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Comics and mangas with original language: English

Leth Hate

Humor by Leth.hate

Rank: 5, Points: 233

Updated: 16Feb Pages: 112

Webcomic about a man that refuses to die and the
zombie and succubus that keep him company.
Comedy with occasional NSFW...


No Pink Ponies

Humor by Eisu

Rank: 7, Points: 217

Updated: 23May Pages: 147

Can a girl go to extreme measures to get close to the guy she likes? Jess is just such a girl, opening up a comic shop and...


The Heart of Earth

Fantasy - SF by YonYonYon

Rank: 8, Points: 213

Updated: 11Aug Pages: 126

World is on the edge of war. Two factions will fight, until one of them perish from the earth.Only one hero can stop the...


Doodling Around

Humor by SkillDraw

Rank: 10, Points: 210

Updated: 31Aug Pages: 190

Everybody has a group of friends to hang out with. Also, everybody has a dream who wants to become true some day. Having both...


A Redtail's Dream

Fantasy - SF by minnasundberg

Rank: 18, Points: 181

Updated: 4Sep Pages: 186

The tale of a young man and his dog on a journey in an artificially created dream existence. As the only ones aware of their...




Rank: 21, Points: 165

Updated: 9Jul Pages: 46

A high fantasy adventure that pokes gentle fun at RPG games and Dungeons & Dragons in particular.


U.N.A. Frontiers

Fantasy - SF by Coydog

Rank: 36, Points: 146

Updated: 30Aug Pages: 483

In this story, civilization was considerably devastated but not quite plunged into a new dark age. However, society is stuck...



Thriller by Mart

Rank: 44, Points: 140

Finished comics Pages: 160

A story about 3 people struggling to save their souls in a world created by Death her self!

Every 5 years Death gives a...




Rank: 53, Points: 131

Updated: 2Feb Pages: 92

A normal working day turns into an endless nightmare for Gabriele and Arnaldo, hunted down by a zombie horde and a mysterious...



Humor by caldwell

Rank: 59, Points: 128

Updated: 6Apr Pages: 51

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by caldwell!


Fiona Poppy

Humor by marioboon

Rank: 60, Points: 127

Updated: 12Oct Pages: 92

Fiona Poppy is our intrepid young heroine who inhabits a slightly more fantastic world filled with talking muscle bears, surly...


Dhalmun: Age of Smoke


Rank: 68, Points: 122

Updated: 28Aug Pages: 85

Since the so called "superheroes" appeared, a lot has changed. There are no vigilantes. Just the military. The police. The...


The Hobbit

Fantasy - SF by Ensis

Rank: 81, Points: 117

Updated: 28Aug Pages: 119

This is not a comic.
It's a profusely illustrated novel... may be a Graphic Novel.
The Hobbit, from J.R.R. Tolkien drawn with...


Hot Dog

Fantasy - SF by yk84

Rank: 91, Points: 114

Updated: 4Apr Pages: 40

A humorous cyberpunk romp revolving around a futuristic motocross/dog race set in a dystopian world. The offbeat art and story...


Saint's Way

Thriller by yasminliang

Rank: 95, Points: 112

Updated: 18Mar Pages: 53

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by yasminliang!


5th Stone

Fantasy - SF by MCREATOR

Rank: 98, Points: 110

Updated: 4May Pages: 10

Castle RAVEN stood challenging at the highest peak of the lands. Some called it "The Center Of It All". This peaceful night is...



Fantasy - SF by Dasha KO

Rank: 101, Points: 109

Updated: 19May Pages: 23

The time - the future. All events revolve around the giant armorclad military train Regulus. The people aboard are the only...



Fantasy - SF by ImagineTheEnding

Rank: 107, Points: 106

Updated: 14h00 Pages: 117

VACANT is a science fiction web comic following Commander Hayze, an agent of "The Eye" a powerful alien government/ corporate...



