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Today isn't Nappa's day.

First Vegeta steals his scouter. Then he loses all his saibamen in a humiliating way (that includes getting blasted in the face by someone he considers far beneath him), then said oponnents repeatedly trick him until he lost everything besides his underwear without actually hitting his opponents and THEN fish face shows up and tells him his partner got killed and he's about to be excecuted for treason.

Raditz once again outdoes you in every level Nappa xD
Well at least his spine isn't broken yet

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 07/25/2020 16:09:11   
Seka 7

He must be angry...

Seka 08/08/2020 10:45:45   
Chewys 27

Some of Kiwis original imagenes were made by the great Torrijos for his comic Freezer on Earth


Chewys 08/08/2020 15:20:36   
Gachan 1

Awesome! Is there an English or French version?

Gachan 08/09/2020 11:28:45   
Chewys 27

Nope, not that one. Just this one here, wich i translated to english:

Chewys 08/10/2020 00:56:28   
Gachan 1

Thanks! Do you think he'll keep it up or did he give it up to start DBF?

Gachan 08/10/2020 16:41:56   
Chewys 27

I truly don´t know

Chewys 08/10/2020 17:49:14   
Jason Phoenix 8

Well, Kiwi is definitely lying. Nappa's a dead man anyway I'd bet

Jason Phoenix 08/08/2020 19:08:08   
Ultimate-Perfection 8

Oh Kiwi, you are such a scumbag. He was Frieza's lapdog in the original story and is no different with Cooler in Universe 9.

I hope Vegeta appears behind him and gives him the Dirty Fireworks like he did in the original manga. It would be a fitting end for him as he pulled a cheap shot against Vegeta as well!

Even though Vegeta and Nappa are the baddies and are the aggressors here, I can't help but root for them since they really got the short end of the stick in Universe 9. Cooler's reign seems to be even worse for them than it was for Frieza since they have to babysit a powerful and short-tempered dimwit like Gorkor, as well as having scoundrels like Kiwi butting into their affairs. I hope the Earthlings are able to at least pay them some respects as fearsome warriors, if Vegeta and Nappa do manage to be killed.

Ultimate-Perfection 08/09/2020 21:13:50   
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