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DragonSlayer67 1

So Bulma dies?

DragonSlayer67 09/26/2023 08:14:47   
luca1 6

well - that settles it - so much for any doubts as to peaceful solution here

luca1 09/26/2023 08:46:03   
Ouroboros 28

Harp is going to laugh isn't he?

Ouroboros 09/26/2023 09:44:59   
Rahvu 6

Totally deserved really.. That should be make Bulma dead pretty much.

Rahvu 09/26/2023 13:06:51   
Yienzu 5

Well DAMN! I didn't see that one coming!

Where's that Bulma getting zapped image from anyway?

Yienzu 09/26/2023 14:22:41   
bnkjk 3

The beam itself is obviously from when Frieza attacked the village, and I think Bulma was redrawn from scratch, using the random soldier that gets zapped as a model for her position.

bnkjk 09/28/2023 09:26:03   
Chewys 31

Torrijos made her!!! Forgot to mention that!!

Chewys 09/29/2023 01:45:58   
Yienzu 5

Thought that looked like his art! And bnkjk is def right about the model/position, good catch. Nice reference and it looks great!

Yienzu 09/29/2023 17:17:12   
Zeromus 3

If she had dragon radar than things will get a little more complicated.

Zeromus 09/26/2023 20:32:14   
Rafael955 4

Well deserved.

Rafael955 09/27/2023 03:12:29   
shmike 1

Looks like Bulma is about to become a wish.

shmike 09/27/2023 03:50:26   
LordUzaki 1

You know, I didn't think he'd actually kill Bulma.

LordUzaki 09/27/2023 19:16:41   
ImperialWrath 1

Well damn, Bulma was killed off. I honestly can't say I'm upset by this.

ImperialWrath 09/29/2023 04:42:16   
Jason Phoenix 11

...Is it wrong of me to think her death is already a better contribution to this arc than anything she did in the original?

Jason Phoenix 09/30/2023 01:04:07   
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DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku

DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku: cover




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