Thriller by River West

Rank: 108, Points: 106

Updated: 1Jan Pages: 10

The omnibus series with short comics about MMA, published in E-book.
Preview pages are provided for each chapter.

About the...



Humor by hejibits

Rank: 112, Points: 105

Updated: 8Jul Pages: 60

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by hejibits!


The Thief's Key

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 120, Points: 101

Updated: 29Oct Pages: 51

The advetures of a thief, smuggler and assassin taking place in the enchanting world of Elengir! Updates on Saturdays
by Iana...


Between Worlds

Thriller by tenshianna

Rank: 127, Points: 99

Updated: 8Dec Pages: 90

Lynx, a knight of the kingdom and empire of Minoka. once proud and arrogant finds herself at the mercy of her senile ruler. A...


Dhalmun: Lesser Evil

Action by Biram Ba

Rank: 134, Points: 97

Updated: 7Jan Pages: 4

We all have dreams. Leon and his friends dream of becoming supervillains.

the first issue is also available for Patreon...



Fantasy - SF by Genesis Collective

Rank: 146, Points: 95

Updated: 1Mar Pages: 7

Genesis is a thoughtful scifi story of an engineer waiting for the end of a long, long shift...

Official home of...


Abducting The Aliens

Fantasy - SF by Riff 13

Rank: 165, Points: 92

Updated: 17Dec Pages: 53

What would it take for you to believe? That's a question Mac Sampson is used to hearing. But when an alien, the sole survivor...


Gothika: Equilibrium

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 179, Points: 88

Updated: 29Jul Pages: 32

Part one of a fantasy saga about the eternal battle between heaven and hell for the fate of Еarth.


Super Haters

Humor by nickmarino

Rank: 180, Points: 87

Updated: 5May Pages: 10

A superhero satire webcomic starring Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye, two lewd and rude slackers who suck at pretty much...



Humor by Eviana

Rank: 184, Points: 86

Updated: 23Nov Pages: 3

The adventures of EVIL
by Iana Zavialova and Anton Larichev.
For more Elengir - visit




Rank: 187, Points: 85

Updated: 20Feb Pages: 12

A humorous strip following the mishaps and mischiefs of accident-prone rascal Yeroshka and his family. Created by Andrei...


Red Rainbow

Action by DMAps

Rank: 190, Points: 84

Updated: 15Nov Pages: 6

This is a story of a post war city, where the remaining cultures joined forces to
bring life back to the planet, to bring back...


Black Ring

Romance by Kalumis

Rank: 226, Points: 76

Updated: 17Jul Pages: 49

A rendez-vous 15years later for two kids



by cashin

Rank: 236, Points: 74

Updated: 14Aug Pages: 23

1000 years, the Order of Word kept Holy Spark of God, and it kept Holy Rus.
1000 years the forces of darkness tried to destroy...


A Beautiful Shambles

Humor by Daniel Chmielewski

Rank: 255, Points: 69

Updated: 30Sep Pages: 14

A group portrait of the people we see around us and sometimes of those we see in the mirror.

ABS is my foray into webcomics,...


Isuzu. The vampires clan

Thriller by pabloremiro

Rank: 262, Points: 68

Updated: 19Jan Pages: 13

Isuzu. The clan of vampires, comes to break many molds the world of vampires, and brings a new perspective about the...


Hunter and Prey

Children's books

Rank: 272, Points: 66

Updated: 30Jan Pages: 3

A very short story depicting aerial dog fights on the Eastern front


Samodiva's Kiss

Fantasy - SF by eandspresent

Rank: 279, Points: 66

Updated: 12Nov Pages: 2

“Samodiva’s Kiss” – A beautiful tale, inspired by the rich Bulgarian folklore. A story of love and magic...


The Earth and The Snake

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 284, Points: 65

Updated: 12Nov Pages: 2

“The Earth and The Snake” – A Bulgarian legend about the creation of the world.



