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Comics and mangas with original language: English


by nylnook

Rank: 95, Points: 105

Updated: 4Aug Pages: 38

And if the inhabitants of tomorrow sent us letters?
From 2054 to 2084, from Iceland to Afghanistan, from cataclysms to...



Thriller by River West

Rank: 102, Points: 105

Updated: 1Jan Pages: 10

The omnibus series with short comics about MMA, published in E-book.
Preview pages are provided for each chapter.

About the...


Gothika: Peaccatum Omnia

Rank: 186, Points: 88

Updated: 26Sep Pages: 94

Part two of a fantasy saga about the ethernal battle between heaven and hell for the fate of Еarth.

Part One:...


Adapting to Night


Rank: 212, Points: 79

Updated: 20Jan Pages: 83

Ever wondered what being a vampire is like? Well, Melody definitely didn't have any plans to discover it. Saved by another...


In The Mood

by eandspresent

Rank: 336, Points: 65

Finished comics Pages: 2

Inspired by arts, this is a story about a musician, and his love and passion for music. We invite you to see our animated...



by cashin

Rank: 300, Points: 66

Updated: 14Aug Pages: 23

1000 years, the Order of Word kept Holy Spark of God, and it kept Holy Rus.
1000 years the forces of darkness tried to destroy...


Gothika: Equilibrium

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 48, Points: 127

Finished comics Pages: 207

Part one of a fantasy saga about the ethernal battle between heaven and hell for the fate of Еarth.

Part Two:...


Black Ring

Romance by Kalumis

Rank: 266, Points: 69

Updated: 26Oct Pages: 52

A rendez-vous 15years later for two kids


No Pink Ponies

Humor by Eisu

Rank: 13, Points: 188

Updated: 23May Pages: 147

Can a girl go to extreme measures to get close to the guy she likes? Jess is just such a girl, opening up a comic shop and...



Fantasy - SF by ImagineTheEnding

Rank: 110, Points: 102

Updated: 4Nov Pages: 126

VACANT is a science fiction web comic following Commander Hayze, an agent of "The Eye" a powerful alien government/ corporate...


Super Haters

Humor by nickmarino

Rank: 193, Points: 86

Updated: 5May Pages: 10

A superhero satire webcomic starring Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye, two lewd and rude slackers who suck at pretty much...



Humor by caldwell

Rank: 43, Points: 129

Updated: 6Apr Pages: 51

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by caldwell!


Saint's Way

Thriller by yasminliang

Rank: 64, Points: 115

Updated: 18Mar Pages: 53

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by yasminliang!


A Redtail's Dream

Fantasy - SF by minnasundberg

Rank: 15, Points: 182

Updated: 4Sep Pages: 186

The tale of a young man and his dog on a journey in an artificially created dream existence. As the only ones aware of their...



Fantasy - SF by Genesis Collective

Rank: 168, Points: 92

Updated: 1Mar Pages: 7

Genesis is a thoughtful scifi story of an engineer waiting for the end of a long, long shift...

Official home of...




Rank: 81, Points: 109

Updated: 2Feb Pages: 92

A normal working day turns into an endless nightmare for Gabriele and Arnaldo, hunted down by a zombie horde and a mysterious...



Humor by hejibits

Rank: 131, Points: 96

Updated: 8Jul Pages: 60

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by hejibits!


Dhalmun: Lesser Evil

Action by Biram Ba

Rank: 124, Points: 99

Updated: 7Jan Pages: 4

We all have dreams. Leon and his friends dream of becoming supervillains.

the first issue is also available for Patreon...


The Earth and The Snake

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 342, Points: 65

Updated: 12Nov Pages: 2

“The Earth and The Snake” – A Bulgarian legend about the creation of the world.


Samodiva's Kiss

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 337, Points: 65

Updated: 12Nov Pages: 2

“Samodiva’s Kiss” – A beautiful tale, inspired by the rich Bulgarian folklore. A story of love and magic...


The Hobbit

Fantasy - SF by Ensis

Rank: 185, Points: 88

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 130

This is not a comic.
It's a profusely illustrated novel... may be a Graphic Novel.
The Hobbit, from J.R.R. Tolkien drawn with...


Fiona Poppy

Humor by marioboon

Rank: 66, Points: 115

Updated: 12Oct Pages: 92

Fiona Poppy is our intrepid young heroine who inhabits a slightly more fantastic world filled with talking muscle bears, surly...


5th Stone

Fantasy - SF by MCREATOR

Rank: 99, Points: 105

Updated: 4May Pages: 10

Castle RAVEN stood challenging at the highest peak of the lands. Some called it "The Center Of It All". This peaceful night is...


A Beautiful Shambles

Humor by Daniel Chmielewski

Rank: 313, Points: 66

Updated: 30Sep Pages: 14

A group portrait of the people we see around us and sometimes of those we see in the mirror.

ABS is my foray into webcomics,...


