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manga - Action

Epic adventures or shonen manga, you’ll find all our action comic. Stories of revenge, ninja or knight for your eyes only..

Comics and mangas with original language: English

Gangsta and Paradise

Action by nilanandita

Rank: 15, Points: 198

Updated: 16Sep Pages: 108

Welcome to the age of vice, Kali Yuga.
The age when human civilization has been brainwashed into the depraved lifestyle of the...



Action by Taresh

Rank: 19, Points: 183

Updated: 27Mar Pages: 1718

the Ryak-Lo are thought to be a mysterious long dead god-like race. But now, a young girl known as Ryna somehow has this power...


Nameless Snow

Action by MarinaPRIV

Rank: 23, Points: 172

Updated: 8Aug Pages: 40

Beautifully designed and choreographed confrontation, without a single word uttered


J-Stars Victory Vs

Action by JSP

Rank: 29, Points: 159

Updated: 3Jun Pages: 24

And so it begins! This project is a reboot of Yusuke Murata's 2005 one-shot "Jump Super Stars", and with the help of artist...



Action by VonBoche

Rank: 36, Points: 143

Updated: 31Jul Pages: 107

Sometimes, one has to do what one doesn't want. It's like when you have pineapple in your pizza and it sucks but you don't...



Action by Saikono

Rank: 62, Points: 119

Updated: 14Mar Pages: 23

Excellent manga full of adventures set in medieval times!



Action by Mustayaki

Rank: 96, Points: 106

Updated: 28Jan Pages: 30

Many years ago a giant disaster struck Earth, leaving mountains of rubble and debris. On one of those mountains lives the...



Action by satanasov

Rank: 104, Points: 106

Updated: 10Oct Pages: 11

This is a story of two legendary heroes who changed the destiny of the humankind in a dragon world.



Action by Ikki San Gaspar

Rank: 212, Points: 81

Updated: 11Dec Pages: 25

Rumors about the revival of the great demon King Belial spread throughout the continents and it is up to our heroes to unify...



Action by neostar8710

Rank: 257, Points: 73

Updated: 15Jun Pages: 76

An evil wizard turned Charles' whole town into a kitchen (that's right). Cursed with the body of a SPOON, he has embarked on a...


Song of the Motherland

Action by calmcnichols

Rank: 258, Points: 73

Updated: 6Dec Pages: 79

War, peace, daily life, culture, and the struggles that all people face. An anthology that explores humanity without the...


Demon Fist

Action by RoryFeatherwind

Rank: 262, Points: 71

Updated: 13Feb Pages: 70

In world where demons and angels live among humans and a tyrannical world government controls the people through their faith...


Snirer Blood

Action by koutaishi

Rank: 263, Points: 71

Updated: 6Jun Pages: 83

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by koutaishi!


Trick Master

Action by edegaragostinho

Rank: 282, Points: 67

Updated: 13Dec Pages: 25

A circus artist, a kicker, and an intrigant history of demons and two organizations: The evil Black Sphere and the demon...


Comics and manga translated into: English

DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra...

Action by Chewys

Rank: 1, Points: 325

Updated: 1Dec Pages: 584

This is a non official-non DBM cannon copy-paste fancomic based in the Universes 3 and 9 of...


Super Dragon Bros Z

Action by Berrizo

Rank: 2, Points: 225

Updated: 18Jan Pages: 520

The worlds of Dragon Ball Z and Super Mario Bros. collide !

Bros Gokû, world champion and savior of the Earth, must partner...



Action by Gogéta Jr, TroyB

Rank: 8, Points: 212

Updated: 1May Pages: 383

The incredible adventures of Amilova, a teenage girl that discovers her Fire Super Powers ! Action, magic, mysteries, love and...


Guild Adventure

Action by Guildadventure

Rank: 12, Points: 206

Updated: 25Oct Pages: 478

Guild adventure is an adventure comic based on videogames like monster hunter, in wich we will follow the story of a peculiar...



Action by nakiringo

Rank: 22, Points: 175

Updated: 19Dec Pages: 48

Who the hell needs dying!

