Perso de Manga

Fantasy - SF by Moygoth

Rank: 235, Points: 99

Updated: 31Jul Pages: 174

Kyuubi no Kitsune

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 48, Points: 151

Finished comics Pages: 100

Union Hors-séries

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 515, Points: 67

Updated: 23Sep Pages: 12


Action by Cagattzo

Rank: 93, Points: 113

Updated: 7Nov Pages: 154

Sweet Momory

Romance by Erisley

Rank: 288, Points: 56

Updated: 12Mar Pages: 10

El Nudo

by Enrique Luque

Rank: 255, Points: 69

Updated: 21Nov Pages: 10


Humor by flutter

Rank: 62, Points: 141

Updated: 10Jan Pages: 38

Mischievous Love

Romance by Mokona

Rank: 304, Points: 88

Updated: 12Dec Pages: 19

Draw Life

Humor by Larryon, burricher

Rank: 573, Points: 57

Updated: 14Aug Pages: 47

New war

Fantasy - SF by Hetri

Rank: 512, Points: 67

Updated: 1May Pages: 10


Fantasy - SF by Guiom

Rank: 183, Points: 106

Updated: 26Mar Pages: 357

Strip & jeu de mots


Rank: 131, Points: 116

Updated: 07h00 Pages: 15

Inner Edge

Fantasy - SF by Tacto

Rank: 141, Points: 114

Updated: 14h02 Pages: 23


Fantasy - SF by Alvenon

Rank: 13, Points: 199

Updated: 22Jan Pages: 2

Le sang du pêcheur

Thriller by Sheeny

Rank: 492, Points: 68

Updated: 13Nov Pages: 9


Thriller by lostmemorycs

Rank: 442, Points: 73

Updated: 6Sep Pages: 18

Victor Victorum


Rank: 535, Points: 66

Updated: 17Mar Pages: 7


Thriller by Loic Sombo

Rank: 524, Points: 67

Updated: 19Mar Pages: 25

Dawn of the Sorain

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 440, Points: 73

Updated: 13Sep Pages: 46

Blast On !!

Action by Kev85

Rank: 388, Points: 79

Updated: 17Sep Pages: 15

Cow and co


Rank: 596, Points: 53

Updated: 18Oct Pages: 18

Chroniques d'un nouveau...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 300, Points: 89

Updated: 20Sep Pages: 154

Le Retour de Satan

Humor by Gornow

Rank: 392, Points: 79

Updated: 5Jan Pages: 103

Broken Soul Pursue

Action by Shin-shio

Rank: 501, Points: 68

Updated: 1Nov Pages: 18

Exp00-The Perfect...

Thriller by Kowasu-san

Rank: 361, Points: 81

Updated: 14Jan Pages: 15


Fantasy - SF by Mb-Mangaka

Rank: 619, Points: 41

Finished comics Pages: 32


Rank: 135, Points: 98

Updated: 10h00 Pages: 65


Children's books

Rank: 453, Points: 72

Finished comics Pages: 22


Thriller by weasel, Norad

Rank: 233, Points: 99

Updated: 17Aug Pages: 25

Billy's Book - Le Yaa...


Rank: 201, Points: 103

Updated: 19Jan Pages: 58

Mirada atras

Action by Kyoffie

Rank: 94, Points: 113

Updated: 1Apr Pages: 5

Les origines oubliées

Fantasy - SF by acala mururoa

Rank: 283, Points: 93

Finished comics Pages: 16


Fantasy - SF by Arsenia Guichard

Rank: 397, Points: 78

Updated: 29Nov Pages: 30

Drielack Legend

Fantasy - SF by Siby Ogawa, eweklike

Rank: 71, Points: 137

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 113

Out of Sight

Fantasy - SF by Clover Doe

Rank: 18, Points: 174

Updated: 19May Pages: 51


by Fernando_Biz, Cosmicos

Rank: 15, Points: 192

Updated: 25Apr Pages: 34

(fantasía heroica)


Rank: 269, Points: 64

Updated: 28Jan Pages: 26

les fées

Humor by Fugushiman

Rank: 265, Points: 95

Finished comics Pages: 5


Romance by Elen'lu

Rank: 101, Points: 125

Updated: 12Jan Pages: 76



Rank: 632, Points: 21

Updated: 6Jun Pages: 30

Old School


Rank: 599, Points: 52

Finished comics Pages: 42


Fantasy - SF by Bassworld

Rank: 400, Points: 77

Updated: 22Jan Pages: 72

Dragon's Crystal!!

Fantasy - SF by wanda357

Rank: 370, Points: 80

Updated: 7Sep Pages: 39

Last Sekai X Rebellion

Fantasy - SF by LightWing-Kun

Rank: 411, Points: 76

Updated: 2Apr Pages: 33


Fantasy - SF by Gelweo

Rank: 348, Points: 82

Updated: 28Nov Pages: 31


Fantasy - SF by Saza

Rank: 456, Points: 72

Updated: 14Jan Pages: 60



Rank: 17, Points: 140

Updated: 7Feb Pages: 6

Ulrich no Smash Bros.

