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Chewys 28

This chapter will have many images taken from Dragon Ball Muliverse: the Universe 3 ones.
Also from DragonGarowLee and two characters from Dragon Ball SQ, of Moffet1990.

I hope you enjoy it!

Chewys 08/13/2017 16:55:16   
venuu 19

6 pods?

venuu 08/13/2017 17:30:28   
shinyrock 1

Keep in mind u3 saiyan race survived longer. Guessing Raditz, among several other weaker saiyans.

shinyrock 08/14/2017 06:47:56   
venuu 19

i confused it with U9. this is the universe where piccolo Daimaō, tapion, Dr. Lychee and bardock r from. stupid me

venuu 08/14/2017 22:06:02   
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