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Chewys 31

RIP Bulma.

Thank you very much to everyone for your comments, your vibes, and your constant support.

If you want to see advanced episodes, you can do so at: (subscription) (store)

Chewys 10/23/2023 19:38:21   
luca1 6

Namekian leader turned out to be an ass here. first they refuse to discuss with newcommers and attack them and now he feels no rmorse after being proved wrong... my guys are alive so its all fine

luca1 10/24/2023 08:53:09   
frartan117 2

Indeed, this namekians are proving that they deserve everything that Freezer did to them in the original time line.

I only hope these namekians are the ones that were killed by Vegeta and so they didnt get revived by the dragon balls.

frartan117 10/24/2023 12:20:06   
Ammar 1

"You deserved to murdered because you didn't give YOUR dragonballs!!!" xD

Ammar 10/30/2023 11:43:48   
Ammar 1

Lol what?! They're bad because they refused to give THIER dragonballs to these two assholes (Bulma & Haarp)? That's rich! They went to their planet uninvited, enter their village uninvited, and demanded to hand them the dragon balls AND attacked first. But somehow, it's the namekians fault. xD

Ammar 10/30/2023 11:41:37   
Rahvu 7

Others huh.. is Vegeta already there or maybe someone from Coolers Empire..

Rahvu 10/24/2023 22:58:38   
bnkjk 4

I don't think there's anyone from Cooler's empire strong enough to challenge Haarp that isn't either on Earth or en route to Earth

bnkjk 10/26/2023 14:23:28   
Rahvu 7

could be someone from Cooler's Armored Squadron who isn't Sauza as he was with Cooler in Helior.. i suppose it's unlikely, but still a chance..

Rahvu 10/26/2023 20:26:01   
LordUzaki 1

The reveal that they all lived completely changes the entire scenario. Now the only one's with blood on their hand's are the namekians, born entirely out of their bias towards Harp. It will be interesting to see how relations between the two groups change moving forward.

LordUzaki 10/25/2023 00:54:24   
Zeromus 3

Slug and Vegeta are already there ?

Zeromus 10/27/2023 05:36:05   
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