Humor by Jheronim0

Rank: 308, Points: 87

Updated: 21Mar Pages: 30

S.Bites B Side

Thriller by luro

Rank: 221, Points: 76

Updated: 12Dec Pages: 13

Chroniques du...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 375, Points: 80

Updated: 1Feb Pages: 24

Red Eye

Humor by Mariko, Mymie-an

Rank: 338, Points: 83

Finished comics Pages: 64


by Tsukinoslayer

Rank: 459, Points: 71

Updated: 9Jan Pages: 12

Le voyage de Bo

Thriller by Oraku

Rank: 324, Points: 85

Updated: 28Dec Pages: 10

Under the Sea

Fantasy - SF by KotoriShura

Rank: 585, Points: 54

Finished comics Pages: 7

Bad Hearts !


Rank: 629, Points: 28

Updated: 8Dec Pages: 18


by verdeagua

Rank: 284, Points: 57

Updated: 25Sep Pages: 13

La Espada del Anormal

Fantasy - SF by contreras

Rank: 47, Points: 139

Updated: yest. Pages: 644

Game of Love


Rank: 236, Points: 98

Updated: 3Feb Pages: 11

Mad Wolf

Thriller by freewolf

Rank: 604, Points: 48

Updated: 31Dec Pages: 4

New Order

Fantasy - SF by Iyoku

Rank: 151, Points: 112

Finished comics Pages: 28


Humor by Tcim

Rank: 634, Points: 19

Updated: 25Mar Pages: 4

La légende de Grimbelyn

Fantasy - SF by NatsuKan

Rank: 557, Points: 62

Updated: 23Feb Pages: 81

New Gaïa

Fantasy - SF by hibi

Rank: 502, Points: 68

Updated: 6Nov Pages: 15

Clara Catastrophe

Humor by lua clara

Rank: 208, Points: 102

Updated: 20Jan Pages: 47


Fantasy - SF by A.C.Puig, Jormest

Rank: 21, Points: 168

Finished comics Pages: 46


Action by Bruno_salas

Rank: 40, Points: 110

Pages: 21


Romance by manboou

Rank: 30, Points: 164

Updated: 08h03 Pages: 207

Ecos en la Arena OS

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 24, Points: 162

Finished comics Pages: 27


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 180, Points: 107

Finished comics Pages: 30

A step in hell

by Japandragon

Rank: 315, Points: 86

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 17

Valentín Mancera

Thriller by maledictus

Rank: 164, Points: 93

Updated: 27Feb Pages: 44


Fantasy - SF by Chikara

Rank: 432, Points: 74

Updated: 16Jan Pages: 78

Spirits Age

Fantasy - SF by Psycho Maneki, Hinamuko

Rank: 124, Points: 117

Updated: 1Mar Pages: 152


by harriet

Rank: 12, Points: 161

Updated: 6Feb Pages: 25

Je t'aime...Moi non...

Romance by Vanou Titiyou

Rank: 159, Points: 111

Updated: 15Jan Pages: 233


Action by Meitatron

Rank: 293, Points: 92

Updated: 8Sep Pages: 12


Fantasy - SF by DizonX

Rank: 155, Points: 111

Updated: 24Oct Pages: 17


Humor by Thony Berval, lostfruty

Rank: 310, Points: 87

Updated: 2Feb Pages: 68

Yôkai Destiny Sword

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 362, Points: 81

Updated: 17Apr Pages: 131

Geeks online

Humor by Toshiro Muo

Rank: 571, Points: 57

Updated: 5Jan Pages: 55

Le Retour des Saiyans


Rank: 325, Points: 85

Updated: 14Jan Pages: 34


Thriller by cddam

Rank: 23, Points: 168

Updated: 14Dec Pages: 226

Oursemou, l'ours pas...

Humor by oursemou

Rank: 408, Points: 76

Updated: 30Sep Pages: 14


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 98, Points: 126

Updated: 25Jun Pages: 181

Ҫa caille rude

Humor by Ventouline

Rank: 99, Points: 126

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 23

My Destiny

Thriller by Chibi Dam'z

Rank: 81, Points: 133

Updated: 24Jan Pages: 185

Les Aventures de Poncho


Rank: 567, Points: 58

Updated: 31Mar Pages: 59


by Rosy=)

Rank: 398, Points: 78

Updated: 21Jan Pages: 57


Humor by Zedes Greg

Rank: 635, Points: 16

Updated: 15Jan Pages: 37

Ces choses qui ont un...