Those who have committed crimes in this world shall move on to Gehenna in the next. And there, in...


Food Attack

Action by A.C.Puig

Rank: 25, Points: 166

Updated: 8Feb Pages: 418

Two bounty hunters and a young princess are going to face the extremely-dangerous twisted evil fruits and vegetables.



Run 8

Action by Mimiyavi, studio.takoyaki

Rank: 28, Points: 162

Updated: 18Feb Pages: 283

In a world were hate is a benediction, Sklan and his friend Topazio will begin race against madness.

Mimi is the illustrator...


Saint Seiya - Ocean...


Rank: 30, Points: 151

Finished comics Pages: 312

Saint Seiya - The Ocean Chapter is the continuity of the anime, from the sagas Poseidon and Hades. Updates Monday, Wednesday...


Saint Seiya - Black War

Action by mista, Tsubaki de Vela

Rank: 31, Points: 150

Updated: 16Jul Pages: 231

The year of 1349. The knights who survived the Holy War against Hades are back to the Sanctuary. But instead of what they...


No Softly

Action by Mabeelz, Salagir

Rank: 38, Points: 138

Finished comics Pages: 66

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by Mabeelz and imagined by Salagir!


Saint Seiya - Eole...

Action by Ouv

Rank: 47, Points: 128

Finished comics Pages: 165

The destruction of the submarine Sanctuary issued the Millennium enemy of Poseidon. Although this last is enclosed in the urn...


Eternal Linker 永久の連動者

Action by 戦国結城

Rank: 53, Points: 123

Updated: 1Apr Pages: 66

A man in the body of a monster, and a monster in a man's body ... The tale of a young boy and a man of unusual talents!



Action by darkwisard, Ruleslemanga

Rank: 79, Points: 113

Updated: 9Aug Pages: 74

Follow Sunny and his friends incredible adventures, through a bunch of crazy islands... and discover the secrets of...



Action by さぎなだ けい

Rank: 80, Points: 112

Updated: 7May Pages: 80

Kaldericku is a world rich in magic, where humans and other living things live alongside gods, as well as the demons they...


Ash and the City of...

Action by namaneko

Rank: 93, Points: 107

Updated: 31Jan Pages: 40

This short story, rather reminiscent of Studio Ghibli's take on children's fantasy, is the work of a professional illustrator...



Action by ウエイエイト

Rank: 100, Points: 106

Updated: 13Apr Pages: 31

A fantastic Rock'n'roll music manga, created by ウエイ エイト!


Driver for hire

Action by FRD

Rank: 106, Points: 106

Updated: 19Jun Pages: 23

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by FRD!



Action by Fruit, Flamby

Rank: 109, Points: 105

Updated: 3Oct Pages: 13

Nanti is a wolf demon from the world of Esmera. He must overcome his hatred of humans in order to assist Kenna, Kalyan and...



Action by *marianne*

Rank: 110, Points: 105

Updated: 15Jun Pages: 27

"This is one of the greatest adventures of my life. When I was 12 years old, I was living in Britain and I was working at the...


Flame Jinniyah

Action by murakami.zdm904

Rank: 113, Points: 105

Updated: 18May Pages: 29

A tale of knights and Jinn, set against the background of 12 century Europe and the medieval Islamic world


Cowboys In Orbit

Action by mbuma

Rank: 122, Points: 104

Updated: 14Sep Pages: 117

In 4512, torn between gang wars and "ROM" deals, the inhabitants of the Earth, the "paramessiahs", are trying to find a future...



Action by Natacha Barthès

Rank: 149, Points: 94

Updated: 26Sep Pages: 210

" Alma is a 17 y.o. young girl waking up in the Afterlife, with no memory of her death. Thanks to her very pure heart, she's...


The Lord of the Wind

Action by hayard

Rank: 155, Points: 93

Updated: 1Apr Pages: 22

This is the story of a young elf who is trying to find his way among humans, while the world is plagued by a terrible virus...


Saint Seiya Ultimate

Action by mike du 62880

Rank: 183, Points: 92

Finished comics Pages: 610

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by mike du 62880!