Humor by ROKEFOX

Rank: 301, Points: 54

Updated: 30Nov Pages: 9

Furry Art by Luis Alberto Cantu Flores


Comics and manga translated into: English


Thriller by Devil_HS

Rank: 31, Points: 149

Updated: 4Jun Pages: 57






Rank: 33, Points: 148

Finished comics Pages: 214

A new foxy lady's in town !
She's up for ferocious battles against vicious enemies, mysterious twists and turns leading to...



Humor by A-Cup-Of-Tim

Rank: 48, Points: 137

Updated: 27Nov Pages: 12

«Memories from my childhood, sometimes sad, sometimes strange, sometimes funny.



Romance by Monsieur To

Rank: 58, Points: 129

Updated: 17Apr Pages: 29

The story takes place in a high school where the narrator decides to return willing to renovate the painting of his memories...


Lapin et Tortue

Humor by Ibi

Rank: 67, Points: 122

Updated: 27May Pages: 60

Follow the funny misadventures of Rabbit and Turtle in Cuculand!


Only Two


Rank: 73, Points: 120

Finished comics Pages: 235

OnlyTwo is a story mixing humor and love in an epic and pathetic runaway! It is not a story that will make you laugh, it's the...



Rank: 94, Points: 112

Updated: 14Sep Pages: 25

Discover this great manga, manga illustrated by Monsieur To!


The Moosecreek Incident

Thriller by kikealapont, Josu87

Rank: 103, Points: 107

Updated: 13Feb Pages: 48

In Moosecreek something horrible is about to be released. The people of Koyukons calls it by the name "the spirit of...


BDs du piratesourcil

Humor by piratesourcil

Rank: 104, Points: 107

Updated: 17May Pages: 37

The crazy stories of the PirateSourcil > "EyebrowPirate" but his name is better not translated right :-D ?


The Eye of Poseidon

Action by tangra

Rank: 110, Points: 105

Updated: 15Mar Pages: 42




Fantasy - SF by Pehesse

Rank: 114, Points: 103

Updated: 14Jan Pages: 129

In 1944, Germany is brutally torn apart under the nuclear attack of the USA, determined to recover the Cyon sources that lie...



Fantasy - SF

Rank: 116, Points: 103

Updated: 8Jun Pages: 55

Juvenilia work of science fiction from the author of the Angoulême-nominated BD "Hacker" - Alexandre Eremine


Mi vida Como Carla

Humor by Cosmicos

Rank: 118, Points: 103

Updated: 9Jul Pages: 47

The life of Carla... an almost normal girl.


Dark Heroes_2010

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 119, Points: 102

Updated: 26Jul Pages: 40

In an unknown land, in a forgotten forest of the globe, in the midst of the middle age, a bloody child cursed for his hair...



Action by NanaJ

Rank: 123, Points: 101

Updated: 1Apr Pages: 50

Monique and Arthur grew up together and they have no secrets between them. Or at least that’s what she thinks before he starts...


Seeking Dracula


Rank: 124, Points: 100

Updated: 7Oct Pages: 19

"Seeking Dracula" is the story of the delusional Quest, as oppressing as vain, of a lady seeking for dracula.


A frog's life

Humor by Globuline

Rank: 128, Points: 99

Updated: 18Jan Pages: 33

The geeky and minimalist tribulations of a travelling French girl.



Fantasy - SF by eremine

Rank: 135, Points: 97

Updated: 14Feb Pages: 4

4-page short story set as a sort of introduction to a much larger, earleir work by Angoulême-nominee Alexandre...


Pathetic Thoughts

Humor by Mariko

Rank: 140, Points: 96

Updated: 14Aug Pages: 11

Girly attitude, strips, useless things, dubious sense of humour, grouching... Pathetic thoughts by Mariko.



A losers team and God

Humor by wayne

Rank: 141, Points: 95

Updated: 16Dec Pages: 10

Ross and his friends are spending their time between video-games and binge drinking. But while opening a beer, Ross sees...