Romance by mangakahanna

Rank: 606, Points: 46

Updated: 28Jun Pages: 56


Fantasy - SF by mad crow

Rank: 109, Points: 124

Updated: 24Jan Pages: 64

Lovely Back Ground


Rank: 403, Points: 76

Finished comics Pages: 48

Le crépuscule des dieux

Fantasy - SF by Lex Dei

Rank: 450, Points: 72

Updated: 9Oct Pages: 40


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 135, Points: 115

Updated: 27Oct Pages: 4

La princesse Corbeau

Fantasy - SF by Layou

Rank: 61, Points: 142

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 38

New Erezy

Action by Nykko

Rank: 436, Points: 74

Updated: 27Jan Pages: 38

La fierté de Vegeta


Rank: 506, Points: 68

Finished comics Pages: 15


Thriller by stef84, Blood Wolf

Rank: 569, Points: 58

Updated: 28Feb Pages: 10

My personal Star !


Rank: 230, Points: 99

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 18

On lave son linge...

Fantasy - SF by Gernier

Rank: 220, Points: 100

Finished comics Pages: 16

Lee Roy

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 597, Points: 53

Updated: 12Jan Pages: 5

Daniel Elvis

Fantasy - SF by malcomaru

Rank: 592, Points: 53

Updated: 24Jan Pages: 8


Fantasy - SF by BDShiN

Rank: 513, Points: 67

Updated: 27Jun Pages: 9

Emisario del Sol

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 165, Points: 93

Updated: 21Sep Pages: 52



Rank: 496, Points: 68

Updated: 26Sep Pages: 36


Fantasy - SF by manapany

Rank: 137, Points: 115

Finished comics Pages: 40

Love is Blind

Romance by Doctr Mur

Rank: 71, Points: 72

Updated: 26Jan Pages: 12

Angels' Judgment

Thriller by Nooey

Rank: 389, Points: 79

Updated: 8Sep Pages: 48


Thriller by Hiromi-Hana

Rank: 264, Points: 95

Updated: 30Dec Pages: 87

Silence Cage

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 223, Points: 100

Updated: 11Oct Pages: 13


Romance by cynthia

Rank: 26, Points: 121

Updated: 14Feb Pages: 55

42 je retrouve mon père

Humor by Biscuit

Rank: 539, Points: 66

Updated: 27Apr Pages: 16

Celestial Beast


Rank: 386, Points: 80

Updated: 26Jul Pages: 71

L'éveil des sens


Rank: 63, Points: 140

Finished comics Pages: 57


Fantasy - SF by Renkei Fuwarito

Rank: 213, Points: 101

Updated: 24Jan Pages: 83

Un été à Plouha

Humor by jules

Rank: 255, Points: 97

Updated: 4Nov Pages: 14


Action by isumaeru, Baxvirtual

Rank: 196, Points: 83

Updated: 22Oct Pages: 21

Le Dernier Train

Romance by Alyson.P

Rank: 418, Points: 75

Finished comics Pages: 43

man of factorisation...


Rank: 581, Points: 55

Finished comics Pages: 33

Les Sentinelles で チュ ★

Humor by Velkia

Rank: 202, Points: 103

Updated: 13Sep Pages: 7

Evil Destiny

Action by Katsei-Kun30

Rank: 589, Points: 54

Updated: 27Mar Pages: 21


by Riley18

Rank: 105, Points: 124

Updated: 27Oct Pages: 63

Prince Wetterhahn

Fantasy - SF by ughen nicolas, Charline M

Rank: 134, Points: 116

Updated: 13Aug Pages: 11

Solaris Saga

Fantasy - SF by -Renard-

Rank: 146, Points: 113

Updated: 24Jul Pages: 158

Pyro: Le vent de la...

Action by calyste

Rank: 611, Points: 45

Updated: 21Jan Pages: 63

Barbu : Des défis & des...


Rank: 259, Points: 96

Updated: 22Mar Pages: 17

Bubblegôm Gôm


Rank: 215, Points: 101

Updated: 6Nov Pages: 42


Action by Popolls

Rank: 185, Points: 106

Updated: yest. Pages: 183

L'épée de Damoclès

Fantasy - SF by Miss-M

Rank: 298, Points: 90

Updated: 17Jul Pages: 53

Les trèfles rouges

Action by MlleLowra

Rank: 150, Points: 112

Updated: 24Jan Pages: 47

Le journal intime de...


Rank: 306, Points: 87

Updated: 8Sep Pages: 48

On air


Rank: 60, Points: 81

Updated: 4Feb Pages: 6

Super Prout

Humor by huggymauve

Rank: 574, Points: 57

Updated: 20Jan Pages: 17

Moon Drop

Fantasy - SF by Teirebe

Rank: 463, Points: 71

Updated: 9Nov Pages: 29


Fantasy - SF by lalina mangas

Rank: 509, Points: 68

Updated: 1Mar Pages: 9


Humor by SekushiBoy

Rank: 451, Points: 72

Updated: 29Oct Pages: 24

Spirit of a Dawn- Tome 2

Fantasy - SF by Trémor

Rank: 387, Points: 79

Updated: 21Nov Pages: 17


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 583, Points: 55

Finished comics Pages: 33


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 427, Points: 74

Updated: 7Sep Pages: 100

El Noveno Círculo

Action by Blacksanz

Rank: 62, Points: 129

Updated: 12Aug Pages: 52



Rank: 479, Points: 70

Updated: 5Nov Pages: 6

Magic Girl

Fantasy - SF by Gustvoc

Rank: 177, Points: 87

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 238

Como tudo começou


Rank: 78, Points: 81

Pages: 12

galactik man

by james mellange

Rank: 555, Points: 63

Updated: 24Nov Pages: 179

Wolf of hope

Fantasy - SF by Estelou-sama

Rank: 481, Points: 70

Updated: 26Sep Pages: 18

Level Up!