Action by Kidzo

Rank: 184, Points: 92

Updated: 7Nov Pages: 7

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by Kidzo!


Two Men and a Camel

Action by Angy89, Kuraudo

Rank: 187, Points: 92

Updated: 13Apr Pages: 108

We're in a bizarre world. Two men are in a strange situation, luck doesn't assist 'em... but at least they aren't short on...


Gealach Dark

Action by , I.S.M

Rank: 188, Points: 92

Updated: 28Nov Pages: 8

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by I.S.M!


Zack et les anges de la...

Action by sebynosaure

Rank: 202, Points: 85

Updated: 9Feb Pages: 48

Only survivor of his family slaughter, Zack integrates the gang of "Angels of the Road". A biker gang made ​​of orphans. It is...



Action by stephane censi

Rank: 205, Points: 83

Updated: 18Mar Pages: 49

Discover NOLAN the lastest manga of Stephane Censi !


The Millennial War

Action by Guillaume_D

Rank: 215, Points: 80

Updated: 6Mar Pages: 16

For martial arts fans...


Yo Nen

Action by LeaCaballero

Rank: 241, Points: 79

Updated: 8Feb Pages: 6

Nen is a guy like any other. But his friends are NOT this way. Everyone says to him: "Stop being a coward" "You have to fight...



Action by Alex Xaysena

Rank: 266, Points: 69

Updated: 16Mar Pages: 49

A story inspired by a famous 12th century French chanson de geste "The Four Sons of Duke Aymon". Embark on an epic quest!


Itai Tenshi

Action by Y-Mangaka

Rank: 270, Points: 69

Updated: 22Sep Pages: 42

Itai Takahara has enough of his bad luck and pray heaven to help him. Then a young angel still learning how to do all of her...


Saint Seiya : Drake...

Action by Mic, Grahald

Rank: 271, Points: 69

Updated: 24Sep Pages: 46

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by Mic and imagined by Grahald!


Dead Thunder

Action by liamdonne, drixou

Rank: 280, Points: 67

Updated: 15Apr Pages: 25

I have the honor to present you my manga "Dead Thunder" !! Read fastly this manga whiwh will lose your breath and that will...


Orium Caspium

Action by IDias

Rank: 284, Points: 67

Updated: 17Nov Pages: 21

Medion is a young Prince of a country called Angelus. One day, a demon's visit will make him go in a great adventure.


Rockets Group

Action by MauRi

Rank: 297, Points: 66

Finished comics Pages: 4

The wizard Hevek revived to the forces of the nature and he wants to extinguish the humanity for revenge. But an awkward and...


Let me Fly

Action by Aline Potiron

Rank: 300, Points: 66

Updated: 12May Pages: 16

Lili is one of the most gifted with magical potential people. Even though her life is not a pice of a cake...



Action by Kaneki Djace

Rank: 303, Points: 66

Updated: 11Nov Pages: 19

The story begins in year 6998 in a clash against a dimien demon(From the Latin dimensiva which means dimensional) who was to...


Lost Fruits

Action by lostfruty

Rank: 321, Points: 66

Updated: 18Aug Pages: 12

When the gods have decided to eradicate the human race, unexpectedly the Mother Nature opposed to their plans. Then the...



Action by NaNa Sakaru

Rank: 328, Points: 66

Updated: 13Nov Pages: 8

The story of Mayu, a young girl and adventurer, in the Land of Dark Wood Circus...



Action by Van Reigh

Rank: 333, Points: 66

Updated: 15Apr Pages: 1

The Saga of the emissaries... based on the manga HunterXHunter.


Zelda "Link's Awakening"

Action by Jack Sugar

Rank: 370, Points: 47

Finished comics Pages: 71

A manga based on one of the most popular game of the famous saga "The Legend of Zelda" !
After a storm, Link runs aground on...


Cat's Girls - Tome...

Action by Aure-magik

Rank: 373, Points: 42

Updated: 17Nov Pages: 45

The adventures of the Cat's Girls...