Abducting The Aliens

Fantasy - SF by Riff 13

Rank: 182, Points: 89

Updated: 17Dec Pages: 53

What would it take for you to believe? That's a question Mac Sampson is used to hearing. But when an alien, the sole survivor...




Rank: 65, Points: 115

Updated: 9Jul Pages: 46

A high fantasy adventure that pokes gentle fun at RPG games and Dungeons & Dragons in particular.


Dhalmun: Age of Smoke


Rank: 119, Points: 100

Updated: 28Aug Pages: 85

Since the so called "superheroes" appeared, a lot has changed. There are no vigilantes. Just the military. The police. The...


Between Worlds

Thriller by tenshianna

Rank: 138, Points: 95

Updated: 8Dec Pages: 90

Lynx, a knight of the kingdom and empire of Minoka. once proud and arrogant finds herself at the mercy of her senile ruler. A...


U.N.A. Frontiers

Fantasy - SF by Coydog

Rank: 29, Points: 140

Updated: 3Mar Pages: 498

In this story, civilization was considerably devastated but not quite plunged into a new dark age. However, society is stuck...


Leth Hate

Humor by Leth.hate

Rank: 8, Points: 205

Updated: 16Feb Pages: 112

Webcomic about a man that refuses to die and the
zombie and succubus that keep him company.
Comedy with occasional NSFW...




Rank: 218, Points: 79

Updated: 20Feb Pages: 12

A humorous strip following the mishaps and mischiefs of accident-prone rascal Yeroshka and his family. Created by Andrei...


Hunter and Prey

Children's books

Rank: 326, Points: 66

Updated: 30Jan Pages: 3

A very short story depicting aerial dog fights on the Eastern front


Hot Dog

Fantasy - SF by yk84

Rank: 70, Points: 113

Updated: 4Apr Pages: 40

A humorous cyberpunk romp revolving around a futuristic motocross/dog race set in a dystopian world. The offbeat art and story...


Doodling Around

Humor by SkillDraw

Rank: 10, Points: 195

Updated: 25Feb Pages: 269

Everybody has a group of friends to hang out with. Also, everybody has a dream who wants to become true some day. Having both...



Humor by ROKEFOX

Rank: 354, Points: 53

Updated: 30Nov Pages: 9

Furry Art by Luis Alberto Cantu Flores


Isuzu. The vampires clan

Thriller by pabloremiro

Rank: 308, Points: 66

Updated: 19Jan Pages: 13

Isuzu. The clan of vampires, comes to break many molds the world of vampires, and brings a new perspective about the...



Humor by Eviana

Rank: 141, Points: 94

Updated: 23Nov Pages: 3

The adventures of EVIL
by Iana Zavialova and Anton Larichev.
For more Elengir - visit


The Thief's Key

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 137, Points: 95

Updated: 29Oct Pages: 51

The advetures of a thief, smuggler and assassin taking place in the enchanting world of Elengir! Updates on Saturdays
by Iana...


The Heart of Earth

Fantasy - SF by YonYonYon

Rank: 6, Points: 208

Updated: 19Feb Pages: 148

World is on the edge of war. Two factions will fight, until one of them perish from the earth.Only one hero can stop the...



Fantasy - SF by Dasha KO

Rank: 71, Points: 113

Updated: 19May Pages: 23

The time - the future. All events revolve around the giant armorclad military train Regulus. The people aboard are the only...



Thriller by Mart

Rank: 49, Points: 126

Finished comics Pages: 160

A story about 3 people struggling to save their souls in a world created by Death her self!

Every 5 years Death gives a...


Red Rainbow

Action by DMAps

Rank: 194, Points: 86

Updated: 15Nov Pages: 6

This is a story of a post war city, where the remaining cultures joined forces to
bring life back to the planet, to bring back...


Comics and manga translated into: English

Gameplay émergent

Humor by le nuage

Rank: 89, Points: 106

Updated: 18Nov Pages: 17

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by le nuage!


When You Create A Story

Humor by Miss_Call

Rank: 46, Points: 127

Updated: 2Mar Pages: 178

I don't really like descriptions... I will just tell you here what you can find in this silly webcomic:



Action by Jaffre

Rank: 41, Points: 131

Updated: 8Feb Pages: 14

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by Jaffre!


Les trèfles rouges

Action by MlleLowra

Rank: 77, Points: 111

Updated: 5Mar Pages: 175

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by MlleLowra!


A frog's life

Humor by Globuline

Rank: 149, Points: 93

Updated: 18Jan Pages: 33

The geeky and minimalist tribulations of a travelling French girl.



by curtis obame

Rank: 333, Points: 65

Updated: 19Nov Pages: 3

Discover this great manga, manga illustrated by curtis obame!


Roby Tome 1: Look at me...

Humor by Tezwin

Rank: 254, Points: 73

Updated: 22Apr Pages: 4

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by Tezwin!