Action by Oleg Tsoy

Rank: 53, Points: 84

Updated: 14May Pages: 45



Rank: 470, Points: 70

Finished comics Pages: 46


Children's books by Poncho

Rank: 266, Points: 95

Finished comics Pages: 9

El refugio olvidado


Rank: 108, Points: 108

Finished comics Pages: 12


Fantasy - SF by Ryujin-Sama

Rank: 123, Points: 118

Updated: 7Jan Pages: 47

Mechanical heart

Fantasy - SF by JennyMiki

Rank: 138, Points: 115

Updated: yest. Pages: 66

Toi+Jeune !


Rank: 472, Points: 70

Updated: 29Apr Pages: 24

Axel's World

Fantasy - SF by imple

Rank: 433, Points: 74

Finished comics Pages: 33

Les contes de Gari -...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 126, Points: 117

Updated: 24Aug Pages: 30

Cuentos de Lorazepam

Thriller by Pauso

Rank: 280, Points: 60

Updated: 2Mar Pages: 4


Fantasy - SF by Hellers

Rank: 280, Points: 93

Updated: 6Dec Pages: 136

Blood Sorcerer

Fantasy - SF by ChristRoi, Oz

Rank: 40, Points: 157

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 25

L'amour n'a pas d'âge !

Romance by Asura Hikari

Rank: 394, Points: 78

Finished comics Pages: 68

Ombre et Lumière


Rank: 582, Points: 55

Updated: 23Nov Pages: 49

Toto et Lolo


Rank: 211, Points: 102

Finished comics Pages: 66



Rank: 426, Points: 74

Updated: 11Jan Pages: 8

Marin et la belle-mère -...


Rank: 278, Points: 93

Updated: 27Dec Pages: 10

la mujer sin rostro

Thriller by darkkeferas

Rank: 281, Points: 60

Updated: 2May Pages: 8


Thriller by 1LD3

Rank: 59, Points: 133

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 10

Soul Shinigami !

Fantasy - SF by Matsuro95

Rank: 542, Points: 66

Updated: 8Jun Pages: 3

not 8

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 505, Points: 68

Finished comics Pages: 40

Secret Wizard

Fantasy - SF by Aredian

Rank: 529, Points: 67

Updated: 22Jan Pages: 14


Fantasy - SF by Romain Hernandez

Rank: 343, Points: 83

Updated: 22Feb Pages: 48

Pas d'Rôle

Fantasy - SF by andy42

Rank: 489, Points: 69

Updated: 3Dec Pages: 19

Sun Crystals

Humor by Mangakun

Rank: 422, Points: 74

Updated: 7Dec Pages: 82

Quem São os Culpados

by Eliezer França

Rank: 100, Points: 59

Updated: 18Feb Pages: 5

Le 77ème Royaume

Fantasy - SF by RENart de rien

Rank: 428, Points: 74

Updated: 16Dec Pages: 69

Les portes d'Ys

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 95, Points: 127

Updated: yest. Pages: 9

Aux origines de la vie...

Children's books by yhann35

Rank: 330, Points: 84

Updated: 7Apr Pages: 59


Fantasy - SF by akicraveri

Rank: 73, Points: 137

Finished comics Pages: 113

Un Pistolet sur la Tempe


Rank: 336, Points: 84

Finished comics Pages: 22


Thriller by Guasap

Rank: 236, Points: 72

Updated: 26Nov Pages: 21

Shinágrand reinicio

Fantasy - SF by shinagrand

Rank: 122, Points: 102

Updated: 23Nov Pages: 27

La Quêt du père disparu

Thriller by MaryRed

Rank: 609, Points: 45

Updated: 14May Pages: 10

Exorcize Me

Fantasy - SF by Lizzie, Freakazoid

Rank: 302, Points: 88

Updated: 21Aug Pages: 41

Sigma Pi

Romance by yumimoony, Quadrinize

Rank: 21, Points: 134

Updated: 6Mar Pages: 33

Reve du Football...

Action by Ismael Stefanas

Rank: 598, Points: 53

Updated: 14Jan Pages: 14

Les légendes de Dunia

Fantasy - SF by Shindra

Rank: 136, Points: 115

Updated: 27Jun Pages: 20


Humor by stoon

Rank: 425, Points: 74

Finished comics Pages: 64

The Coquelicots Diaries


Rank: 390, Points: 79

Updated: 31Aug Pages: 39

Journal intime d'un...