Guerriers Psychiques

Action by aladin

Rank: 377, Points: 28

Updated: 28Jan Pages: 18

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by aladin!



Action by youssef

Rank: 380, Points: 13

Finished comics Pages: 4

Discover this great Action, manga illustrated by youssef!


Comics and Manga available in other language


Action by hoshimaro

Rank: 33, Points: 104

Updated: 11May Pages: 37

Vice Versa

Action by Oleg Tsoy

Rank: 60, Points: 73

Updated: 3Mar Pages: 12


Action by smaïky

Rank: 132, Points: 130

Updated: 8Sep Pages: 335


Action by Namkaze

Rank: 575, Points: 75

Updated: 19Jul Pages: 29

The blue golden

Action by kera972

Rank: 790, Points: 67

Updated: 18Nov Pages: 18


Action by AminMaten

Rank: 805, Points: 66

Updated: 18Feb Pages: 20

Tools Challenge

Action by PAAF

Rank: 8, Points: 158

Updated: 26Oct Pages: 12

Sayu Samurai

Action by U-zineiros Taubate

Rank: 10, Points: 154

Updated: 28Feb Pages: 34

Celestial Beast

Action by NicoVsYuh

Rank: 21, Points: 187

Finished comics Pages: 574

Rock 'n' Roll Jungle

Action by phoentra20, Blackheart

Rank: 34, Points: 169

Updated: 30Nov Pages: 66


Action by Menestrel, CyrilleTelmer

Rank: 41, Points: 166

Updated: 25May Pages: 107

Mirada atras

Action by Kyoffie

Rank: 50, Points: 127

Updated: 1Apr Pages: 5

Level Up!


Rank: 51, Points: 80

Updated: 14May Pages: 45


Action by Bruno_salas

Rank: 59, Points: 92

Pages: 21

Forgotten World


Rank: 73, Points: 76

Updated: 14Mar Pages: 62

Can You Kill Me Again?

Action by Miennu

Rank: 101, Points: 135

Finished comics Pages: 183

El Noveno Círculo

Action by Blacksanz

Rank: 145, Points: 95

Updated: 2Dec Pages: 77


Action by Jéro

Rank: 147, Points: 126

Finished comics Pages: 25


Action by isumaeru, Baxvirtual

Rank: 183, Points: 84

Updated: 22Oct Pages: 21


Action by Superevey

Rank: 184, Points: 117

Updated: 23Aug Pages: 17

After Death

Action by Harimi

Rank: 196, Points: 79

Updated: 14Apr Pages: 91

Le Retour des Saiyans


Rank: 215, Points: 113

Updated: 12Feb Pages: 178

Generation Y

Action by Ayaluna

Rank: 221, Points: 112

Updated: 24Mar Pages: 49


Action by GakuIzi

Rank: 223, Points: 112

Updated: 24Mar Pages: 6


Action by Chr!ssia

Rank: 232, Points: 111

Finished comics Pages: 50


Action by Kyan

Rank: 258, Points: 66

Updated: 28Oct Pages: 24

Sealed School

Action by L_C_HAMILTON

Rank: 278, Points: 65

Updated: 26Jan Pages: 6

Gohan Story

Action by aladin

Rank: 298, Points: 100

Updated: 6Dec Pages: 190


Action by ejine

Rank: 360, Points: 95

Updated: 10Oct Pages: 302

Golden Skull

Action by Mr Bambou

Rank: 381, Points: 93

Updated: 17Jun Pages: 416

Daturaa Volume I


Rank: 387, Points: 92

Finished comics Pages: 134


Action by Meitatron

Rank: 397, Points: 91

Updated: 8Sep Pages: 12

_Until my Last Breath_

Action by BambouLePandaFou

Rank: 454, Points: 84

Updated: 29Nov Pages: 73



Rank: 466, Points: 83

Updated: 1Feb Pages: 62

Nuzlocke Challenge :...

Action by Rannime-V

Rank: 502, Points: 80

Updated: 8May Pages: 57


Action by Nathop

Rank: 518, Points: 79

Updated: 27Feb Pages: 10

Blast On !!