Bad Behaviour

Fantasy - SF by RaphLula

Rank: 259, Points: 71

Updated: 22Oct Pages: 71

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by RaphLula!



Thriller by Iwakiyo

Rank: 305, Points: 66

Updated: 14Aug Pages: 15

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by Iwakiyo!



Thriller by 20100vega

Rank: 233, Points: 79

Updated: 26Nov Pages: 5

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by 20100vega!



Fantasy - SF by Sorore

Rank: 161, Points: 92

Updated: 23Feb Pages: 11

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Sorore!



Fantasy - SF by JassBefrold

Rank: 187, Points: 87

Updated: 11Dec Pages: 35

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by JassBefrold!


Artémis et les Nymphes

Action by Efsé

Rank: 316, Points: 66

Updated: 6Oct Pages: 10

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by Efsé!



Humor by A-Cup-Of-Tim

Rank: 30, Points: 138

Updated: 27Nov Pages: 12

«Memories from my childhood, sometimes sad, sometimes strange, sometimes funny.


La vrai vie des...

Humor by Guiom

Rank: 159, Points: 92

Finished comics Pages: 10

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by Guiom!




Rank: 225, Points: 79

Updated: 6Aug Pages: 10

A short story about a gull


Bloody Bastards

Fantasy - SF by andy42

Rank: 277, Points: 67

Updated: 25Feb Pages: 47

Montreal, 2313 A.D.... I could say i'm fine but my serenity died with the last of my "normal" fellows and i have three other...



Rank: 90, Points: 106

Updated: 14Sep Pages: 25

Discover this great manga, manga illustrated by Monsieur To!



Humor by Photon

Rank: 157, Points: 92

Updated: 9Dec Pages: 13

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by Photon!


Only Two - Hors Série


Rank: 372, Points: 15

Finished comics Pages: 41

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by Jérôme!


Living the Dream Life of...

Humor by Marlène

Rank: 279, Points: 67

Updated: 13Aug Pages: 34

Lead by his strong belief that knowledge is indeed power and his love for literature, a newly graduated teacher steps boldly...


The Barbarian Chronicles

Rank: 234, Points: 78

Updated: 26Mar Pages: 3

Short Stories... You'll laugh your head off


El gato Elias

Humor by formador

Rank: 160, Points: 92

Updated: 21Sep Pages: 8

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by formador!



Fantasy - SF by DanmaxX

Rank: 230, Points: 79

Updated: 27Feb Pages: 10

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Fate (part of the series "Chronicles of the Zone")


Monohrome #3

by Folco

Rank: 341, Points: 65

Updated: 2Jul Pages: 8

A series of humorous strips by cartoonist Konstantin Dubkov


Seeking Dracula

Thriller by Monsieur To

Rank: 121, Points: 99

Updated: 7Oct Pages: 19

"Seeking Dracula" is the story of the delusional Quest, as oppressing as vain, of a lady seeking for dracula.


Devil & Spaceman

Humor by Devil_HS

Rank: 188, Points: 87

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 38

They're quite different but still ended up together somehow.




Rank: 34, Points: 136

Updated: 4Jun Pages: 57




Yeti Sports


Rank: 236, Points: 78

Updated: 23Feb Pages: 3

Three pages of yeti snowboarding mayhem !




Rank: 329, Points: 66

Updated: 16Feb Pages: 2

A two-page vignette from Ukranian artist Dmitriy Koydan's cycle "Morbid Dreams"



Fantasy - SF

Rank: 332, Points: 65

Updated: 22Feb Pages: 6

The prologue to a distopian future story


The Frog and the Turtle


Rank: 319, Points: 66

Finished comics Pages: 9

A tale for children of all ages ! A terrified frog meets a turtle and shares his fears with her.

Welcome The Frog and the...



Fantasy - SF

Rank: 173, Points: 91

Updated: 14Feb Pages: 4

4-page short story set as a sort of introduction to a much larger, earleir work by Angoulême-nominee Alexandre...


Cosmonauts Left on the...


Rank: 291, Points: 66

Updated: 4Apr Pages: 37

Dedicated to those who did not return...



Fantasy - SF by eremine

Rank: 112, Points: 102

Updated: 8Jun Pages: 55

Juvenilia work of science fiction from the author of the Angoulême-nominated BD "Hacker" - Alexandre Eremine


Love Story


Rank: 206, Points: 81

Updated: 13Feb Pages: 2

Ongoing episodic series told in single page one-shots by Stanislav Shepin


Monochrome #2


Rank: 226, Points: 79

Updated: 23Mar Pages: 14

A series of humorous strips by cartoonist Konstantin Dubkov



Action by fmenor

Rank: 235, Points: 78

Updated: 27Jan Pages: 3

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by fmenor!


Ligeia the Vampire

Thriller by RICCI

Rank: 314, Points: 66

Updated: 13Mar Pages: 4

A group of Nazis embarked on an expedition to Transylvania looking for a fabulous treasure.