De Troie à Moi

Fantasy - SF by misscube

Rank: 148, Points: 94

Updated: 2Sep Pages: 4

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by misscube!


The Oracle of the Moon

Fantasy - SF by MonicaNG

Rank: 151, Points: 94

Updated: 11May Pages: 15

Every year, warriors from distant countries risk their lives on a long journey to get an elixir that prolongs the life of a...


La vrai vie des...

Humor by Guiom

Rank: 154, Points: 94

Finished comics Pages: 10

Discover this great Humor, manga illustrated by Guiom!



Action by mastermerol, fufodf

Rank: 156, Points: 93

Updated: 24Feb Pages: 14

Europe, Upper Paleolithic, 25000 years ago... MONGUR was betrayed by those he had always protected. The future of his breed...



Fantasy - SF by Sorore

Rank: 159, Points: 93

Updated: 23Feb Pages: 11

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by Sorore!


Bishop's Normal...

Fantasy - SF by Biishop

Rank: 161, Points: 93

Updated: 1Mar Pages: 18

Bishop is a young naive boy who lives from day to day adventures that seems perfectly normal, but a mysterious monster haunts...


Baby Harry: contes pour...

Children's books

Rank: 162, Points: 93

Updated: 28Jun Pages: 8

Discover this great Children's books, manga illustrated by Mariko!


Oscar Fé

Thriller by H-def

Rank: 163, Points: 92

Updated: 24Sep Pages: 6

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by H-def!



Fantasy - SF by JassBefrold

Rank: 164, Points: 92

Updated: 11Dec Pages: 35

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by JassBefrold!


Devil & Spaceman


Rank: 173, Points: 89

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 38

They're quite different but still ended up together somehow.


The Barbarian Chronicles

Rank: 174, Points: 89

Updated: 26Mar Pages: 3

Short Stories... You'll laugh your head off


Love Story


Rank: 186, Points: 86

Updated: 13Feb Pages: 2

Ongoing episodic series told in single page one-shots by Stanislav Shepin


Retro Futur

Thriller by Akioh

Rank: 200, Points: 82

Updated: 16May Pages: 23

France is under the occupation of USA after his fall in extremism and violence.




Rank: 204, Points: 81

Updated: 6Aug Pages: 10

A short story about a gull


Léo et Monsieur Corbeau

Thriller by Oraku

Rank: 205, Points: 81

Updated: 7Jan Pages: 15

Monsieur Corbeau (Mr Crow) is a weird being. Days and night in the cemetery, he's writing his long list of newcomers. He's...


Monochrome #2

Humor by Folco

Rank: 206, Points: 80

Updated: 23Mar Pages: 14

A series of humorous strips by cartoonist Konstantin Dubkov



Thriller by 20100vega

Rank: 208, Points: 80

Updated: 26Nov Pages: 5

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by 20100vega!



Fantasy - SF by DanmaxX

Rank: 209, Points: 80

Updated: 27Feb Pages: 10

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Fate (part of the series "Chronicles of the Zone")


Living the Dream Life of...

Humor by Marlène

Rank: 211, Points: 79

Updated: 13Aug Pages: 34

Lead by his strong belief that knowledge is indeed power and his love for literature, a newly graduated teacher steps boldly...


Malec Turbomedia

Action by malec

Rank: 212, Points: 79

Updated: 7Nov Pages: 3

Turbomedia by Malec! A brand new way of telling stories trough comic animation!


LUKARD, the little...

Humor by johandark

Rank: 213, Points: 79

Finished comics Pages: 38

WARNING: Humor Comic Strips.
"The lucky ones are very lucky, but ask a loser"


Yeti Sports


Rank: 216, Points: 79

Updated: 23Feb Pages: 3

Three pages of yeti snowboarding mayhem !


Cosmonauts Left on the...


Rank: 234, Points: 74

Updated: 4Apr Pages: 37

Dedicated to those who did not return...