Fantasy - SF by chu helene

Rank: 282, Points: 93

Updated: yest. Pages: 37

Barbu : Le règne du poil

Humor by -Barbu-

Rank: 261, Points: 96

Updated: 1Feb Pages: 6


Fantasy - SF by Miror-Z

Rank: 488, Points: 69

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 19

Gold Firmin

Action by mykilow

Rank: 625, Points: 31

Updated: 25Jan Pages: 132

Mon beau super héros


Rank: 639, Points: 2

Updated: 1May Pages: 10


Humor by DrVegapunk

Rank: 510, Points: 67

Updated: 11Nov Pages: 24

Gai Bian

by Yumi-chan

Rank: 404, Points: 76

Updated: 11Nov Pages: 19

Les Fantômes Vagabonds

Fantasy - SF by Tale

Rank: 209, Points: 102

Updated: 27Aug Pages: 38

Sealed School

Action by L_C_HAMILTON

Rank: 238, Points: 71

Updated: 26Jan Pages: 6

Karasu no Hane

Thriller by Elsa Kisiel

Rank: 622, Points: 37

Updated: 3Apr Pages: 76


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 508, Points: 68

Finished comics Pages: 4


Romance by Mzanie

Rank: 402, Points: 76

Updated: 5Feb Pages: 128


Romance by Darius

Rank: 87, Points: 114

Updated: 25May Pages: 328


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 8, Points: 212

Updated: yest. Pages: 220

XP Quest

Fantasy - SF by le nuage

Rank: 206, Points: 102

Updated: yest. Pages: 35

Thief Aladino

Fantasy - SF by Edwing

Rank: 212, Points: 79

Updated: 21Oct Pages: 20


Thriller by Nowaki , madison

Rank: 420, Points: 75

Finished comics Pages: 21


Thriller by Freaks

Rank: 246, Points: 97

Updated: 10Jan Pages: 26

Tild : Mage à louer

Fantasy - SF by Maxa'

Rank: 6, Points: 260

Updated: 22Jan Pages: 132

C'est pas trop court ?


Rank: 368, Points: 81

Updated: 4Dec Pages: 29

John L'Alien

Action by darkpiwo

Rank: 568, Points: 58

Updated: 21Jun Pages: 44


Action by liamdonne

Rank: 588, Points: 54

Updated: 2Sep Pages: 12


Humor by Photon

Rank: 188, Points: 106

Updated: 7Jan Pages: 40



Rank: 241, Points: 98

Finished comics Pages: 39

God's Children

Thriller by Vavanemo

Rank: 401, Points: 77

Updated: 20Oct Pages: 12

Eikyû no kokoro

Romance by LasBloom

Rank: 233, Points: 73

Updated: 5Mar Pages: 19

Projet OMG

Fantasy - SF by tykayn, Reg Mirkaos

Rank: 93, Points: 128

Updated: 26Nov Pages: 20


Fantasy - SF by Elairin

Rank: 87, Points: 131

Updated: 25Sep Pages: 53

Le trésor


Rank: 638, Points: 14

Updated: 19Feb Pages: 4

Selon le Ciel

Romance by Black-plume

Rank: 490, Points: 69

Updated: 5Jan Pages: 39


Humor by Tiébo

Rank: 536, Points: 66

Updated: 16Sep Pages: 22

gallery quest

Rank: 537, Points: 66

Finished comics Pages: 19

Esprit Vengeur

Action by madedd, Florian R. Guillon

Rank: 540, Points: 66

Finished comics Pages: 25

Only Two, le collectif

Humor by Jérôme

Rank: 204, Points: 102

Updated: 17Jun Pages: 48

Innocence Effacé

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 393, Points: 79

Updated: 29Dec Pages: 21


Fantasy - SF by Xion

Rank: 90, Points: 113

Updated: 1Mar Pages: 101


Fantasy - SF by ferrycortes

Rank: 466, Points: 71

Updated: 6Jan Pages: 68

Dragon and Weed: Origins

Fantasy - SF by AtA

Rank: 423, Points: 74

Updated: 13Feb Pages: 1689

CREATURE of the...

Romance by BLACK RAVEN

Rank: 270, Points: 63

Updated: 30Jun Pages: 7


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 327, Points: 85

Updated: 15May Pages: 24


by jinneara

Rank: 443, Points: 73

Updated: 4Nov Pages: 71


Thriller by Michaël

Rank: 614, Points: 41

Updated: 9Aug Pages: 2

Good Luck Takeshi


Rank: 268, Points: 95

Updated: 23Dec Pages: 8


Fantasy - SF by ulmiacomics

Rank: 177, Points: 108

Updated: 14Dec Pages: 30

Blog et Méchant

Humor by BlogEtMéchant

Rank: 355, Points: 82

Updated: 24Sep Pages: 111

L'attaque des écureuils...