Rank: 253, Points: 73

Updated: 10Feb Pages: 5

A short black-and-white strip about a hitman, by Russian artist Stanislav Shepin


The Icarus Effect

Thriller by Gallardo

Rank: 334, Points: 65

Updated: 17Jan Pages: 3

The life of fifty people change dramatically when they discover that they have "super powers", although some of those powers...



Fantasy - SF by Jérôme, Norad

Rank: 251, Points: 73

Updated: 4Aug Pages: 5

"When Elie Met Sarah" is a futuristic love story showing the magic and certain excesses of today's society.


The Oracle of the Moon

Fantasy - SF by MonicaNG

Rank: 176, Points: 91

Finished comics Pages: 1

Every year, warriors from distant countries risk their lives on a long journey to get an elixir that prolongs the life of a...


Mi vida Como Carla

Humor by Cosmicos

Rank: 142, Points: 94

Updated: 9Jul Pages: 47

The life of Carla... an almost normal girl.



Action by mastermerol, fufodf

Rank: 167, Points: 92

Updated: 24Feb Pages: 14

Europe, Upper Paleolithic, 25000 years ago... MONGUR was betrayed by those he had always protected. The future of his breed...


No Future

Thriller by Soturisi

Rank: 249, Points: 73

Updated: 22Dec Pages: 14

"The remaining light is not always enlightening. And the one who walks alone is not always lost."

R. Wikilson

well hello I'm...


Léo et Monsieur Corbeau

Thriller by Oraku

Rank: 217, Points: 79

Updated: 7Jan Pages: 15

Monsieur Corbeau (Mr Crow) is a weird being. Days and night in the cemetery, he's writing his long list of newcomers. He's...


Only Two


Rank: 106, Points: 104

Finished comics Pages: 235

OnlyTwo is a story mixing humor and love in an epic and pathetic runaway! It is not a story that will make you laugh, it's the...


The Eye of Poseidon

Action by tangra

Rank: 147, Points: 93

Updated: 15Mar Pages: 42




Action by NanaJ

Rank: 111, Points: 102

Updated: 1Apr Pages: 50

Monique and Arthur grew up together and they have no secrets between them. Or at least that’s what she thinks before he starts...


A losers team and God

Humor by wayne

Rank: 172, Points: 92

Updated: 16Dec Pages: 10

Ross and his friends are spending their time between video-games and binge drinking. But while opening a beer, Ross sees...




Rank: 57, Points: 120

Updated: 17Apr Pages: 29

The story takes place in a high school where the narrator decides to return willing to renovate the painting of his memories...


Oscar Fé

Thriller by H-def

Rank: 165, Points: 92

Updated: 24Sep Pages: 6

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by H-def!


Les Chroniques de...

Fantasy - SF by oristarck

Rank: 340, Points: 65

Updated: 20Jul Pages: 3

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by oristarck!



Action by Van Reigh

Rank: 311, Points: 66

Updated: 17Jun Pages: 12

"Braver" is an epic story set in the 18th century. The young "Huo" is training in the depths of the forests and mountains of...


Malec Turbomedia

Action by malec

Rank: 232, Points: 79

Updated: 7Nov Pages: 3

Turbomedia by Malec! A brand new way of telling stories trough comic animation!



Thriller by Esteryn

Rank: 284, Points: 66

Updated: 25Aug Pages: 12

A man meets five travellers, also stranded in a changing land. Tensions arise between them all and explode at night fall, when...



Fantasy - SF by Pehesse

Rank: 155, Points: 92

Updated: 14Jan Pages: 129

In 1944, Germany is brutally torn apart under the nuclear attack of the USA, determined to recover the Cyon sources that lie...




Rank: 39, Points: 132

Finished comics Pages: 214

A new foxy lady's in town !
She's up for ferocious battles against vicious enemies, mysterious twists and turns leading to...


Retro Futur

Thriller by Akioh

Rank: 246, Points: 74

Updated: 16May Pages: 23

France is under the occupation of USA after his fall in extremism and violence.


Lapin et Tortue

Humor by Ibi

Rank: 105, Points: 104

Updated: 27May Pages: 60

Follow the funny misadventures of Rabbit and Turtle in Cuculand!


Bishop's Normal...

Fantasy - SF by Biishop

Rank: 154, Points: 93

Updated: 1Mar Pages: 18

Bishop is a young naive boy who lives from day to day adventures that seems perfectly normal, but a mysterious monster haunts...


LUKARD, the little...

Humor by johandark

Rank: 243, Points: 75

Finished comics Pages: 38

WARNING: Humor Comic Strips.
"The lucky ones are very lucky, but ask a loser"


BDs du piratesourcil

Humor by piratesourcil

Rank: 115, Points: 102

Updated: 17May Pages: 37

The crazy stories of the PirateSourcil > "EyebrowPirate" but his name is better not translated right :-D ?