A Pottergeek's Diary


Rank: 235, Points: 74

Finished comics Pages: 23

The adventures of a damn Pottergeek who will try to make you one as well!

Would take too much time to say exactly the same...


Artémis et les Nymphes

Action by Efsé

Rank: 237, Points: 74

Updated: 21Nov Pages: 4

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by Efsé!



Fantasy - SF by Jérôme, Norad

Rank: 245, Points: 71

Updated: 4Aug Pages: 5

"When Elie Met Sarah" is a futuristic love story showing the magic and certain excesses of today's society.


W.A.R. The Legend of...

Fantasy - SF by Nihky

Rank: 249, Points: 70

Updated: 30Aug Pages: 23

Nyeleti a young panther, goes to see the wolf pack who raised her. But she will discover a grim purpose and be dragged into a...


No Future

Thriller by Soturisi

Rank: 250, Points: 70

Updated: 22Dec Pages: 14

"The remaining light is not always enlightening. And the one who walks alone is not always lost."

R. Wikilson

well hello I'm...


Bloody Bastards

Fantasy - SF by andy42

Rank: 251, Points: 70

Updated: 29Jul Pages: 30

Montreal, 2313 A.D.... I could say i'm fine but my serenity died with the last of my "normal" fellows and i have three other...



Action by Van Reigh

Rank: 252, Points: 70

Updated: 17Jun Pages: 12

"Braver" is an epic story set in the 18th century. The young "Huo" is training in the depths of the forests and mountains of...



Thriller by Esteryn

Rank: 253, Points: 70

Updated: 25Aug Pages: 12

A man meets five travellers, also stranded in a changing land. Tensions arise between them all and explode at night fall, when...




Rank: 259, Points: 68

Updated: 10Feb Pages: 5

A short black-and-white strip about a hitman, by Russian artist Stanislav Shepin




Rank: 260, Points: 68

Updated: 16Feb Pages: 2

A two-page vignette from Ukranian artist Dmitriy Koydan's cycle "Morbid Dreams"


The Frog and the Turtle


Rank: 266, Points: 67

Finished comics Pages: 9

A tale for children of all ages ! A terrified frog meets a turtle and shares his fears with her.

Welcome The Frog and the...


Monohrome #3

Rank: 271, Points: 66

Updated: 2Jul Pages: 8

A series of humorous strips by cartoonist Konstantin Dubkov


Ligeia the Vampire

Thriller by RICCI

Rank: 274, Points: 66

Updated: 13Mar Pages: 4

A group of Nazis embarked on an expedition to Transylvania looking for a fabulous treasure.


The Icarus Effect

Thriller by Gallardo

Rank: 278, Points: 66

Updated: 17Jan Pages: 3

The life of fifty people change dramatically when they discover that they have "super powers", although some of those powers...



Fantasy - SF

Rank: 281, Points: 66

Updated: 22Feb Pages: 6

The prologue to a distopian future story


Les Chroniques de...

Fantasy - SF by oristarck

Rank: 282, Points: 66

Updated: 20Jul Pages: 3

Discover this great Fantasy - SF, manga illustrated by oristarck!


La Marque

Action by stelli

Rank: 294, Points: 58

Updated: 13Nov Pages: 16

Nefret is girl who lost her memory. One night she had dreams of a world populated by strange creatures and where the Gods are...


Only Two - Hors Série


Rank: 311, Points: 25

Finished comics Pages: 36

Discover this great Thriller , manga illustrated by Jérôme!


