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Ouroboros 28

oh nice the dodge was al Burther?

Ouroboros 08/22/2023 19:25:56   
LostAmber 1


LostAmber 08/23/2023 01:43:38   
kcheeb 5

Why it say other four

It should be other three since there's only 4 total

kcheeb 08/23/2023 17:29:12   
Rahvu 7

That gun is still there, but Tien seems pretty f-ed right here..

Rahvu 08/23/2023 23:45:08   
DivinusRex 1

Tien is f-ed there is no realistic scenario where he can win.

1 He would need a senzu bean

2 Guldo is a huge threat that Tien can't engage with while the other three ginyu force members are around

3 He can't use the Kikoho or kaioken anymore

DivinusRex 08/24/2023 18:43:17   
Zeromus 3

Tien needs some help. He cannot win alone anymore. Problem is that everyone are either dead or on namek. This looks bad for him.

Zeromus 08/24/2023 19:48:23   
Yellaninja 2

Appreciate that the story keeps me on edge.
I guess the best option of survival for Tien is
to use Solar Flare and run. Maybe Korin has
Senzu bean.

Never predicted Jaco to die, I thought he would
be the one to take out Guldo. Having the foresight
and awareness. But his nonchalant attitude got him
killed in the end.

Yellaninja 08/25/2023 04:40:36   
Yellaninja 2

Kami, Mr Popo, Roshi, and Yamcha are all dead from
the previous battle. There’s no one left that could
get a senzu bean to Tien except Korin. And I don’t
think he came all the way to the battlefield unless
he has some Magic transportation.

Yellaninja 08/25/2023 23:41:07   
Ouroboros 28

Things to turn the table

Well there could be Mr. briefs in a upgraded Bulma mech
The Androids
Mr Satan
Trunks can ateempt to ram the Ginyu's with the ship

Ouroboros 08/26/2023 19:57:28   
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DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku

DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku: cover




Author :

Team : , , , ,

Translation by : This....IS MY BOOMSTICK

Original Language: Español

Releasing pace: Tuesday, Saturday

Type : manga

Genre : Action

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