Dark Heroes_2010

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 114, Points: 102

Updated: 26Jul Pages: 40

In an unknown land, in a forgotten forest of the globe, in the midst of the middle age, a bloody child cursed for his hair...


Comics and Manga available in other language


Fantasy - SF by Jason Brubaker

Rank: 39, Points: 172

Finished comics Pages: 148


Fantasy - SF by Winslow

Rank: 450, Points: 85

Updated: 23May Pages: 23

Bertrand le petit singe


Rank: 619, Points: 73

Updated: 24Nov Pages: 47


Rank: 48, Points: 81

Updated: 21Mar Pages: 6

City of Wolves


Rank: 59, Points: 73

Updated: 25Jan Pages: 9

Don Frikote

Humor by haikami

Rank: 309, Points: 52

Updated: 30Nov Pages: 5

Y'en a marre de Jean...


Rank: 942, Points: 22

Updated: 15Feb Pages: 67

Des histoires courtes...

by Jane Eyre

Rank: 344, Points: 97

Updated: 28Dec Pages: 16

Spice et Vadess

Rank: 125, Points: 134

Finished comics Pages: 86

AZHAR - Le temps des...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 245, Points: 110

Updated: 25May Pages: 36

Artificial Freedom

Fantasy - SF by Avionetca, Daegann

Rank: 230, Points: 112

Finished comics Pages: 13


Fantasy - SF by Asur

Rank: 40, Points: 171

Updated: 4Sep Pages: 196

Mr. Valdemar and O....

by jlbpina

Rank: 33, Points: 134

Updated: 28Oct Pages: 59

New Game

by Evhell

Rank: 366, Points: 96

Updated: 23Feb Pages: 16


by RudyCus

Rank: 579, Points: 75

Updated: 29Mar Pages: 27

Détective Dushmowl

Humor by Tezwin

Rank: 804, Points: 67

Updated: 30Jan Pages: 5


by J.E

Rank: 588, Points: 75

Updated: 4Jul Pages: 82

La Section Etrangère

by Gotho

Rank: 840, Points: 66

Finished comics Pages: 12

Enfer & Paradis

Rank: 848, Points: 66

Finished comics Pages: 24

Explorateur Logistique

Rank: 845, Points: 66

Finished comics Pages: 24


by Akif

Rank: 704, Points: 69

Updated: 26Sep Pages: 16

Pour un Sourire

by Astate

Rank: 604, Points: 74

Updated: 19Oct Pages: 24

Aurion: l'héritage des...

Fantasy - SF by Enzo Kori-odan

Rank: 400, Points: 92

Updated: 1Aug Pages: 209


Action by ChristRoi, Oz

Rank: 615, Points: 73

Updated: 19Nov Pages: 52

Boo Tchou - Tome 01

Humor by Skyjoe

Rank: 650, Points: 72

Finished comics Pages: 51

Le christ des mouches

by gregoryfloch

Rank: 734, Points: 68

Updated: 15Apr Pages: 47

Athalia : le pays des...

Rank: 279, Points: 105

Updated: yest. Pages: 295

YUTCH Fighters

Humor by RéMingO

Rank: 548, Points: 78

Updated: 22May Pages: 65


Fantasy - SF by xicomontes

Rank: 271, Points: 65

Updated: 11Feb Pages: 19

La Prépa

Rank: 603, Points: 74

Updated: 19Jun Pages: 22

Un amour de Post-it

Romance by Chr!ssia

Rank: 762, Points: 68

Updated: 14May Pages: 6

The supersoldier

Fantasy - SF by Delta75

Rank: 430, Points: 87

Updated: 11Jul Pages: 164

La Ménagerie d'Éden

Fantasy - SF by Saza, Blackheart

Rank: 482, Points: 82

Updated: 23Mar Pages: 58

Yellow Fox

Fantasy - SF by JulienD, Sambre2008

Rank: 501, Points: 81

Updated: 20Aug Pages: 104



Rank: 18, Points: 106

Updated: 4Mar Pages: 46


by Freaks

Rank: 442, Points: 86

Finished comics Pages: 109


Rank: 709, Points: 69

Updated: 10May Pages: 5

Les îles célestes

by Griff29

Rank: 143, Points: 131

Updated: 31Oct Pages: 44

Spirit Blacka and White...

Rank: 200, Points: 118

Updated: 16Sep Pages: 11


by nylnook

Rank: 373, Points: 95

Updated: 4Aug Pages: 38

Jimmy at work

Humor by aurorejp

Rank: 772, Points: 67

Updated: 8Jun Pages: 12


by Emmy Sot

Rank: 805, Points: 67

Updated: 14Aug Pages: 1

Le livre noir

by Juno76

Rank: 117, Points: 135

Updated: 2Jan Pages: 35

Black Box

by Newbye

Rank: 24, Points: 144

Updated: 23May Pages: 122


Fantasy - SF by RUBY LOWEN

Rank: 217, Points: 115

Finished comics Pages: 1000


Fantasy - SF by Mikipie

Rank: 765, Points: 68

Updated: 2May Pages: 10

The count Mickey Dragul

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 168, Points: 124

Finished comics Pages: 241


by Nyve, Dangbeto92

Rank: 675, Points: 70

Updated: 23Sep Pages: 15

Les Voleurs

Humor by Jaffre

Rank: 96, Points: 140

Updated: 21Aug Pages: 113


Humor by Furedo

Rank: 49, Points: 163

Finished comics Pages: 238

Virtual Realm for...

