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Rahvu 6

Well there probably is no way to stop fighting in this end..

Rahvu 08/29/2023 20:45:31   
JoKar1007 5

I have a question. How strong was Krillin after getting his potential unlocked by Guru? He stood his ground against second form Freeza. Was he close to the million?

JoKar1007 08/29/2023 20:48:58   
Rahvu 6

I'd say 15-20k at most probably at the point of fighting 2nd form Freeza, he was weaker than Gohan after he got his Guru boost and Gohan was said to be as strong as Vegeta was when he first came to Earth..

Rahvu 08/29/2023 21:10:52   
Yellaninja 2

The way I see it Guru’s boost was a delayed power up.

Krillin would only get a portion of the potential power from
Guru’s boost pre ginyu force battle and the rest of the power
up awakens post ginyu battle. As he’s able to do well against
Ginyu Inside Goku’s body. So if Krillin was 12-13K vs Recoome.
Krillin experience and potential power should’ve been boosted
more with Guru boost the more battles and strong opponents
he faces.

Yellaninja 08/29/2023 22:45:51   
Rahvu 6

Yeah i can agree with that, but i doubt Krillin got more powerful than any of the Ginuy Squad (except Guldo) during Namek arc.

Rahvu 08/30/2023 23:47:47   
Yellaninja 2

If you agree then why would you say Krillin isn’t stronger than Guldo ?

Keep in mind Krill was already stronger than Guldo
when he got his potential awakened. My stance is that
after every battle Guru’s hidden potential boost,
unlocked more and more of krillin power, Which made
it seem like he got a zenkai after Recoome fight
but it was really the delayed power up by guru.

After Recoome fight krillin hidden potential
raised again to the point he could handle
ginyu Goku who was 23,000 if we
remember correctly Krillin fighting Recoome
was 12,000 so by frieza fight his potential
had jumped 3 times to the point he might have been
40-50,000 by time of frieza 1st form battle with Vegeta.

Yellaninja 08/31/2023 13:50:22   
Rahvu 6

Well i did say he's stronger than Guldo, but not stronger than anyone else in the Ginuy Squad...

Rahvu 09/01/2023 00:11:10   
Yellaninja 2

Another great page. Can’t say I know where this is
headed. Some Nameks might attack Krillin
since he is in joints with Haarp. And Krillin
will be forced to defend himself.
But I think even if Krillin doesn’t help
him, haarp can easily take care of those
Nameks himself. Who are probably under 4K.
I think Haarp just wants to beat them he won’t
kill them like Vegeta did when he forced his way
to steal a village Dragonball. But that’s only a short
period before Nail comes and crushes them. Unlike
Tien. Haarp and Krillin haven’t gone through the
training that Tien did. Their base power is likely under
9,000. So a Kaio Ken x 4 wouldn’t be able to beat

Yellaninja 08/29/2023 22:53:06   
Zeromus 2

Don't try to make any sense of power levels. Toriyama dropped them for a reason.
Krillin fights with Frieza and Ginyu/Goku are mostly fillers. In manga he hitted Ginyu once when he was talking and later he fought him along with Gohan. He had cut Frieza's tail from behind , blinded him with solar flare and run away. He never fought them on his own in the manga.

Zeromus 08/31/2023 16:59:39   
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