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luca1 3

so cool

luca1 11/03/2020 10:32:42   
Ultimate-Perfection 8

Piccolo- I mean Master Roshi! Noooooooo!

I honestly didn’t expect this. I assumed that Krillin or Tien would save Roshi due to having Mr. Popo’s magic carpet. Poor Roshi...

At least Roshi will be able to head to the afterlife. Since Gohan, Chiaotzu and now Roshi are all dead and cannot be revived by Shenron, this could be a great motivator for the Z-Fighters to head off to Namek!

Ultimate-Perfection 11/03/2020 19:02:49   
Chewys 27

In fact it's my idea for a future gag comic called "Two old and a half man".
It's going to tell the adventures of Roshi ,Gohan and Chiaotzu in Kamisama's planet.

The every day life of a drunk girl-lover old man, with his more serious and repressed partner living with a slightly weird kid. I'm telling you now. It's going to be a blast.

Chewys 11/07/2020 01:59:26   
Yienzu 3

Muten Roshi SAAAMAAAAA!!!

Love the parallel events and this whole saiyan saga. You're the champ Chewys!

Yienzu 11/03/2020 19:47:55   
Chewys 27

No man!! You are the champ!!!

Chewys 11/07/2020 01:53:41   
helllo 1

he pulled a piccolo

helllo 11/12/2020 01:48:05   
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