by Black INK.I.M

Rank: 140, Points: 131

Updated: 1Jul Pages: 570

Carnage à la Cloueuse

Thriller by Ruof

Rank: 565, Points: 76

Updated: 23Mar Pages: 28

Les divinités de Hmong

Fantasy - SF by HuaLi

Rank: 158, Points: 126

Updated: 14Jan Pages: 20

Djandora Mandabi

Fantasy - SF by JassBefrold

Rank: 557, Points: 77

Updated: 10Feb Pages: 15


Romance by la rolex

Rank: 127, Points: 133

Finished comics Pages: 17

Child of the Swan

Fantasy - SF by ELK64

Rank: 73, Points: 150

Updated: 5Feb Pages: 78

100 milliards...

by Bryand-Michel Bandit

Rank: 182, Points: 120

Updated: 7Sep Pages: 27

La chute

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 162, Points: 125

Finished comics Pages: 42

Les aventures de Rodia

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 128, Points: 133

Finished comics Pages: 66

La invencible profesora

by willyquiroga

Rank: 49, Points: 120

Updated: 7Oct Pages: 77

Long Kesh

Thriller by phoentra20, Paulocoda

Rank: 167, Points: 125

Finished comics Pages: 65

Tchi & Kapputt

Fantasy - SF by polarfox

Rank: 718, Points: 69

Finished comics Pages: 48

conquista! crêve coeur...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 700, Points: 69

Finished comics Pages: 42

Tchi petite fée néro

Children's books

Rank: 743, Points: 68

Finished comics Pages: 22

Till Delasmuerto

Rank: 770, Points: 67

Updated: 30Sep Pages: 20

Les petits yeux

Rank: 681, Points: 70

Finished comics Pages: 6



Rank: 341, Points: 97

Finished comics Pages: 12

Astre Rouge

Thriller by lucief

Rank: 34, Points: 175

Updated: 9Nov Pages: 43

Circus Island

Fantasy - SF by Looche

Rank: 241, Points: 110

Updated: 25Nov Pages: 100


Fantasy - SF by EmmanuelSerpe

Rank: 89, Points: 144

Updated: 6Mar Pages: 17


Humor by Meli

Rank: 586, Points: 75

Updated: 19Aug Pages: 5



Rank: 353, Points: 97

Finished comics Pages: 62

Forêt des Chênes

Children's books

Rank: 662, Points: 71

Finished comics Pages: 39


Action by trino, isaias6.8

Rank: 213, Points: 77

Updated: 17Jul Pages: 48

Spirit of a Dawn - Tome...

Rank: 195, Points: 119

Updated: 16Sep Pages: 12

Je suis une Tombe


Rank: 447, Points: 86

Finished comics Pages: 11


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 599, Points: 74

Finished comics Pages: 29

Al-was-was : le tueur...

Thriller by Sawenville

Rank: 472, Points: 83

Updated: 13Jan Pages: 22

Chroniques du...

Action by Trémor

Rank: 768, Points: 67

Updated: 1Jun Pages: 6

Tangerine et Zinzolin


Rank: 85, Points: 145

Updated: 15Jul Pages: 65

La vie d'un gamer pc

by Nojoe

Rank: 753, Points: 68

Updated: 10Mar Pages: 6


Fantasy - SF by ulmiacomics

Rank: 118, Points: 135

Updated: 7Jan Pages: 256

El Nudo

by Enrique Luque

Rank: 260, Points: 66

Updated: 21Nov Pages: 10


Fantasy - SF by yukimiaou

Rank: 543, Points: 79

Finished comics Pages: 53



Rank: 156, Points: 126

Finished comics Pages: 150

L.C.D.O. Pirates des...

Fantasy - SF by oristarck

Rank: 792, Points: 67

Updated: 12Jan Pages: 27

La guerre des rongeurs...


Rank: 215, Points: 115

Finished comics Pages: 79

L'attaque des écureuils...