Comics and Manga available in other language


Fantasy - SF by Jason Brubaker

Rank: 23, Points: 176

Finished comics Pages: 148

El gato Elias


Rank: 60, Points: 129

Updated: 4Feb Pages: 164


by Folco

Rank: 62, Points: 81

Updated: 21Mar Pages: 6

City of Wolves


Rank: 72, Points: 71

Updated: 25Jan Pages: 9


Action by fmenor

Rank: 158, Points: 90

Updated: 17Feb Pages: 59

Don Frikote

Humor by haikami

Rank: 286, Points: 55

Updated: 30Nov Pages: 5


Fantasy - SF by Winslow

Rank: 311, Points: 86

Updated: 23May Pages: 23

Bertrand le petit singe

Humor by Arnaud Lehue

Rank: 432, Points: 73

Updated: 24Nov Pages: 47

Y'en a marre de Jean...

Humor by roro318

Rank: 583, Points: 22

Updated: 15Feb Pages: 67

Tild : Mage à louer

Fantasy - SF by Maxa'

Rank: 5, Points: 277

Updated: 27Aug Pages: 125


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 8, Points: 243

Updated: yest. Pages: 192


Humor by lobolimao

Rank: 18, Points: 137

Updated: 7Feb Pages: 6


Thriller by Yuki S., Jisuk

Rank: 34, Points: 169

Updated: 3Dec Pages: 108


Action by formador

Rank: 35, Points: 143

Updated: 21Jul Pages: 465

On air


Rank: 54, Points: 84

Updated: 4Feb Pages: 6

Barbu : La vie de...


Rank: 75, Points: 141

Updated: 21Jan Pages: 31


Fantasy - SF by akicraveri

Rank: 77, Points: 140

Finished comics Pages: 113

Como tudo começou

Romance by Eliezer França

Rank: 80, Points: 76

Pages: 12

Ratus ratus

Humor by naanou63

Rank: 84, Points: 138

Updated: 25Jun Pages: 85

Greatest Ninja in Japan


Rank: 85, Points: 55

Updated: 8Mar Pages: 6

L'éveil des sens

Humor by Belzaran

Rank: 89, Points: 136

Updated: 4Aug Pages: 34

Borea, le Monde Blanc

Fantasy - SF by Sand Kerion

Rank: 90, Points: 135

Updated: 7Jun Pages: 12

Horror tentacular

Humor by Volker

Rank: 126, Points: 96

Updated: 23Jan Pages: 25

Valentín Mancera

Thriller by maledictus

Rank: 139, Points: 95

Updated: 27Feb Pages: 44

Salle des Profs


Rank: 139, Points: 117

Updated: 25Feb Pages: 41

Ze crazy cooks

Humor by bernus

Rank: 140, Points: 117

Updated: 26Aug Pages: 80

Eyes of Jewels

Humor by MonicaNG

Rank: 142, Points: 94

Updated: 18May Pages: 65

Solaris Saga

Fantasy - SF by -Renard-

Rank: 143, Points: 116

Updated: 24Jul Pages: 158

Trois Mousquetaires

Action by El Jerko

Rank: 147, Points: 114

Updated: 1Feb Pages: 42


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 155, Points: 111

Finished comics Pages: 30


Humor by Rockwood

Rank: 160, Points: 109

Updated: 27Aug Pages: 108

Légendes du Shi-èr

Action by Mic

Rank: 163, Points: 109

Updated: 1Mar Pages: 37

Magic Girl

Fantasy - SF by Gustvoc

Rank: 164, Points: 87

Updated: 25Aug Pages: 214

Alpha Zero

Fantasy - SF by Zaigard

Rank: 166, Points: 87

Updated: 24May Pages: 41



Rank: 171, Points: 108

Finished comics Pages: 37

Dawn tome 1 "Black and...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 173, Points: 108

Finished comics Pages: 32


Humor by Photon

Rank: 175, Points: 108

Updated: 7Jan Pages: 40

Only Two, le collectif


Rank: 176, Points: 107

Updated: 17Jun Pages: 48

Et Pis Taf !

