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Mr Shuyin 31

Balo is the one who betrayed vincent ?

Mr Shuyin 01/05/2013 14:21:13   
Pink_Marionette 6

You think so...?

Pink_Marionette 01/05/2013 18:52:53   
Mr Shuyin 31

I don't no maybe ... Why not?

Mr Shuyin 01/05/2013 21:33:06   
Pink_Marionette 6

It could be...there's a 1/6 chance XD

Pink_Marionette 01/06/2013 00:05:47   
Mr Shuyin 31

And now I want to see the meeting between them xD

Mr Shuyin 01/06/2013 13:34:34   
lig47 8

I was going to ask this u-u

lig47 01/06/2013 18:16:24   
Pink_Marionette 6

Balo is one of the members of Vincent's former gang. That's why he recognises the name. If you remember the start, he suspects it's one of them but doesn't know which one. Also, he doesn't know where they all are now.

Don't worry, I won't leave any info out of the story. ^^
Just give me time. XD

Pink_Marionette 01/06/2013 18:42:30   
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