Humor by ktulukru

Rank: 106, Points: 138

Finished comics Pages: 65


Thriller by Guasap

Rank: 246, Points: 66

Updated: 26Nov Pages: 21

Ҫa caille rude

Humor by Ventouline

Rank: 133, Points: 132

Updated: 29Jan Pages: 50

Le Retour de Satan

Humor by Gornow

Rank: 523, Points: 80

Updated: 5Jan Pages: 103

Billy's Book

Humor by pain(t)

Rank: 502, Points: 81

Updated: 12Jun Pages: 10

Le trésor


Rank: 948, Points: 14

Updated: 19Feb Pages: 4

Les strips de Matteor

Humor by matteorrr

Rank: 891, Points: 54

Updated: 10Oct Pages: 63

Borea, le Monde Blanc

Fantasy - SF by Sand Kerion

Rank: 114, Points: 137

Updated: 2Apr Pages: 13

Game of Love

Romance by Groumpfouh

Rank: 324, Points: 99

Updated: 3Feb Pages: 11


Fantasy - SF by Shuruka

Rank: 940, Points: 27

Updated: 1Jan Pages: 7


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 9, Points: 219

Finished comics Pages: 443

Dawn tome 1 "Black and...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 264, Points: 107

Finished comics Pages: 32

Les origines oubliées

Fantasy - SF by acala mururoa

Rank: 392, Points: 93

Finished comics Pages: 16

Strip & jeu de mots


Rank: 197, Points: 119

Finished comics Pages: 48

Spirit of a Dawn- Tome 2

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 528, Points: 80

Updated: 21Nov Pages: 17

Chroniques du...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 486, Points: 82

Updated: 1Feb Pages: 24

Spirit of a Dawn- Tome 1

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 511, Points: 81

Finished comics Pages: 32


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 710, Points: 69

Finished comics Pages: 4

L'Animation pour les...

Humor by Mariko

Rank: 345, Points: 97

Updated: 7Nov Pages: 4

Erwan The Heiress

Fantasy - SF by Cali

Rank: 413, Points: 90

Updated: 4Jan Pages: 65

Le signal des essaims

Humor by naanou63

Rank: 63, Points: 154

Updated: 10Feb Pages: 122

galactik man

by james mellange

Rank: 699, Points: 69

Updated: 23Sep Pages: 208


Thriller by stoon

Rank: 317, Points: 100

Finished comics Pages: 39


Humor by Belzaran

Rank: 225, Points: 113

Updated: 12Aug Pages: 68

L'éveil des sens


Rank: 91, Points: 143

Finished comics Pages: 57

Histoires Troubles

Fantasy - SF by misscube

Rank: 216, Points: 115

Updated: 9Feb Pages: 49

Magic Girl

Fantasy - SF by Gustvoc

Rank: 175, Points: 87

Updated: 11Jul Pages: 422

Les Héros de la Force

Fantasy - SF by stef84, Loïc Solaris

Rank: 678, Points: 70

Updated: 31Aug Pages: 6

Les Fantômes Vagabonds

Fantasy - SF by Tale

Rank: 289, Points: 104

Updated: 27Aug Pages: 38

- - - Obl : viO - - -...

Fantasy - SF by traumwelt

Rank: 339, Points: 98

Updated: 28May Pages: 15


Fantasy - SF by akicraveri

Rank: 101, Points: 139

Finished comics Pages: 113

On lave son linge...

Fantasy - SF by didizuka, Gernier

Rank: 326, Points: 99

Finished comics Pages: 16

Salle des Profs


Rank: 209, Points: 116

Finished comics Pages: 41


Thriller by Yuki S., Jisuk

Rank: 51, Points: 162

Updated: 3Dec Pages: 108

Ze crazy cooks

Humor by bernus

Rank: 219, Points: 114

Updated: 4Dec Pages: 84


Fantasy - SF by Poncho

Rank: 271, Points: 107

Finished comics Pages: 30

Les Aventures de Poncho


Rank: 859, Points: 61

Updated: 31Mar Pages: 59

Billy's Book - Le Yaa...


Rank: 307, Points: 101

Updated: 19Jan Pages: 58

Barbu : La vie de...


Rank: 109, Points: 138

Updated: 21Jan Pages: 31


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 873, Points: 57

Finished comics Pages: 33

On air

Thriller by Folco

Rank: 40, Points: 83

Updated: 4Feb Pages: 6

Barbu : Des défis & des...

Humor by -Barbu-

Rank: 354, Points: 97

Updated: 22Mar Pages: 17

Victor Victorum


Rank: 748, Points: 68

Updated: 17Mar Pages: 7

Super Prout

Humor by huggymauve

Rank: 872, Points: 58

Updated: 20Jan Pages: 17

La vache de l'espace


Rank: 800, Points: 67

Updated: 23Apr Pages: 11

Bonne chance Betty

Romance by pacy demo

Rank: 896, Points: 53

Updated: 1Jan Pages: 6

Barbu : Le règne du poil


Rank: 355, Points: 97

Updated: 1Feb Pages: 6

Pépé & Mémé Corporation

Humor by Arnaud Lehue

Rank: 448, Points: 86

Updated: 13Sep Pages: 43

Légendes du Shi-èr

Action by Mic

Rank: 246, Points: 110

Updated: 1Mar Pages: 37


Fantasy - SF by Gelweo

Rank: 473, Points: 83

Updated: 28Nov Pages: 31

Pas d'Rôle

Fantasy - SF by andy42

Rank: 643, Points: 72

Updated: 16Jun Pages: 21

Only Two, le collectif

Humor by Jérôme

Rank: 275, Points: 106

Updated: 15Jul Pages: 50



Rank: 269, Points: 107

Finished comics Pages: 37


Fantasy - SF by MatthieuF

Rank: 723, Points: 69

Updated: 13Nov Pages: 4

Mouak - Le Gourou...


