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DBZFan92 1

Let's finish him off!

But first, let's have a detailed chat about the capabilities of the dragon balls, right next to that headset which we heard him talking to his friends through earlier!

DBZFan92 09/28/2019 13:28:49   
Demerzel 2

he was alone when he talked to Nappa no?

Demerzel 09/28/2019 19:34:37   
John Boredonquixote 8

John Boredonquixote 09/29/2019 01:33:31   
Trev99 1

It was implied Kami could hear everything that was being said, he said he overheard Radditz talking to Tien

Trev99 09/29/2019 13:23:39   
Jason Phoenix 7

I stand corrected.
"0k, now all that's left is to finish hi- oh he's talking on his ear thingie, well let's be polite and let him finish first."

Jason Phoenix 09/29/2019 22:29:07   
saigne-crapaud 1

"got you..Monster" this would be better or it's just me?

saigne-crapaud 10/01/2019 10:38:27   
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