Rank: 75, Points: 135

Finished comics Pages: 64

Et Pis Taf !

Humor by Lamisseb

Rank: 193, Points: 105

Updated: 9Nov Pages: 27

God's sheep

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 121, Points: 120

Updated: 10h00 Pages: 483

Trois Mousquetaires

Action by El Jerko

Rank: 158, Points: 111

Updated: 1Feb Pages: 42

Bonne chance Betty

Romance by pacy demo

Rank: 593, Points: 53

Updated: 1Jan Pages: 6

Si j'avais su

Action by Jinshir0

Rank: 559, Points: 61

Updated: 27Nov Pages: 170


Humor by ROKEFOX

Rank: 271, Points: 62

Updated: 21Dec Pages: 32

Les Mésaventures de...

Humor by Valtorgun

Rank: 365, Points: 81

Updated: 24Sep Pages: 13

LA Tour Secrète

Fantasy - SF by RyuSam

Rank: 287, Points: 92

Updated: 28Jul Pages: 450

3 Ways to Epica

Fantasy - SF by Soturisi

Rank: 254, Points: 69

Updated: 29Nov Pages: 10



Rank: 190, Points: 106

Updated: 17Oct Pages: 6



Rank: 1, Points: 300

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 227

Les Héros de la Force

Fantasy - SF by Loïc Solaris, Xander

Rank: 477, Points: 70

Updated: 31Aug Pages: 6



Rank: 468, Points: 71

Finished comics Pages: 20

Un Amor Imposible

Romance by Estrellamireia

Rank: 98, Points: 112

Updated: 16Jan Pages: 13

The destiny of master

Action by Shuruka

Rank: 476, Points: 70

Updated: 24Nov Pages: 61

Who's She


Rank: 626, Points: 31

Updated: 9Feb Pages: 117

Enemy inside


Rank: 174, Points: 108

Updated: 4Jul Pages: 42

Billy's Book

Humor by pain(t)

Rank: 377, Points: 80

Updated: 12Jun Pages: 10


Fantasy - SF by Julien Mestre

Rank: 548, Points: 66

Finished comics Pages: 8

Earth Life

Fantasy - SF by nikos

Rank: 374, Points: 80

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 8

Eviland : le continent...

by Nyuki

Rank: 541, Points: 66

Updated: 10Jan Pages: 2

Soul Revolution

Fantasy - SF by dangerdays9

Rank: 617, Points: 41

Updated: 6Apr Pages: 24


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 631, Points: 27

Updated: 1Jan Pages: 7


Action by CyrilleTelmer, Menestrel

Rank: 44, Points: 155

Updated: 25Apr Pages: 79


Fantasy - SF by MatthieuF

Rank: 491, Points: 69

Updated: 13Nov Pages: 4



Rank: 316, Points: 86

Updated: 20Jan Pages: 34

Mort aux vaches

Humor by larkhill

Rank: 53, Points: 148

Updated: 26May Pages: 153

- - - Obl : viO - - -...

Fantasy - SF by traumwelt

Rank: 237, Points: 98

Updated: 28May Pages: 15

Greatest Ninja in Japan


Rank: 84, Points: 57

Updated: 8Mar Pages: 6


Humor by Cyb le dessineux

Rank: 254, Points: 97

Updated: 28Mar Pages: 37

Les aventures débiles de...


Rank: 297, Points: 91

Updated: 21Jan Pages: 107

Wake Up

Fantasy - SF by cooler_85

Rank: 630, Points: 27

Updated: 9Oct Pages: 9

Only Two - Sex&Nude


Rank: 197, Points: 104

Updated: 3Jan Pages: 22

Dirty cosmos

by Alvinator

Rank: 405, Points: 76

Updated: 10Nov Pages: 56


Fantasy - SF by firemax34

Rank: 301, Points: 89

Updated: 09h39 Pages: 201

Le Poing de Saint Jude

Thriller by wekake

Rank: 20, Points: 170

Updated: 19Jan Pages: 75

Le Fils de la Manticore

Fantasy - SF by Kazuoh

Rank: 346, Points: 83

Updated: 25Apr Pages: 14



Rank: 186, Points: 85

Updated: 2Jun Pages: 52


Fantasy - SF by Dave-X

Rank: 57, Points: 145

Updated: 6Dec Pages: 38

Pépé & Mémé Corporation


Rank: 321, Points: 85

Updated: 13Sep Pages: 43


Fantasy - SF by tsubame0613

Rank: 584, Points: 55

Updated: 4Jan Pages: 6

War of Forumeurs

Fantasy - SF by Roshe

Rank: 612, Points: 44

Updated: 5Dec Pages: 38

Horror tentacular

Humor by Volker

Rank: 95, Points: 113

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 25

Eyes of Jewels

Humor by MonicaNG

Rank: 120, Points: 102

Finished comics Pages: 65

Hidden Sky

Romance by Happy-Neko

Rank: 523, Points: 67

Updated: 13Sep Pages: 9


Action by zam

Rank: 474, Points: 70

Finished comics Pages: 62

Nuzlocke Challenge :...

