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Chewys 26

Mighty and great,
Is the fighter of shade;
He is Prince of the Darklands
Gorkor his name!!!"

Where's this from?

Chewys 10/15/2019 21:17:43   
luca1 2

Recruited by Saians, the wariors of Hell
Disciples of evil they twisted his brain

Still got all of them "Legendary Tales" albums - good times

luca1 10/21/2019 11:28:46   
Chewys 26

Fire burns
Between pride and honor
Still wild pounds
In his Dragon heart
Face to face
with the cult of evil
A brute in lands
Of the darkest realms!!!

Hahahaha, can't write the word Gorkor without that song in my head luca!!!

Chewys 10/21/2019 12:25:12   
luca1 2

I must say - usually I'm not a fan of new additional characters being introduced as they obviously prolong the story and I am always eager to quickly see what's next - but you just made me like this one

Hail Gorkor Prince of the Darklands!

Now I can't stop wondering if he'll by any chance end up like Dargor? Turning on his allies in the last moment and helping out our heroes to claim their victory?

luca1 10/21/2019 12:46:28   
Chewys 26

Hahahaha, we'll just have to wait and see.
I'm glad someome pick the Dargor phone. Didn't expect less from your nick

Chewys 10/21/2019 13:17:50   
Ouroboros 27

man this guy must be huge if it dwarves nappa

Ouroboros 10/19/2019 10:40:42   
Chewys 26

Of course he is... he is Gorkor... the GREAT!!!

Chewys 10/19/2019 17:02:02   
Ultimate-Perfection 7

Wow, Gorkor is absolutely massive! He is even taller than the first panel...

Nappa himself is around 7 feet tall, who dwarfs other tall characters like Piccolo and Tien. Gorkor has to easily be Recoome's size, maybe even Burter at the most! I'm very curious to what his power level will be.

Ultimate-Perfection 10/20/2019 02:33:46   
Rafael955 2

Oh I see, they all work together, Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz(now dead) and Gorkor.

Rafael955 10/20/2019 04:48:36   
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