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Gothika: Equilibrium

Gothika: Equilibrium : comic cover

Part one of a fantasy saga about the ethernal battle between heaven and hell for the fate of Еarth.

Part Two:

Cartoonist :

Original Language : English

Updated on : Finished

Genre : Fantasy - SF

Type : Comics - Saga
(read from left to right)


Before reading this comic be aware that it could shock you. It contains :

  • Erotism

44 Comments on the pages of Gothika: Equilibrium

Mart Mart 13Sep ch4 p24 When an angel loses his/hers wings the eyes become grey. In Velhemina's case only her left wing was torn off in the beginning of t (...)
brumbart brumbart 8Sep ch4 p24 Wait what exactly is wrong with Velheminas left eye? Why is it grey?
Mart Mart 26Jul ch6 p39 Thome 2 of Gothika:
Mart Mart 25Jul ch6 p39 Thanks :)
Mart Mart 25Jul ch6 p39 Thank you. :) More is comming soon. :)
brumbart brumbart 23Jul ch6 p39 This was awesome. I love this Comic......I WANT MORE.
no one no one 21May ch6 p39 that was some great *o*
no one no one 22Mar ch5 p32 I love that story! :)
S.E.Th S.E.Th 2Dec ch5 p14 Absolutely loving this new story!!!! Following always!!!
Mart Mart 1Apr ch3 p9 Thanks :)
norack norack 26Mar ch3 p9 Nice design.

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