Humor by Lamisseb

Rank: 178, Points: 107

Updated: 9Nov Pages: 27

Clara Catastrophe

Humor by lua clara

Rank: 184, Points: 106

Updated: 20Jan Pages: 47


Humor by Nykko

Rank: 185, Points: 106

Updated: 17Oct Pages: 6

Only Two - Sex&Nude

Romance by Jérôme

Rank: 190, Points: 104

Updated: 3Jan Pages: 22

Les Fantômes Vagabonds

Fantasy - SF by Tale

Rank: 199, Points: 103

Updated: 27Aug Pages: 38

Billy's Book - Le Yaa...


Rank: 201, Points: 103

Updated: 3Jun Pages: 54


by sarell

Rank: 204, Points: 102

Finished comics Pages: 54

Erwan The Heiress

Fantasy - SF by Cali

Rank: 205, Points: 102

Updated: 31Aug Pages: 51

On lave son linge...

Fantasy - SF by didizuka, Gernier

Rank: 209, Points: 101

Finished comics Pages: 16



Rank: 212, Points: 100

Finished comics Pages: 39


Thriller by weasel, Norad

Rank: 218, Points: 99

Updated: 17Aug Pages: 25

- - - Obl : viO - - -...

Fantasy - SF by traumwelt

Rank: 219, Points: 99

Updated: 28May Pages: 15

Bajo Cero

Action by MiyuWasHere, Gallardo

Rank: 221, Points: 74

Updated: 22Feb Pages: 7

L'Animation pour les...


Rank: 221, Points: 99

Updated: 7Nov Pages: 4

Un été à Plouha

Humor by jules

Rank: 225, Points: 99

Updated: 4Nov Pages: 14


Romance by LittleEndian

Rank: 226, Points: 99

Updated: 22Apr Pages: 1

Game of Love

Romance by Groumpfouh

Rank: 235, Points: 98

Updated: 3Feb Pages: 11

Barbu : Le règne du poil

Humor by -Barbu-

Rank: 243, Points: 97

Updated: 1Feb Pages: 6

Barbu : Des défis & des...


Rank: 245, Points: 97

Updated: 22Mar Pages: 17

Marin et la belle-mère -...


Rank: 262, Points: 94

Updated: 27Dec Pages: 10


Romance by Gagovi

Rank: 267, Points: 62

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 48

la mujer sin rostro

Thriller by darkkeferas

Rank: 271, Points: 60

Updated: 2May Pages: 8

Les origines oubliées

Fantasy - SF by acala mururoa

Rank: 271, Points: 93

Finished comics Pages: 16


Humor by ROKEFOX

Rank: 273, Points: 60

Updated: 21Dec Pages: 32

(fantasía heroica)


Rank: 275, Points: 58

Updated: 28Jan Pages: 26

Cuentos de Lorazepam

Thriller by Pauso

Rank: 276, Points: 58

Updated: 2Mar Pages: 4


by verdeagua

Rank: 283, Points: 56

Updated: 25Sep Pages: 13

Le voyage de Bo

Thriller by Oraku

Rank: 298, Points: 88

Updated: 28Dec Pages: 10

Red Eye

Humor by Mariko, Mymie-an

Rank: 299, Points: 88

Finished comics Pages: 64

Pépé & Mémé Corporation


Rank: 302, Points: 87

Updated: 13Sep Pages: 43

Aux origines de la vie...

Children's books by yhann35

Rank: 308, Points: 86

Updated: 7Apr Pages: 59

Mes Phantasmes


Rank: 309, Points: 86

Finished comics Pages: 9


Fantasy - SF by JAL

Rank: 313, Points: 86

Updated: 30Jan Pages: 32

Mouak - Le Gourou...


Rank: 316, Points: 85

Updated: 6Jan Pages: 46

Blog et Méchant

Humor by BlogEtMéchant

Rank: 322, Points: 85

Updated: 24Sep Pages: 111

Un Pistolet sur la Tempe

Thriller by stoon

Rank: 329, Points: 84

Finished comics Pages: 22


Fantasy - SF by Romain Hernandez

Rank: 332, Points: 84

Updated: 22Feb Pages: 48


Fantasy - SF by Gelweo

Rank: 338, Points: 83

Updated: 28Nov Pages: 31

Spirit of a Dawn- Tome 1

Fantasy - SF by Trémor

Rank: 352, Points: 81

Finished comics Pages: 32

Chroniques du...

