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Cattivone 1

Well, at least this time we have an explanation for the power increase with the use of the sacred water. In the canon series they all become stronger tha Raditz after just one year of training.

Cattivone 11/23/2019 20:14:39   

They where trained by Kami though, since Kami is a god you'd expect them to get a lot stronger.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 11/23/2019 20:22:11   
Ouroboros 27

So a year of training extensively is better then cheating?
Oh yes super sayian forget the Z/super fandom not seeing a problem with cheating.

Ouroboros 11/23/2019 21:36:41   

Dude Goku used the kaioken, 3 super saiyan transformations AND the holy water.
Piccolo fused TWICE to catch up.
Gohan got his power unlocked twice.

Vegeta is the only one who never got a powerup that wasn't by his own merrits.
Well he did get the majin power up, but that was a midlife crisis. So make of that what you will.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 11/23/2019 23:37:52   
Ouroboros 27

Gold,red, blue,green rfecollor transformation are unearned cheats.

Your Vegan bias is showing he had his super sayian in a fit and midlife crisis is no excuse he always acted that way.

Goku is the ultimate cheater but the Kaioken is a double edged techique not a cheat.

Shame about Piccolo but he had sacrifice his own being without anything to show for in the future.

Give me hard training and strategy anyway. Not transformation and a beam with a different name.

Ouroboros 11/24/2019 11:13:56   

I'm of the opinion Vegeta already had ssj2 before becoming majin. But you're still right in that it gave him a power boost. I just thought the power boost wasn't the primary reason why he did it, but his midlife crisis was.

But hey, you've got a point, my bias is showing.

I'm just pointing out that the humans have NOTHING going for them. Nameks can regenerate, Saiyans get zenkais and transformations, Freeza is just born with an absurdly high power level (and even he gets a transformation) Majin buu can come back unless you destroy him completely and Cell got the best of every race.

The one thing humans do have is their understanding of and manupulation of ki and their excellent techniques.

Besides mystic water is highly leathal, you need to be an expert martial artist to even consider drinking it, as Korin equated it to poison in the manga. So it's not like it's a gift with no strings attached.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 11/24/2019 11:36:37   
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