Rank: 479, Points: 82

Updated: 6Jan Pages: 46



Rank: 559, Points: 77

Finished comics Pages: 64


Humor by Nykko

Rank: 273, Points: 106

Updated: 17Oct Pages: 6

Un Pistolet sur la Tempe


Rank: 441, Points: 86

Finished comics Pages: 22


by sarell

Rank: 292, Points: 103

Finished comics Pages: 54

Jean-Norbert le...

Fantasy - SF by Mélicente

Rank: 909, Points: 43

Updated: 1Oct Pages: 26

Clara Catastrophe

Humor by lua clara

Rank: 290, Points: 103

Updated: 20Jan Pages: 47

Et Pis Taf !

Humor by Lamisseb

Rank: 280, Points: 105

Updated: 9Nov Pages: 27

Alpha Zero

Fantasy - SF by Zaigard

Rank: 51, Points: 119

Updated: 4Dec Pages: 39

Wake Up

Fantasy - SF by cooler_85

Rank: 938, Points: 28

Updated: 9Oct Pages: 9


Fantasy - SF by Romain Hernandez

Rank: 438, Points: 87

Updated: 22Feb Pages: 48


Humor by Rockwood

Rank: 189, Points: 120

Updated: 3Apr Pages: 280


Fantasy - SF by JAL

Rank: 436, Points: 87

Updated: 30Jan Pages: 32


Thriller by weasel, Norad

Rank: 319, Points: 100

Updated: 17Aug Pages: 25

Gold Firmin


Rank: 683, Points: 70

Updated: 3Mar Pages: 2

Mon beau super héros

Humor by roro318

Rank: 949, Points: 3

Updated: 22Jun Pages: 22

Horror tentacular

Humor by Volker

Rank: 89, Points: 106

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 25

Greatest Ninja in Japan


Rank: 79, Points: 57

Updated: 8Mar Pages: 6


Humor by Cosmicos

Rank: 149, Points: 92

Updated: 29Jan Pages: 53

Cuentos de Lorazepam

Thriller by Pauso

Rank: 303, Points: 53

Updated: 2Mar Pages: 4

Timothé l'Antillais

Humor by Jiorgio Nerjat

Rank: 750, Points: 68

Updated: 29Feb Pages: 6

Como tudo começou

Romance by Eliezer França

Rank: 74, Points: 72

Pages: 12


Humor by lobolimao

Rank: 95, Points: 57

Updated: 7Feb Pages: 6

Le voyage de Bo

Thriller by Oraku

Rank: 440, Points: 86

Updated: 28Dec Pages: 10

Bajo Cero

Action by MiyuWasHere, Gallardo

Rank: 259, Points: 66

Updated: 22Feb Pages: 7

(fantasía heroica)


Rank: 299, Points: 53

Updated: 28Jan Pages: 26


Romance by Gagovi

Rank: 292, Points: 55

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 48

Timmy Manjaro

Fantasy - SF by mykilow

Rank: 929, Points: 39

Updated: 19Jun Pages: 123


by verdeagua

Rank: 304, Points: 53

Updated: 25Sep Pages: 13

la mujer sin rostro

Thriller by darkkeferas

Rank: 300, Points: 53

Updated: 2May Pages: 8

Mes Phantasmes


Rank: 449, Points: 85

Finished comics Pages: 9


Humor by ROKEFOX

Rank: 294, Points: 54

Updated: 21Dec Pages: 32

Valentín Mancera

Thriller by maledictus

Rank: 160, Points: 89

Updated: 27Feb Pages: 44

New Gaïa

Fantasy - SF by hibi

Rank: 742, Points: 68

Updated: 6Nov Pages: 15

Dirty cosmos

by Alvinator

Rank: 538, Points: 79

Updated: 10Nov Pages: 56

Trois Mousquetaires

Action by El Jerko

Rank: 207, Points: 116

Updated: 1Feb Pages: 42

Un été à Plouha

Humor by jules

Rank: 336, Points: 98

Updated: 4Nov Pages: 14

Blog et Méchant

Humor by BlogEtMéchant

Rank: 478, Points: 82

Updated: 24Sep Pages: 111

Aux origines de la vie...

Children's books by yhann35

Rank: 410, Points: 90

Updated: 7Apr Pages: 59


Romance by LittleEndian

Rank: 359, Points: 97

Updated: 22Apr Pages: 1

Oursemou, l'ours pas...

Humor by oursemou

Rank: 601, Points: 74

Updated: 30Sep Pages: 14


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