Action by Rannime-V

Rank: 317, Points: 86

Updated: yest. Pages: 46

La vache de l'espace


Rank: 531, Points: 66

Updated: 23Apr Pages: 11


Action by Nathop

Rank: 407, Points: 76

Updated: 14Apr Pages: 21

prisonier de canyon

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 284, Points: 93

Finished comics Pages: 27

Pirate 2.0

Fantasy - SF by Leonardbannelingbang

Rank: 69, Points: 138

Updated: 26Oct Pages: 7


Romance by marycagnin

Rank: 61, Points: 94

Updated: 26Feb Pages: 10

L.C.D.O. Pirates des...

Fantasy - SF by oristarck

Rank: 527, Points: 67

Updated: 12Jan Pages: 27

Book of Death

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 590, Points: 54

Updated: 19Feb Pages: 11

Les gnomes


Rank: 627, Points: 29

Finished comics Pages: 46


Action by Jéro

Rank: 108, Points: 124

Finished comics Pages: 25


Rank: 219, Points: 100

Finished comics Pages: 54

Golden Skull

Action by Mr Bambou

Rank: 292, Points: 92

Updated: 17Jun Pages: 416

After Death

Action by Harimi

Rank: 191, Points: 84

Updated: 27Mar Pages: 89

Une lettre d'amour

Romance by aiglenoi31

Rank: 500, Points: 68

Finished comics Pages: 21


Action by formador

Rank: 28, Points: 161

Updated: 21Jul Pages: 465

Les strips de Matteor

Humor by matteorrr

Rank: 600, Points: 52

Updated: 29Nov Pages: 60

Daturaa Volume I

Action by NicoVsYuh

Rank: 250, Points: 97

Updated: 20Feb Pages: 159


Thriller by edbe

Rank: 399, Points: 77

Updated: 15Nov Pages: 87



Rank: 170, Points: 109

Updated: 22Sep Pages: 141

L'Animation pour les...


Rank: 234, Points: 99

Updated: 7Nov Pages: 4

Spirit of a Dawn- Tome 1

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 383, Points: 80

Finished comics Pages: 32


by racha

Rank: 475, Points: 70

Updated: 27Jul Pages: 28


Romance by miku2828

Rank: 12, Points: 201

Updated: 15Jan Pages: 148

Criminal Card

Action by Vergil

Rank: 416, Points: 75

Updated: 26Oct Pages: 64

Cut Off

Romance by didizuka

Rank: 205, Points: 102

Finished comics Pages: 262

pilot hook

Thriller by katydid

Rank: 494, Points: 68

Finished comics Pages: 28


Romance by lolo78014

Rank: 395, Points: 78

Updated: 9Dec Pages: 43


by Hanaa

Rank: 378, Points: 80

Updated: yest. Pages: 37

Jean-Norbert le...

Fantasy - SF by Mélicente

Rank: 615, Points: 41

Updated: 1Oct Pages: 26

Like a Fairy Tale

Fantasy - SF by Aliz, Erein Aeternallis

Rank: 50, Points: 138

Updated: 29Jul Pages: 49

Whisper in the Dark

Thriller by AngelMJ

Rank: 125, Points: 117

Updated: 15Sep Pages: 29

Barbu : La vie de...


Rank: 67, Points: 138

Updated: 21Jan Pages: 31


Romance by LittleEndian

Rank: 248, Points: 97

Updated: 22Apr Pages: 1

Sayu Samurai

Action by U-zineiros Taubate

Rank: 13, Points: 170

Updated: 28Feb Pages: 34

Dino Hunterz

by lobolimao

Rank: 77, Points: 81

Updated: 21Feb Pages: 17

Piano Sound


Rank: 566, Points: 59

Finished comics Pages: 42


Fantasy - SF by JAL

Rank: 335, Points: 84

Updated: 30Jan Pages: 32

Sagas Oniricas

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 76, Points: 120

Updated: 13Jan Pages: 13

Stella Love

Humor by Masterstyle

Rank: 628, Points: 28

Updated: 3Feb Pages: 13


Fantasy - SF by daruko

Rank: 602, Points: 49

Updated: 12Apr Pages: 76

Tools Challenge

Action by PAAF

Rank: 14, Points: 163

Updated: 26Oct Pages: 12



Rank: 424, Points: 74

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 10

Timothé l'Antillais

Humor by Jiorgio Nerjat

Rank: 504, Points: 68

Updated: 29Feb Pages: 6

Ruth Blydon

Rank: 224, Points: 75

Updated: 1Dec Pages: 17


Rank: 82, Points: 60

Updated: 30Mar Pages: 17



Rank: 430, Points: 74

Updated: 30Nov Pages: 42

Revenge of Blond-Haired...

