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No deep friendship here, eh.
Sure, you just killed my partner, l'm going to follow your orders while laughing about it.

Kind of makes it less sad to think that he gets killed by Vegeta in u18.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 07/24/2020 11:36:36   
Chewys 31

Well... Nappa surely admired, feared and respected Vegeta. But i don´t think they were nowhere near as friends. Mainly because of Vegeta´s constant disregard about his subs. Im sure the relationship was that of boss-employee.
So even if Nappa would put his life in peril for Vegeta, why would he now that he is almost sure Vegeta is dead. There´s just no reason.

The smartest thing to do is to try to keep his head on his shoulders.

Chewys 07/31/2020 20:34:27   
Ultimate-Perfection 11

Poor Vegeta... This just isn’t his day. He expected to get a wish of immortality via Shenron (which wouldn’t work since Shenron was just used fo revive the Z-Fighters), but had his plans intercepted by Kiwi and will be accused of treason. He gets blindsided via a cheap tactic from Kiwi and is heavily wounded, and NOW his most loyal subordinate turns against him? How awful...

I do think Vegeta will also kill Nappa in addition to Kiwi based on his betrayal. Kiwi is rotten to the core and it will be that much more satisfying to see him taken down! End of rant.

Ultimate-Perfection 08/11/2020 20:10:40   
Chewys 31

Not Veggie´s day so far, huh?

Chewys 08/12/2020 12:08:27   
JoKar1007 5

Come on Nappa. You should have been smarter! Tell him: "Yeah, they told me that the only way we can find them is under the light of a full moon. That way he creates a small moon without raising suspicion and then turn into an Ozaru so you have a fighting chance!

JoKar1007 08/11/2020 22:46:38   
Chewys 31

Ha! Kiwi is not THAT stupid

Chewys 08/12/2020 12:07:48   
alain57 4

why the hell would napa need to create a small moon ?
there is no kid gohan who turned into oozaru here
so no piccolo who destroyed the moon
so why loosing time and energy doing something that already exist.

Nappa could say that the wishing balls are in a direction and fly to it until they are on a night zone where he could see the moon (is a full moon really needed ? maybe half moon is enough... or maybe he is just lucky and the moon is full^^ )

alain57 08/13/2020 21:04:17   
Chewys 31

Like in the original, Vegeta calculated their arrival on a full moon day. Problem is it's not dusk... yet.

Chewys 08/13/2020 22:20:13   
JoKar1007 5

Yo, Chewy! Will you be using the Ozaru multiplication as the manga (x10) or as the DBM established it? (x2

JoKar1007 08/11/2020 22:48:40   
Chewys 31

Didn´t know DBM used a x2 multiplier. I guess you are saying it because of Kakarotto´s ozharu matching a SSJ2. But i wouldn´t even consider mathematical multipliers or lineal functions when talking about power levels (which may even vary from an individual to an other, i mean, they are not machine produced all the same).
The ozharu definitley pushes power level over two times. As much as 10? I don´t know if THAT much, but certenly close to that. 8 times? 7 times? Yeah, should be around that.

Chewys 08/12/2020 12:06:38   
JoKar1007 5

Thanks, I guess I also fall into the power level trap. It kinda makes it more interesting if some Ozarus where stronger than others. I mean, if we went by numbers, baby kakarotto's Ozaru would never beat Gohan (I think...). You are making a great job keeping the story believable. Can't wait to see who of the Suicide Squad learned the Kaioken or even the Genkidama!

JoKar1007 08/13/2020 02:48:30   
Rafael955 4

Nappa was smart for once but since he is always portrayed as kind of dumb I was expecting a different reaction from him, he is the last Saiyan alive and "his prince" kicked the bucket so now reason to be loyal, that was the best decision for him, Nappa has no pride problems unlike Vegeta.

Rafael955 08/12/2020 02:39:44   
Chewys 31

Not at all. And he isn´t that stupid either. He just loves fighting and is quite hot headed. But he knows his limits alright.

Chewys 08/12/2020 12:11:16   
Rafael955 4

I didn't say he is stupid, I said he is usually portrayed as the stupid brute, in many fanfictions it is like that so I was expecting him to have a stupid response like trying to fight Kiwi and remain loyal even with Vegeta dead.

Rafael955 08/14/2020 04:56:08   
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