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 354, Points: 81

Updated: 1Feb Pages: 24

Billy's Book

Humor by pain(t)

Rank: 355, Points: 81

Updated: 12Jun Pages: 10

Spirit of a Dawn- Tome 2

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 361, Points: 81

Updated: 21Nov Pages: 17

Oursemou, l'ours pas...

Humor by oursemou

Rank: 368, Points: 80

Updated: 30Sep Pages: 14

Dirty cosmos

by Alvinator

Rank: 369, Points: 80

Updated: 10Nov Pages: 56

Histoires en Rouge et...

Children's books by Iyoku

Rank: 401, Points: 76

Updated: 15Nov Pages: 28

Les trèfles rouges

Humor by MlleLowra

Rank: 410, Points: 75

Updated: 14Aug Pages: 21



Rank: 413, Points: 75

Finished comics Pages: 64

Les Héros de la Force

Fantasy - SF by stef84, Xander

Rank: 448, Points: 71

Updated: 31Aug Pages: 6



Rank: 454, Points: 70

Finished comics Pages: 46

Looking for the truth

Fantasy - SF by Thania

Rank: 461, Points: 69

Updated: 29Jun Pages: 3

Pas d'Rôle

Fantasy - SF by andy42

Rank: 462, Points: 69

Updated: 15Dec Pages: 8

New Gaïa

Fantasy - SF by hibi

Rank: 465, Points: 69

Updated: 6Nov Pages: 15


Fantasy - SF by MatthieuF

Rank: 476, Points: 68

Updated: 13Nov Pages: 4

galactik man

by james mellange

Rank: 479, Points: 68

Updated: 4Aug Pages: 163

Pirate 2.0

Fantasy - SF by Leonardbannelingbang

Rank: 482, Points: 68

Updated: 9Aug Pages: 2

Timothé l'Antillais

Humor by Jiorgio Nerjat

Rank: 483, Points: 68

Updated: 29Feb Pages: 6


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 486, Points: 68

Finished comics Pages: 4

La vache de l'espace


Rank: 497, Points: 67

Updated: 23Apr Pages: 11

Victor Victorum


Rank: 501, Points: 67

Updated: 17Mar Pages: 7

Les Aventures de Poncho

Humor by Poncho

Rank: 523, Points: 60

Updated: 31Mar Pages: 59

Les strips de Matteor

Humor by matteorrr

Rank: 524, Points: 60

Updated: 31Aug Pages: 55


Fantasy - SF

Rank: 537, Points: 56

Finished comics Pages: 33

Super Prout

Humor by huggymauve

Rank: 538, Points: 55

Updated: 20Jan Pages: 17

Cow and co

Humor by Tiébo

Rank: 546, Points: 54

Updated: 18Oct Pages: 18

Bonne chance Betty

Romance by pacy demo

Rank: 550, Points: 53

Updated: 1Jan Pages: 6

Jean-Norbert le...

Fantasy - SF by Mélicente

Rank: 567, Points: 42

Updated: 1Oct Pages: 26

Timmy Manjaro

Fantasy - SF

Rank: 572, Points: 37

Updated: 3Mar Pages: 121

Gold Firmin

Action by mykilow

Rank: 575, Points: 33

Updated: 25Jan Pages: 132

Wake Up

Fantasy - SF by cooler_85

Rank: 579, Points: 28

Updated: 9Oct Pages: 9


Fantasy - SF by Shuruka

Rank: 580, Points: 27

Updated: 1Jan Pages: 7

Le trésor


Rank: 587, Points: 14

Updated: 19Feb Pages: 4

Mon beau super héros


Rank: 588, Points: 1

Updated: 1May Pages: 10


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