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Chewys 31

Patreon has introduced a new feature called the "Store."

It's interesting.

It doesn't really benefit those who are already subscribed because they already have access to the pages.
However, there might be readers who aren't interested in subscribing but would rather make a one-time contribution.

For those readers, if they want, I'll leave the store here where they can "purchase," so to speak, the advanced chapters.

Chewys 10/13/2023 17:35:51   
Ouroboros 28

bad move Krilin should have started with that Harp already found a place in Paradise Kai's Planet is Close enough.

Ouroboros 10/14/2023 21:26:52   
Rahvu 7

And so Haarp shall have a change of heart.

Rahvu 10/14/2023 22:46:08   
Brolunite 1

I really like your characterisation of Krillin. This isn't the pessimistic, down-on-his-luck third wheel that tries his hardest to do good. This Krillin had to pull through hopeless challenges by the skin of his teeth instead of growing in Goku's shadow.
He's grown responsible and wise from being one of his world's main defender, and you can feel that from this page.

I was a little worried a few pages ago that he would be dragged along with Haarp due to not being the aggressor, just because he's a warrior in DB and needs to punch stuff. But was happy to see him respond with maturity.

Kudos to you and your writing, focusing on these low-key qualities of the original manga.

Brolunite 10/15/2023 03:12:50   
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DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku

DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku: cover




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