Humor by Zorga

Rank: 55, Points: 147

Updated: 20Nov Pages: 78

Secret music

Romance by Jay.

Rank: 274, Points: 94

Updated: 11Jul Pages: 44

Bajo Cero

Action by MiyuWasHere, Gallardo

Rank: 231, Points: 73

Updated: 22Feb Pages: 7

Gohan Story

Action by aladin

Rank: 290, Points: 92

Updated: 6Dec Pages: 190

Rêves d'enfants

Children's books

Rank: 595, Points: 53

Finished comics Pages: 25

WAW (World At War)


Rank: 577, Points: 56

Updated: 20Jun Pages: 31

La guerre des rongeurs...

Humor by ktulukru

Rank: 161, Points: 110

Updated: 21Jan Pages: 53



Rank: 250, Points: 69

Updated: 1Sep Pages: 24

Erwan The Heiress

Fantasy - SF by Cali

Rank: 311, Points: 87

Updated: 18Oct Pages: 54

Ratus ratus

Humor by naanou63

Rank: 66, Points: 139

Updated: 13Dec Pages: 90

Black Butterfly

Action by Jayto

Rank: 493, Points: 68

Updated: 27Dec Pages: 48

Buch Démon's

Action by A2lan

Rank: 637, Points: 14

Updated: 1Jan Pages: 11


Humor by Rockwood

Rank: 129, Points: 116

Updated: yest. Pages: 124

Bird Love


Rank: 217, Points: 100

Finished comics Pages: 242

Timmy Manjaro

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 623, Points: 36

Updated: 3Mar Pages: 121

La meute solitaire

Thriller by kei sakurada

Rank: 487, Points: 69

Updated: 20Dec Pages: 28


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 607, Points: 45

Updated: 2Dec Pages: 47


Action by gyomura

Rank: 441, Points: 73

Updated: 13Apr Pages: 57

Le Magazine De L’Étrange


Rank: 218, Points: 100

Updated: 10Feb Pages: 153

Jusqu'à mon dernier...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 546, Points: 66

Finished comics Pages: 20


Fantasy - SF by cyci16, Picabou

Rank: 154, Points: 112

Finished comics Pages: 21

Alpha Zero

Fantasy - SF by Zaigard

Rank: 39, Points: 144

Updated: 24May Pages: 41

Jace, Ghost Hunter

Fantasy - SF by Morgila

Rank: 610, Points: 45

Updated: 11Aug Pages: 42



Rank: 344, Points: 83

Updated: 1Feb Pages: 62

Salle des Profs

Humor by Belzaran

Rank: 145, Points: 114

Finished comics Pages: 41


Fantasy - SF by cOrbac

Rank: 276, Points: 93

Updated: 17Apr Pages: 3

Ze crazy cooks

Humor by bernus

Rank: 153, Points: 112

Updated: 4Dec Pages: 84

Mes Phantasmes


Rank: 328, Points: 84

Finished comics Pages: 9

Histoires en Rouge et...

Children's books

Rank: 446, Points: 73

Updated: 15Nov Pages: 28


Fantasy - SF by PizzaCat

Rank: 396, Points: 78

Updated: 3Jul Pages: 75


Fantasy - SF by wickedalucard

Rank: 49, Points: 151

Updated: 23Sep Pages: 23


Fantasy - SF by yukimiaou

Rank: 448, Points: 73

Updated: 24Jan Pages: 16

Mouak - Le Gourou...

Humor by Groumpfouh

Rank: 384, Points: 80

Updated: 6Jan Pages: 46


Humor by Mikashin

Rank: 410, Points: 76

Updated: 9Jun Pages: 30

Phoenix Artefact

Fantasy - SF by Coqualier

Rank: 272, Points: 94

Updated: 13Feb Pages: 30



Rank: 203, Points: 81

Updated: 15Jan Pages: 8


Thriller by Yuki S., Jisuk

Rank: 29, Points: 164

Updated: 3Dec Pages: 108

crystal fury

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 526, Points: 67

Finished comics Pages: 19


Humor by sarell

Rank: 184, Points: 106

Finished comics Pages: 37

Nolife - 100% Jus de...


Rank: 457, Points: 72

Updated: 28Apr Pages: 22

¡ Limón !

Humor by Mosqi

Rank: 41, Points: 156

Finished comics Pages: 442

Légendes du Shi-èr

Action by Mic

Rank: 175, Points: 108

Updated: 1Mar Pages: 37

La Danse d'Alinoë

by Aramis

Rank: 480, Points: 70

Updated: 26Nov Pages: 50

Dinosaur Punch

Fantasy - SF by Spikterz

Rank: 594, Points: 53

Updated: 21Jan Pages: 10


Fantasy - SF by Enderman

Rank: 60, Points: 131

Updated: 1Dec Pages: 201


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