Action by Kev85

Rank: 526, Points: 79

Updated: 17Sep Pages: 15

Criminal Card

Action by Vergil

Rank: 547, Points: 77

Updated: 21Apr Pages: 84

Only the Red Color

Action by Silent-Ash

Rank: 552, Points: 76

Finished comics Pages: 81

Bastien Sans Souci

Action by Freakazoid

Rank: 555, Points: 76

Updated: 20Nov Pages: 74


Action by LBC

Rank: 586, Points: 74

Updated: 30Jun Pages: 86

New Erezy

Action by Nykko

Rank: 595, Points: 74

Updated: 27Jan Pages: 38

Scott Holmes

Action by JaguarKamo

Rank: 601, Points: 73

Updated: 17Sep Pages: 36


Action by gyomura

Rank: 619, Points: 73

Updated: 13Apr Pages: 57


Action by tsubame0613

Rank: 630, Points: 72

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 10


Action by zam

Rank: 648, Points: 71

Finished comics Pages: 62

Welcome To The Jungle

Action by EKOUMA

Rank: 662, Points: 70

Updated: 7Nov Pages: 71


Action by cOrbac

Rank: 672, Points: 70

Updated: 5Nov Pages: 6


Action by Wilfried Bento

Rank: 683, Points: 70

Updated: 9Mar Pages: 18

Black Butterfly

Action by Jayto

Rank: 698, Points: 69

Updated: 27Dec Pages: 47



Rank: 700, Points: 69

Updated: 12May Pages: 51

The destiny of master

Action by Shuruka

Rank: 701, Points: 69

Updated: 24Nov Pages: 61

La fierté de Vegeta

Action by Chibi Dam'z

Rank: 709, Points: 69

Finished comics Pages: 15

Sky Hunter - Prédiction...

Action by Ryujin-Sama

Rank: 720, Points: 68

Finished comics Pages: 6


Action by OniMaru

Rank: 760, Points: 67

Updated: 20Nov Pages: 18

Broken Soul Pursue

Action by Shin-shio

Rank: 761, Points: 67

Updated: 22Apr Pages: 19

Ring sans cordes

Action by K-ZADI

Rank: 782, Points: 67

Updated: 10May Pages: 9

Fraternité et...

Action by pain(t)

Rank: 837, Points: 66

Updated: 8Nov Pages: 12


Action by kazamatsu

Rank: 844, Points: 66

Updated: 29Nov Pages: 32

Esprit Vengeur

Action by Florian R. Guillon, madedd

Rank: 851, Points: 66

Finished comics Pages: 25

A L'ombre de la folie

Action by jUrUmna

Rank: 884, Points: 65

Updated: 2Feb Pages: 10

Si j'avais su

Action by Jinshir0

Rank: 903, Points: 60

Updated: 27Nov Pages: 170

Ombre et Lumière

Action by Elizir

Rank: 912, Points: 57

Updated: 23Nov Pages: 49

John L'Alien

Action by darkpiwo

Rank: 916, Points: 57

Updated: 21Jun Pages: 44

Evil Destiny

Action by Katsei-Kun30

Rank: 932, Points: 54

Updated: 27Mar Pages: 21


Action by liamdonne

Rank: 934, Points: 54

Updated: 2Sep Pages: 12

WAW (World At War)


Rank: 935, Points: 54

Updated: 20Jun Pages: 31

Reve du Football...

Action by Ismael Stefanas

Rank: 941, Points: 53

Updated: 8May Pages: 23

White Crow Ino


Rank: 962, Points: 42

Updated: 17Mar Pages: 119

Pyro: Le vent de la...

Action by calyste

Rank: 968, Points: 41

Updated: 13Sep Pages: 72

GOG society

Action by Kinsaimoon

Rank: 983, Points: 28

Updated: 8Sep Pages: 27

Who's She

Action by mykilow

Rank: 990, Points: 19

Updated: 17Feb Pages: 8

Buch Démon's

Action by A2lan

Rank: 992, Points: 15

Updated: 1Jan Pages: 11


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